Goon Machine

Chapter 1 - The First Party

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Blake didn’t really have a plan. It was just a fascination with the “Goon Machine”. It was a device that was created by a MIT or CalTech genius a few years back, no one really knows who. The student was trying to develop a new source of energy or something like that, but he found something totally different.

Virtual Viagra was one name on the street for the device. The devices were still pretty rare, most people had never even seen, let alone used one. At least, that’s what most people said in public, no one had admitted to being at a party where one was in use. Some people claimed that anyone who attended a Goon Machine Party was sworn to secrecy. That seemed unlikely, there were message boards on the Internet that claimed to have information on what went on at these parties, but reports varied wildly.

Some said that it was a device that made you gay while it was active, some said it was something like Ecstasy. One thing that everyone knew about the Machine was that it only worked on men, one thing common to all reports was that women were totally immune to the effect.

The man we’re following really didn’t know what to expect, he just knew he got an invitation. He was in a chat room of people talking about the machine, people swapping misinformation, when he got a private message.

<anonygoon> you look pretty good, you must work out

<whowhatwhere> thanks

<anonygoon> i see by your location that you might be local, is your profile true?

<whowhatwhere> yeah, it's right. why do you ask?

<anonygoon> ever been to a party, like for real?

<whowhatwhere> uhh.. no.. have you? seems like no one in the room really knows the deal

<anonygoon> there aren't many devices yet, only like 3 that i know of

<whowhatwhere> how do you know?

<anonygoon> because i made one of the three

<whowhatwhere> yeah sure

<anonygoon> you don't have to take my word for it, you interested in a party?

He’s hands trembled as he read the words. If he was serious, very few people ever got an invitation. But what was really going on, he had to know.

<whowhatwhere> if you're serious, yes

<anonygoon> i'm totally serious, tomorrow, give me your cell number and i'll ping you with the address tomorrow afternoon. feel free to invite another guy to join you, if you'd like. admission is $20 cash for each person, and it goes from 6pm to 6am.

<whowhatwhere> 6pm to 6am? what happens at the parties...?

<anonygoon> another thing, the doors lock on both sides at 6pm, so don't be late, you won't be able to get in late or leave early

This made him nervous, what could be going on for 12 hours?

<whowhatwhere> alright, i guess i'll see you there?

As soon as the conversation was over, he called his best friend John and told him the good news.

“Dude, I just got an invite” Blake said.

“For serious? No way, someone is messing with you, I don’t even think they actually happen”. John said.

“This guy I just talked to sounds serious, he’s gonna message me the location tomorrow. Cover charge is $20 and we are locked in from 6pm to 6am, gonna be able to get away from the girlfriend?” Blake asked, he knew he would.

“If this is for real, for sure, I wanna see what this is all about as much as you do. Did they say we needed to bring anything?” John asked.

“Nope, he didn’t mention anything, he actually kept things rather vague, I guess we’ll see.”

“Hey, you think the stories are true about the thing turning you gay? No offense, but I don’t plan on sucking your dick anytime soon.” John said, snickering.

“Don’t you worry about it, the same goes for you. I’m gonna get some rest, I’ll message you when I hear about things tomorrow.”

They said their goodbyes and hung up. Blake lied down for a fitful night sleep, trying to decide what he thought the device was going to do.

Blake awoke to his phone vibrating, a couple of random messages and one message that was different from the others.

<+9999999999>: the wreck up, 5:45pm doors open, 6pm doors close, $20 at door, this is your invitation.

The Wreck Up was an old dance club, closed now. It was in a desolate part of the neighborhood, around a bunch of abandoned warehouses. If you were picking a deserted part of town to throw a party, this would probably be the best possible place. No neighbors to complain about noise and no one randomly coming around.

5:00pm came quickly, after a shower and a call to John, they were in the car and on the way to The Wreck Up. There were dozens of cars in the parking lot when they got there. Practically no spaces at all, and there was a line around the building to get in. There were people in “STAFF” T-shirts walking around to all the people who were in line, taking the $20 and giving them a wrist bracelet and an indemnity waiver to sign. None of them had any idea what was going on inside the building. Almost everyone asked them, but none of them had any idea what this was all about. One of the Staff came by and asked Blake and John for their cover charge.

