Discord FAQ

Just to clear things up for people who are against the Discord move or have usability questions.

But I want to be anonymous, I have to sign up and use an email address!

If you’re not using a separate email address for your porn Tumblr, I feel really bad for you because if Tumblr ever has a breech and accounts get leaked you’re going to have a porn blog associated with your personal email address. This is something you should already have if you’re on Tumblr. You can check out protonmail, as they do not require you to sign up with a phone number, but you’ll have to remember two passwords because your account is locked differently than your email. (it’s more secure)

tl;dr: You should have a separate address for porn stuff that is different than your regular address.

Why do we have to move from IRC?

The ease of just signing in and chatting is great and all, unfortunately we’ve somewhat hit a limit to what we can manage in IRC. There is a finite amount of IP blocks we can have for a channel and we’ve been sitting at it for the last few months, anytime someone comes in an posts CP we have to delete an old ban to ban them. There is a lot more control over bans and verification before allowing posting in Discord.

Also, Dalnet makes running goonbot a constant pain in my ass, I’ve had to move goonbot to a dedicated VPS with DDOS protection because of constant attacks on him. This is because in IRC your IP is public and lots of people randomly stumbling into the room. Remember the teletubbies assholes who were spamming the room and the month goonbot was offline?

What benefits are there to Discord?

Voice chat, inline images, goonbot stability. In the future I think they’re going to be implementing video chat as well.

This is total bullshit, you’re going to lose all the people who come to clubgoon!

This has already expanded the people who are coming to #clubgoon. The server is sitting at almost 4,000 users as of September 14th.

If I had it all to do over again, knowing the size it would grow to, I would have never used IRC. I’m sorry if this pisses people off, but most of you have no idea the amount of work we’ve had to do, myself along with my awesome ops (shoutout), to keep the room running and pedo-free. I’ve had to spend real money on this to keep goonbot functional when he gets DDOSed because his IP is public on IRC, worked hours to fix problems that have cropped up and generally spent a lot of time on this project. I want people to use it, but I’m not going to keep supporting a broken system when there’s a perfectly good alternative that fixes a ton of the problems for free and the only drawback is that you need to sign up.

Why is it telling me I don’t have permission to talk?

This one has come up a few times, when you first join the Discord you get dropped into the #rules room which just has the rules and doesn’t allow non-admins to speak. Just select one of the other channels to get talking.

It keeps telling me I need to verify my phone number!

Discord only asks for the phone number if you try to sign up with a VPN.

It won’t let me sign up through Tor

This is honestly more of a feature than a bug, people have used Tor and VPNs on IRC to cause trouble for a long time, I’m not going to miss them.

Can I stop the images from being inline?

Yes, seems like people with poor internet connections or people who liked the old IRC functionality better are wanting this and it’s really easy on the Desktop App: https://gfycat.com/ThirstyDelectableCorydorascatfish

Are there Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts?

Yup, there is for Mac and PC. These should work for the Desktop app as well as the Web app on Desktop.

How can I make it so images open in Incognito mode?

If you use the Discord Web App in Incognito mode, any images you open will stay in the Incognito sesssion. Otherwise if you use the Desktop app, they’ll continue to open on whatever your default browser is.

Why shouldn’t I just stay in IRC until the read only cut off?

The bulk of people who really chat have already moved over, you’ll notice that the IRC traffic is WAY less than it used to be because everyone is chatting on Discord now.

Where can I find other hot Discord Servers?

There are a couple of sites that have Discord Servers you can search for. Discord Servers seems to be the most useful one. Otherwise some servers will have #site-exchange channels where people can shill their own servers for others to find. Otherwise you can always ask in #goonchat to see if there are any Server owners who are looking for more people to join, I know we do have a few around.

Why can’t I scroll in the user list?

You need to use the scroll wheel, there are no scroll bars.

ClubGoon Server Rules

  1. No underage content or users. In all cases this means 18+.
  2. No posts or comments promoting rape, racism or anything illegal.
  3. No beastiality, snuff, vore, scat, loli or shota.
  4. No fighting in the room, no arguing with admins.
  5. No doxxing or making public private chat logs.
  6. No links to external pages that break any of the above rules.
  7. Please limit link/request spam to once per 10 minutes.
  8. Please read and follow the guidelines for a given channel before posting to that channel.

Bedstash’s Block Goonbot in Clubgoon Instructions

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