Edge Off Game

Both edgers pass pictures back and forth, and once both edge to that picture, the other chooses. So if it was done in chat, Person 1 posts a pic and then they both say “edge” to that picture once they do and then Person 2 selects a pic. This goes on until both edgers find a pic that they want to focus on.

Once both edgers agree to a single picture to focus on, instead of saying “edge” you keep a count of your edges to the pic. You keep edging over and over again until one person can’t stand it anymore and says that they are gonna cum which then triggers the both of you to cum at the same time to the same picture.

It’s suggested that you encourage each other to keep going until one of you can’t take it anymore. The competition of keeping the edge count going tends to make even poor edgers rise to the occasion. Also it’s also a good idea to have several pictures queued up so that you’re not waiting for the next post, though that wait time can help with coming down from the last edge.

Important: One person cumming means you BOTH should cum, making your orgasm effect your partner’s is what makes this game fun. Knowing that you’re going to ruin your buddy’s edge session by cumming makes you wanna keep at it, even after the point where you normally would have gave up and let your balls empty.