“So, do you have any idea what is going on in there?” John asked.

“None, I don’t have an invitation, from what I understand, the building will open at 5:45 and close at 6:00 automatically. Would you like to link a credit card to your wrist band so that you can get drinks inside?” the Nameless Staff Member answered the question so specifically that it had to be something he had answered a dozen times before.

Everyone seemed to be deciding that having access to liquor might be good, since they were going to be stuck in the club for 12 hours. The staff members swiped cards and scanned wrist bands, and seemed to have it done by 5:45.

At this point, there was a loud click and the doors opened on their own. There was a single “SECURITY” T-shirt at the front who was scanning wrist bands as people entered the doors. Inside was well lit, but it was artificial. It also seemed that there were no outside sounds coming into the building except through the open door. There were several projector screens set up all over the building. All of the screens had the same countdown clock running. It was a countdown until 6:00, but by the time they got into the building, it was approaching 0:00.

Couches and tables were set up all around and a strange vending machine was next to the bar. There were several strange looking vending machine all around the former bar, each had a display with the countdown on it. No one really seemed to know what to do. Everyone just stood around, either by themselves or with whoever they brought with them. There were only whispers, no one dared to speak loudly. At thirty-seconds remaining on the countdown, there was a chime and a female robotic voice throughout the building.

“Thirty-seconds until the doors close, all staff members will leave the premises. Thank you for your cooperation.”

With that the lights dimmed and the door closed. There was a booming click as the door closed and locked. The pulse rate was quite high in the room, no one was sure what to expect now. They were trapped.

The room was now pitch black and there was a strange hum coming from the ceiling of the building. Could it be the device?

The robot female continued now that their vision was useless.

“You are now being bombarded with an Electromagnetic pulse. It is not dangerous. You’ve no doubt heard stories of what a Goon Machine does, allow me to explain it.”

Blake adjusted his cock, he couldn’t explain it, but something was making his cock hard. Could it be the device? It didn’t make any sense if it was.

“The Goon Machine as it has been dubbed floods an area with EM and prevents males from being able to orgasm. As an ironic side-effect, this also causes men to become extremely aroused.”

There was a long pause as everyone contemplated the facts that they were just given. Blake’s mind was racing, his cock was becoming unbearable in his pants. It was dark, and he was contemplating pulling his cock out of his fly just to get some relief. In the silence, he was sure he heard multiple zippers being opened.

The voice morphed from a robot into what sounded like a phone sex operator voice. Blake’s cock could cut glass now, it was so hard.

“In a few moments, you will be overcome with arousal. It may have already happened. You’ll notice it’s dark right now, make yourself comfortable. Get naked, it’s the right thing to do. You know you want to.”

The sound of dozens of men frantically pulling off their clothes was heard. Some friends who came together whispered back and forth asking if their friends were following instructions. The voice was silent while undressing occurred.

“Dude, you as hard as me?” John asked in a whisper.

“I don’t believe it” Blake was almost stunned, they never discussed their cocks to each other before.

Blake heard John’s clothes hit the floor and found his cock was even harder at the sound. He started to take off his own clothes. It was like he was outside of himself. He was so horny, he couldn’t imagine what 12 hours of this was going to do to him.

He was now nude in the dark, along with dozens of other men.

The projector screens and display monitors started flashing words too quickly to be read. The voice that was dripping with sex returned.

“In a few moments there will be light again, and you will be quite surprised at the view you’re about to see. Once the lights are on the vending machines activate and begin dispensing most mixed drinks and snacks, as well as other necessities,” the last word trigger a playful giggle from the voice over the loud speakers. “Prepare for the best night of your life, gooners.”

True to her words, the lights started to gently come up, but the light was no longer white. Red light flooded into the dance club slowly. Blake’s vision, like everyone else, was now acclimated to the darkness and everything was very clear when light started to return.

Naked men, hard cocks everywhere, cocks of all shapes and sizes. Nearly in unison, everyone let out an uncontrollable moan from the view. The Goon Machine was on.

