Bi-Caps FAQ

Update: Updates to this page are a work-in-progress at the moment.

What is Gooning?

Simply put, Gooning is the process of edging (bringing oneself to the edge of orgasm repeatedly) until one becomes tranced by their own cock. It is a meditative state that typically presents as lack of inhibitions and a highly sexualized mind-state.

This lack of inhibition can typically lead to ideas and fantasies that would not normally be desirable to the gooner. Some typical symptoms are as follows:

Obviously this is not an all-inclusive list but an introduction. You can find more information from masturbatorsanctum’s introductory post on the topic and find other gooner blogs in the Goon Stable.

Did you invent Gooning?

No, gooning has been around for a long time. UrbanDictionary has a definition from 2005. I only started bi-caps in early 2013, so I only really helped to popularize it.

What is #clubgoon?

Clubgoon is a place for gooners to hang out and chat. We exchange pictures, videos, captions and encourage each other to keep edging. Inspired by a StrokeZombie caption and created by bi-caps on the Dalnet IRC Network.

How do I get to #clubgoon?

#clubgoon exists on the Dalnet IRC network, any IRC client should have DALnet in their connection list. IRCCloud is what I use, you can find the link below, it requires an account but you don’t need to pay for it unless you want their super advanced features.

Web Clients

What is BabeCock?

BabeCock is the combination of a Babe pic and a Cock pic. The idea is that as you stroke and your bisexual tendancies start to make you look at the cock rather than the babe.

Did you invent BabeCock?

Yes, I made the original BabeCock Maker along with the BabeCock Tumblr in early December 2014.