Chapter 2

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My alarm went off at its normal time. I always had to set a few of them to make sure I would turn them off in my sleep. I made my way to my kitchen to start my coffeemaker and then back to my bathroom to jump in the shower.

There was a feeling that I should feel a little more hungover after being completely intoxicated for most of the evening, however I seemed to handle it rather well. Slowly my memories of the previous day flooded into my mind as the warm water hit my body.

Yesterday was in the first place spot for weirdest day of my life, I considered my time with Belle and wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of it. That was the most freeing part of the whole experience, I realized that the world wasn’t going to explode if I let my cock decide what felt good.

The realization that my cock didn’t care at all what I was doing came as a surprise. I guess I always knew it, but it wasn’t as obvious as it became last night.

I dried off and found some clean clothes in a basket near my bed, they obviously weren’t folded by me. Must be the maid service, that was a definite benefit of this world, to be sure.

Once I was dressed in my crotch-less pants, I grabbed my coffee and headed into work.

It only took a few minutes, it was nice to be able to just walk into work. I was able to wait until the last minute before I headed in, no traffic to worry about.

“Hey Derek, you missed an awesome time last night,” Jeff said once I entered our office.

“Yeah? I had a pretty awesome night myself” I said, honestly.

“The newb spent most of the BJ races in the glory holes, apparently he’s a total cock-slut,” Jeff explained.

“Doesn’t surprise me with him offering blowjobs to anyone who wanted one yesterday,” I said.

“So what did you do?” Jeff asked.

“I met a,” I contemplated the way to refer to her, DickGirl, Sissy, Trap, “sissy last night who lives in my apartment building,” I explained.

“A T-girl? Watch out, your hetero-streak is showing, but that’s awesome,” Jeff laughed.

“It was pretty great, she came over twice last night,” I told Jeff, we compared sexual conquests before, at least I remembered us doing that.

“Nice, you just randomly meet her in the hall?” Jeff asked.

“Nah, she sent me a message on TK,” trying to sound as if I knew what I was talking about.

“Very cool bud, for someone who didn’t feel like coming out, it sounds like you got off several times,” Jeff said in a friendly taunting tone.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, if it’s any consolation, it wasn’t planned,” I said.

“You better come out next time,” Jeff said as I turned on my computer and sat at my desk.

The weird part about this world almost wasn’t even the crotch-less pants or encouraged homosexuality, it was how absolutely mundane it was otherwise. My work was exactly where I expected it to be, I did my boring tasks as I normally would, except my cock was exposed while I did so.

I spent some time doing my thing, it seemed as though I had fewer things to do, because I was practically done with my workday by the time I had been in an hour. Getting paid more to do less work was fine by me, so I didn’t argue.

With nothing to do my mind wandered to last night and the workday leading up to. Jaime popped into my mind, as she was getting doggy-style fucked and I had no idea she had a cock, my cock throbbed for it. Before I knew it, it was again.

I remembered the Work Chat client we had, and checked through the directory to find Jaime. Jeff had said that her name was no longer James in the directory, so I figured I would find her. Sure enough her picture showed up on my screen.

Brunette with shoulder-length hair, wearing thick framed glasses. A far more feminine facial structure than I remembered James having. How was that possible? I couldn’t help it, I had to say hi to her.

[Derek] Hey there, sorry to be a peeping tom yesterday

[Jaime] Why do you think we were doing it in the room with all the windows? ;)

[Derek] That’s fair, but I still felt a little guilty watching

[Jaime] No reason to feel guilty, hon, I kinda wish you and Jeff had come in and made it a party!

That was direct, I was really starting to enjoy this place in spite of myself.

[Derek] Perhaps next time :)

[Jaime] Awesome!

My cock was rock hard now, it was a good thing I didn’t have a crotch to these pants because it’d be incredibly restricted right now if I had.

I stood and walked to the kitchen, completely ignoring that my cock was pointing directly at anyone who happened to be in front of me. The kitchen was empty and I poured my coffee and sipped it as I contemplated the poster.

Pulling out my phone, I searched for the words on the poster to see if I could find out who was in the picture.

It turned out the girl in the poster was named Bailey Jay, and she was quite a porn star. It appeared that porn stars were like celebrities here, A-list porn stars were like A-list celebrities that I remembered, very well-paid and known widely. Every picture I could find of her was stunningly gorgeous, she reminded me of Belle, sexy as hell but cool as ice.