At the same moment, dub-step electronic music began to play. But it was different from the kind you would hear at a club. There was the sound of fucking. It was a porn-step track. Every projector began playing porn, all different on every monitor. With a countdown that started at 11:55:00.

In a loud voice the female voice concluded the announcements: “Let the goon begin.”

Almost in unison, every man in the room grabbed their cock and started working it. There were moans all around. Blake and John both joined in, not even hesitating to grab themselves and get to work. They had never jacked off together before, but it felt so right now.

It seemed like almost everyone was testing if they were unable to cum. A couple of guys who were fast cummers started moaning loudly, they were edging for the first time.

“Hey, wanna grab some drinks and a couch near some of the blow job porn?” John was stroking as he spoke, but Blake didn’t mind because he was as well.

“I’m in.”

And they made their way to the vending machine which had a display offering various mixed drinks, the two selected a pair of screwdrivers and it was dispensed in a plastic cup. There was also an offering of lube, and John decided he liked this idea and from another area it dispensed a smaller cup of lube.

They found an empty couch by a projector showing some blow job porn. A woman was deep-throating a large cock. She would lick the head with her mouth and get the cock slick before taking a deep breath and swallowing the cock whole.

“Just look at her work that cock,” John said as he sat down, “amazing skills.”

“Oh yeah, so good” Blake was entranced by the video, but it seemed like he was most fascinated with the cock. This was quite strange for him, so he tried to shake it out of his mind. He swallowed in one gulp and used both hands to pleasure his cock.

It was quite an experience, it felt as though someone turned on a switch in his cock. Everything touch seemed to be magnified a thousand times, and he was becoming quite aroused by the sight of his own cock.

“John, I am so fucking hard. Hardest I’ve ever been.”

“You’re not the only one, this feels amazing.”

Neither of them could resist checking out the other’s erection. They had never had the chance to inspect each other’s cock while they were so engorged. Their cocks were nearly identical. Seven inches long, with a large defined head, circumcised and shaved. It was almost like looking into a mirror.

Moans were coming from everywhere, on the dance floor, the couches, the speakers, it was as if sex was dripping from every corner of the place.

There was a strange aroma beginning to develop. It was the scent of cock, and it was getting strong.

The boys started to work their cocks even harder to the video, stealing glances at each other’s cock while the other one wasn’t looking.

“You want some lube” John asked.

“If it’s going to be like this all night, yeah.”

Blake was shocked by what happened next, John took the lube and put some on his cock with his hand, then he dispensed more into his hand and presented it to Blake to put on his cock. But right as he was about to grab it, John applied the lube for him. This caused a ripple of pleasure through Blake’s body. It had never felt so good to have his cock touched by anyone. Here he was, getting off to his best friend putting lube on his cock.

Blake moaned and grunted incoherently as he thrust his hips at the touch.

Once the lube was applied John went back to work on his own cock. After Blake recovered from the touch, he decided to return the favor and have his buddy as stupid as he got.

Blake then pulled John’s hand off his own cock and replaced it with his own.

John reacted the same way that Blake did at the touches. Moaning and babbling incoherently while the hand was on his cock. This was the best he had ever felt in his life. After a few moments, Blake returned to his own cock and let John compose himself slightly.

“Our cocks seem to be very evenly matched” John said as he went back to jacking himself off, he seemed to be even deeper into his sexual trance than he was before.

“I’m surprised we’ve never compared before” Blake laughed as he worked his own cock even more feverishly, now not even hiding how he was ignoring the porn and watching his buddy.

John continued to work his cock and he faced his buddy, turning away from the blow job video they had been watching. Blake wasn’t sure, but he thought he was giving him an even better view. Blake turned towards his buddy and returned the favor.

Blake felt lightheaded, he had never been so horny in all of his life, and he had the feeling that things were just getting started. He decided to return the leap that his buddy had taken when he applied to lube.

“Let’s see who’s bigger,” Blake said and brought himself up on his knees and angled himself so that he could place their cocks against each other and compare sizes. Little did he know what would happen next.

The moment that their hard cocks touched, it was as if an electric spark transferred between them. Their cocks felt perfect. They began to grind against each other’s members.

“OH FUCK,” they both moaned loudly in unison.

This got the attention of other’s in the club. Once everyone crowded around to see what they were doing, people began to pair off and sword fighting with this cocks and grinding them together. A few pulled the shoelaces out of their shoes to tie their cocks together and make sure that the cock-flesh stayed in direct contact. After a few minutes nearly everyone in the club was frotting their cocks. Their were roars of approval and pleasure from all around.

The crowd that surrounded Blake and John, all with cocks in hand or pressed against other cocks cheered at their enthusiasm. Blake and John were humping on each other’s cocks, in rhythm with the music. Their cocks slid against each other over and over again. Breathing intensified. They weren’t just gently rubbing anymore.

They were fucking.

They were fucking their cocks together and everyone could see, they cheered for them. All the while, pleasuring themselves to the sight, barely anyone was watching porn anymore, unless you counted the two of them, grinding their bodies and cocks together. Throbbing and groaning, they weren’t men anymore, they were animals.

The Goon Machine made them into careless cock zombies. Slaves to pleasure. And they were loving every minute.

The grinding began to make them pant even harder. They were getting close to orgasm. Their speed increased as they rubbed even harder. They forgot they were best friends, forgot they were men, all they knew was how their cocks felt. Grinding and grinding and grinding and then the moment of release came.

With the bodies pressed together, they prepared for the release. Forgetting that the Machine would prevent any release.

They hit the edge.

“Nnnnngggghhhhhh,” they babbled as they rode the waves of the edge, waiting for the release that would not come. Blake felt as though his cock was electrified. The pleasure that was radiating from his cock was nearly unbearable, it was as if he was on the brink of squirting his cum all over his best friend, but he wasn’t able to do it.

“I…. c-c-can’t c-c-cum…. fuck, oh my god,” Blake tried to say.

“Me-e Either,” John responded, out of breath and cock crazed.

Their cocks throbbed harder than they ever had before. They could feel each other’s cock pulse and it was pounding. Everything felt right, the fact that they were grinding their cocks together didn’t phase them. Cock knows what it wants, and it doesn’t give a fuck how it gets it. Those cocks were happy right now.

The guys who were still glancing over to porn started noticing something strange on the screens. There were brief flashes of messages on all the screens. Even though every display was showing a different video, the same messages were being played on every single screen.

Blake started grinding his cock against John’s again, he was craving the edge. The goon was starting for him. It didn’t take much, a few slow grinds were enough to edge the both of them again.

Both tried to speak, but words weren’t working. Their mouths were dry too, must be time for a drink. With that realization, John pulled himself up and stroked his cock as he made his way to the vending machine to get some more drinks.

Blake sat back and looked out over the crowd, a sea of naked men humping their fists or other cocks. He glanced at the porn, but for some reason, watching the other guys seemed far more interesting. There was a guy who had been jacking off while he was watching John and he grind. He was still right in front of the couch, but he was glancing back between a few of the other sets of guys and some of the porn on the screens.

Without even thinking or knowing why he did it, Blake stood up so that he was facing the guy and took his cock and rubbed the head of his cock against the head of the other guy’s cock. They both moaned as the waves of pleasure flowed between their cocks and they started to rub the heads up and down, making their cock-heads kiss. Every single graze of sensitive cock flesh seemed to feel even better than the last. When John returned with drinks, he handed one to Blake and added his cock to the kissing going on, alternating between the two cocks, then pressing all three heads together. All moaned in unison.

“Nnnnggghhhh” all three groaned as words tried to come out, but failed completely. All three stared at their cocks being rubbed against two other cocks in amazement. Perhaps they were wondering how it had finally came to this, how odd this would have seemed only an hour ago, but now seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

The three of them continued to groan and edge like crazy for quite a while, never uttering more than a syllable or two at a time. An idea crept into Blake mind while he glanced up at the porn being shown on the display. It was a large breasted blond who was shoving a cock into her mouth. The fact that the cock looked exactly like John’s was not lost on Blake, nor was the fact that the blond looked exactly like John’s girlfriend Emily.