I swiped through pictures of her for a while before I realized that I was browsing porn in my work kitchen with a throbbing and leaking erection, and I wasn’t worried that anyone was going to come in the room and catch me doing it. There was a trail of pre-cum down the length of my shaft that I felt with my finger, I looked around and wiped my finger on the seat of my pants.

When I got back to my desk, I found another message in my work chat client.

[Shawna] Just doing a check to see how your head is doing, did you notice anything strange last night?

That was a loaded question with all the things I had been doing.

[Derek] Nothing out of the ordinary, had a beer, watched some TV and crashed out, for the most part.

Which was pretty accurate, without a few details.

[Shawna] If you notice anything strange, stop by my office and I’ll take a look at it again, but I think you should be fine.

[Derek] Will do, thanks! :)

With my work practically done for the day after an extremely productive morning, I decided to do a little random internet surfing. Before I was able to switch to my browser, another chat client message popped up.

[Jaime] Wow, your cock looks like it needs attention.

Not sure how to respond, I tried to figure out how she would know the status of my cock.

[Derek] How do you know that?

[Jaime] I saw you leaving the kitchen, you practically had a trail of pre-cum following you back to your office! ;)

[Derek] Whoops!

[Jaime] Need someone to clean your cock off?

[Derek] Is that an offer?

By this point, I was throbbing and leaking even more. I looked at the clock and it was only fifteen minutes to lunch time.

Jaime didn’t seem to be talking in the chat client, I checked my email while I waited for a response. Within about a minute, without my perception of it, Jaime was standing behind me.

“Shhh,” she mimed and got down on the floor, crawling under my desk. Jaime looked exactly like her profile picture in our chat client. Thick framed glasses, and her shoulder length hair were the main things I noticed. She crawled under my desk and placed her head between my legs. Jeff popped his head up and saw that Jaime was under my desk and gave me a thumbs up.

She popped her mouth over the head of my cock and sucked on it gently and then proceeded to lick the length of it, slurping up any pre-cum expertly. I resisted the urge to moan and tried to at least make it look like I was deep in thought at my desk, in the event that someone came by. Not even considering that this was probably normal behavior in the office.

This continued for several minutes, she teased my cock and lapped up the pre-cum that came out. I heard a text notification vibration coming from under my desk, Jaime stopped for a moment and stood up, giving me a grin as she wiped her lips and walked out the room. My cock was throughly throbbing now, when I pulled myself back from my desk I saw that my cock was literally spit-polished, glistening in the light.

I just then got the notification that it was lunch time.

Jeff stood up and grinned at me from over the cubicle, shaking his head regarding my glistening cock. “Pre-lunch workout?” He left the room and I walked my throbbing erection to the kitchenette to grab my bagged lunch and start the walk to the Gym.

My cock seemed to settle by the time I hit the showers, finally pointing towards the ground instead of the ceiling. I had a fleeting thought that if anyone saw this in the shower room, it was as good as sucked, though oddly there was no one in the locker room at the moment. From my previous experience, the people who frequented the gym tended to vary by the day, and it seemed like it was no different here.

I checked my phone to see if there were any podcasts to listen to, a few political ones that I skipped, since I had no idea how the system worked in this world, it would probably go over my head. The music player on my phone seemed to have different content, some of the artists were the same, but others were different, not knowing what all of the media was, I just put it on shuffle and started working out.

Looking around this time, I saw more than I did the first time. There were two naked muscled guys on one of the weight benches. One would bench-press while the other sucked his cock and then they would switch. I had to watch them intently, completely ignoring how hard my cock was getting from watching it. Something about the out in the open sexuality was really turning my gears.

Both of their cocks were nicely shaped, and it was fascinating to watch them suck cock in synchronization with the other’s workout. When I looked around I saw there were several other erect cocks, besides mine, that also happened to be watching the show. A guy who was on the bench on one side of the pair had stopped working out entirely and started stroking his cock while he watched them. Neither of them seemed to notice all the attention they were getting.

I had to shake my head and get back into my own workout, though it was actually rather difficult with the “Sex Sounds Playlist” that was coming through my headphones, with thumping bass and sounds of moaning and fucking.