Blake motioned up to the porn being played and looked down to see that his buddy’s cock matched the cock in the girl’s mouth perfectly.

John couldn’t utter a word, he was shocked and his cock was growing even stronger from the view of his own cock on a huge display for the whole room to see.

Blake could see the realization on John’s face as he watched his own private video being shown to all around. Something made him think he should hide, embarrassed, but he wasn’t. He was proud. Maybe it was the goon machine or the alcohol, but he didn’t care one bit. It made him even more excited.

“My cock,” was all he could say, and he pointed to the video being displayed.

The two of them watched the video as it played. Emily would deep throat John’s cock for a few moments and then gag and need to pull back up off it. John would sometimes slap his cock over her face and smear her makeup. The video was quite good for one shot on a cell phone.

“Oh yeah, fucker, slap that cock on my face. Mmm Fuck yeah…” Emily moaned as she sucked.

“Emily sure can suck a cock, buddy” Blake said, unable to control what he was saying.

“Oh fuck yeah she can, I bet she’d suck us both. She wants to be really kinky, but I always turn her down.” John was a little shocked by his own words as well.

“You think you’d turn her kinkiness down now?” Blake asked.

John stroked his cock harder until he got to the edge again and tried desperately to cum, to no use. “Fuck, no. If you’re in, I’m in.”

This made Blake watch the video for a while and try hard to get himself off, thinking about Emily working his cock like she was working John’s. “Fuck, yeah. I’m in.”

A couple of guys heard John saying that it was him on the video, and came up to him. The first guy grabbed John’s cock and gave it a squeeze. “Great video, bro!”

A few more guys came up and congratulated John’s video in different ways, some slapped their cock against his, some stroked it a few times. Never did John protest, he loved every moment of it.

Blake watched the video intently, he started to desire cock. He wanted that cock in his mouth. He couldn’t stop the thoughts he was having, the view of Emily wasn’t nearly as appealing as his buddy’s throbbing cock. The cock was his focus and he couldn’t stop it. He tried to look back at Emily, but his eyes kept wandering back to the cock. The Cock. THE COCK.

He would look back at John, stroking and having guys stroke his cock while they watched the video. He wanted to kneel down in front of his buddy, and he wanted to do it now. He wanted to know what Emily felt like when they made that video. The feeling of cock on his tongue.

Edge. Edge. Edge.

The feelings kept on going. He couldn’t suppress them, and he grabbed John’s cock while he was watching the video and started stroking it with his right hand, as he stroked his own with his left.

After a couple of minutes edging to John’s video, without asking or even saying anything about it, he got on his knees and took his buddy’s cock into his mouth. Both edged immediately to the feelings. Blake because this was the first time he’d had a cock in his mouth and John because he was getting a blowjob and was on the edge already.

Blake had never sucked a cock before, it took him a moment or two to figure out what he was doing. John couldn’t believe his eyes, as he looked down at his best-friend’s mouth full of his cock. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he was enjoying it just as much, if not more than when Emily did it. It was an eye-opening experience.

It was just then that the female announcer began speaking again, still in the sultry voice that she had been using towards the end of her last announcement.

“Is everyone enjoying their goon?” she asked.

Everyone cheered. Blake tried to cheer with a cock down his throat.

“I can’t hear you gooners, are you fucking hard?”

Blake pulled off Johns cock and yelled with the club.

“YES,” resounded throughout the club.

“Are you right on the edge?”

“YES,” Again echoing.

“Is everybody naked?”

More cheers and “Yes” responses.

“If someone isn’t naked yet, pull their clothes off, NOW!”

There was general approval as the remaining stragglers who had a shirt or pants got them stripped off by crowds of naked, cock crazed guys. There were piles of clothes everywhere as everyone in the place was naked.

“Mmmm take a deep whiff in boys, you smell that? That’s the smell of cock, it’s going to get even stronger as the night goes on.”

“We’ve got something extra special for you boys, for the next hour only…”

There was the sound of machinery working a lifting something at the back of the club. Something was being lifted at the back of the club, there was a dark black window about 6ft tall and 2ft wide that was being exposed.

“There is a naked girl dancing in that darkened window, she can see you, but you can’t see her, yet. If she sees at least 10 guys with their mouth on another guy’s cock, the lights will go on and you can watch her… dance for the next hour.”

There was excitement, porn was one thing, but a live girl watching the debauchery was a completely different thing, the inner exhibitionist came out in almost everyone. Dozens of guys started kneeling down to suck random cocks to get the lights to come on. Blake continued went back to sucking on John to help out the effort.

It didn’t take long until the tall, curvy brunette was visible to the room. She danced with the beat of the music and almost everyone watched with excitement. It was obvious she loved what she was seeing, the mass of men with hard cocks, pleasuring themselves and others, it didn’t take long until she was teasing herself as she danced.

Once the lights came on, the timer started down from 60:00.

Many of the guys continued sucking, even after the girl became visible. John looked down at the cocksucker working on his cock, “Want to grab a drink and a couple of edges to the babe?”

They agreed, and with throbbing cocks they made their way to the drink vending machine, two more screwdrivers. Neither was sure what was making them more drunk, the drinks or the smell of cock in the air. They found a couch in front of the dancer and fit themselves in it, trying not to sit on any of the other guy’s cocks. With Blake and John were next to each other and quite tightly packed, it was nearing capacity at 6. Their thighs touched in a way that would have been awkward previously. All had a drink in hand and their cocks pointed in the air as they watched the girl dance.

Blake decided to tease John a little bit while they watched the girl. He put his hand onto John’s cock, gripped it firmly and started stroking it feverishly. Stroking it as if he was trying to get it off, knowing that this would be impossible. John’s eyes rolled back in his head as he let the stimulation wash over him. There was a guy next to him who started to caressing John’s chest and he teased his nipples. This added to John’s excitement as he ground his hips up and down and moaned incoherently.

“Nnggghhh… Fuck… So Good…” he opened his eyes, but they couldn’t focus, he was trancing to the ecstasy.

The dancer was watching this with interest, though none of the boys knew because they were distracted. She gently tapped on the window glass, trying to get their attention.

She pointed at the guy who was rubbing John’s chest.

“Who? Me?” he asked with hand motions.

She smirked, nodded and made another motion to John and then back at the guy. With her two index fingers pressed, she twisted them in opposite directions. Then she raised her eyebrows and pouted her lips, goading the guy into doing what she told him.

John was oblivious to this exchange, but the guy understood what he was being told to do, and without a moment of hesitation he leaned in and started kissing John on the mouth. John didn’t know where he was or what was happening, so he reflexively kissed back. The girl grinned widely at the two of them and continued to dance.

Blake was speechless at this, he looked at the dancer dumbfounded at how cock drunk they’d all become. She saw this and blew a kiss to him and mimed a halo over her head. He dialed back his stroking of John’s cock. John started to come back to reality, as much as reality explained the current situation, without the constant pleasure being exerted on his cock and realized he was being kissed by another guy. It didn’t seem to phase him at all, he continued kissing for a minute and then cut it off so he could get a sip of his drink.

“What would Emily say if she saw what was going on right now?” Blake had an idea he was mulling over.

“She’d probably want to be here” he snickered.

“Yeah, too bad she can’t be. Where’d you tell her you’d be tonight?”

“Your place as usual.”

Blake was about to make his move. He wasn’t sure if John was going to regret things in the morning, so he decided that a little leverage with his girlfriend might be helpful. He proposed his idea as a joke, a test balloon. “You know it would be funny if you just sent her a picture of us rubbing cocks together and just see what she says.”

John eyes went wide and he immediately got up and looked for his pants, which was no easy task with the number of pants lying around. Eventually he found them and made his way to the couch again, putting the phone in camera mode and handing it to the guy he was making out with earlier.

“Hey, I’m John by the way, could you take a picture of Blake and I rubbing cocks?”

“I’m Keith and sure,” he took the phone and waited for John to put his body perpendicular to Blake as they angled their cocks together and both started moaning as they ground them together.


Keith handed the phone back to John and sat back down where he was, watching the dancer. With his cock still firmly pressed against Blake’s, he composed the text message he was going to send.

The picture that was taken had no less than 5 cocks in it, in addition to the frotting ones. In the background people were stroking to random porn on the screens and stroking their friends.

The 60 minutes counter went down to zero and the lights in the dance booth went off. There were moans as people had to focus on some of the other porn going on, or each other.

“You think I should send no message at all, or something like ‘You said I should try to be a little more kinky’?”

Before Blake could reply, that same tapping was coming from the window where the dancer was, there was a cell phone screen being held to the glass from the darkness. John stepped over to the glass to see what was typed on it.

“Send me a copy too! 555-0123”

John stopped what he was doing and sent the message.

His cell phone vibrated again, it was a reply text from the dancer.

<Her>: Your buddy have a girlfriend?

<John>: Nope

<Her>: Give him my number, but do it discreetly, don't want to make any of the other boys feel bad.

“Hey Blake, I’ve got something for you,” John walked over to Blake and put the phone into his hand. He jumped up and went to find his pants. Once he did, he keyed the number into his phone and sent a message.

<Blake>: I'm Blake

<Jenny>: I'm Jenny, that Goon Machine really does screw your mind up, doesn't it?

<Blake>: Yes

<Jenny>: This is my first Goon Machine party, I'm going to go home and get myself off like a thousand times, text me later?

<Blake>: I will

<Jenny>: If you decide to take any more pictures for your friend's lady, you should send me a copy too

<Blake>: Promise

<Jenny>: Enjoy the party, it's only getting started >:)

Blake looked for a place to set his phone down, and wished he had a phone holster he could strap on. John looked like he was finishing sending his message to Emily.

“I went with the latter of my options, I wonder how long…” John’s cell phone vibrated and he looked at it and started laughing. “Wow, that didn’t take long.”


“You called that one,” Blake laughed at the speed and the tone of the response. “Now you’re going to have to break it to her that she can’t join this party.”

“I’m going to try to figure out how I’m going to piss with this hard on, I’ll be back.” Blake stood back up and looked around, found a sign for the restroom and started walking in that direction. He passed multiple guys jerking off to porn, guys who were on their knees to other guys and guys who were dancing on the dance floor. There were moans from all directions in stereo, it started to blur into the porn-step being played over the speakers.

Once he got into the bathroom several stalls so he got into one and saw a sign on the wall behind the toilet.

Doing squats will relieve some of the pressure for a short period.

The sign instructed. Good advice that Blake took and began to drunkenly squat until his erection toned down a bit and he was able to start pissing. His head started to get clear for a moment and he contemplated the evening so far. He had never expected the party to be as good as he had dreamt it would be. It was supposed to be good, but who could you believe. Most of the people talking about it said that it could make you gay, but he never believe it could be this intense. He had always been a little bi-curious, but he had never done anything about it, only fantasized a little bit.

It was at this moment that he heard someone go into the stall next to him, when he looked over, he noticed something strange. There were holes cut into the walls, two on either side. He came to sudden realization that these were glory holes. His cock started to stiffen right back up as he saw a pair of lips poking through the hole to his left and a tongue was licking the air.

He had read up on glory holes, the proper etiquette at this point was to shove his cock through the hole and let the mouth on the other end service it. Who was he to ignore proper etiquette? He had never been given a blow job by another guy before, he was very interested to see what it was like.

Holding onto his cock he milked a little pre-cum off and ran his cock-head over the tongue of the mouth, the tongue licked even more forcefully trying to will the cock in its mouth. He moaned at the feeling and decided to give in and let the mouth have his cock for a while.

The feeling was incredible, he edged almost immediately. It was exactly like a girl sucking his cock, only better. He wasn’t really sure if it was the Goon Machine or just that it was a guy, but he was in heaven. The mouth worked on his cock masterfully, causing him to edge again and again and again and again.

He couldn’t control it, he was drooling, moaning, and he had to hold onto the top of the stall or he was going to fall over. There were people coming into the bathroom and leaving, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered right then was his cock. He was barely roused by the knock at his stall. Without pulling his cock back, he opened the stall. Keith was at the door.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Pull up a hole,” Blake croaked out.

He walked into the stall and shut the door behind him, he stood next to Blake at the second hole on the left side of the stall and put his cock through it, their thighs were touching, but neither cared. Blake felt the mouth move from his cock to the other, but the hand continued working his slick cock perfectly.

Keith began to have the same reaction that he had, groaning, drooling, and panting. Blake was amazed at how much it turned him on to see this behavior. Without thinking about it, grabbed Keith’s ass cheek and squeezed it and massaged it like a breast. This made Keith even stupider, he was loving the attention.

The mouth moved back to Blake and he started to groan again.

“Fuck yeah, Ngggh” he babbled as his cock was worked up and down, and then deep throated. It was like the mouth was getting better by the moment. He barely heard it when there was a slight SNAP sound, he ignored it, figuring it was his imagination. All he cared about was his cock. Keith returned the ass massage favor and gave him a little slap, which only intensified the feelings.

The mouth moved again and he heard his phone vibrate. He almost had forgotten that he set it on the toilet back while he was doing his squats. He picked up the phone without pulling his cock out of the hole, he wasn’t done with this by a stretch. The text was from John’s girlfriend.

<Emily>: How's the blow job?

<Blake>: Amazing

It didn’t occur to him to ask Emily how she knew about the blow job, he was enjoying the temporary hand job he was getting until the mouth came back to work on him some more. Blake reached between Keith’s legs and caressed his balls while his cock was being worked on.

His phone buzzed, it was Emily again.

<Emily>: You know who's sucking that cock so well, right?

<Blake>: It's a glory hole

<Emily>: Receiving Picture.jpg

He pressed the button to download the picture, and the mouth started working on his cock again and he totally forgot what he was doing. He threw his head back and moaned in pleasure. Several minutes the mouth brought him to the brink of orgasm, but no ejaculation. Over and over, drool was dripping down his chin and chest. His phone vibrated again and he ignored it.

It wasn’t until the mouth switched holes again that Blake was able to concentrate on something other than his throbbing cock.

When he looked down at the phone, what he saw surprised him. It was John on his knees in a bathroom stall with two cocks stuck through the holes. His first reaction was to look over at the other stalls to see where John was working. It took a moment for him to put the two things together. John had been sucking their cocks, and getting better each pass. Things got hazy for a minute as he realized that his best friend was servicing cocks at a glory hole, and his cock was one of them. His phone vibrated again.

<Emily>: Is it too much to get blown and text?

<Emily>: I bet he's getting better, I'm watching him on Skype and talking him through his technique.

<Blake>: You put him up to this?

Blake’s cock got its turn again, but he was able to focus a little at the fact that John’s own girlfriend was helping him improve his cock-sucking technique.

<Emily>: It was kinda his idea, he's always been fascinated with the idea of me blowing him at a glory hole.

<Emily>: I suggested that there could be a glory hole at a party where guys go crazy for their cocks, and that he could probably pretty easily find your cock.

Blake tried to write a comment but he couldn’t manage it, this was all too much. He always though Emily was pretty hot, but he never knew she was this kinky. While he was trying to compose a response, drooling and moaning, he got another message from her.

<Emily>: It's OK, don't try to respond when he's got your cock in his mouth.

<Emily>: Nice to finally see your hot cock, I always told John that I wanted to suck both of you at the same time.

<Emily>: But he always said it would be weird.

That was too much, his imagination was going crazy. John sucking his cock expertly, Keith in the stall with him, the glory hole, Emily, he was fully tranced out. He felt like his brain was leaking out his cock. He was almost sure of it. He was sure he was gooning now, as he was brought over and over again to the edge.

John switched back to Keith’s cock, and Blake was able to come down from the edge. His mouth was getting dry and words were only slowly seeping back into his mind. He had to know, he tiptoed over the top of the stall and saw on the toilet seat, a phone propped up and it had Emily on the display watching the cock sucking, John was wearing headphones, no doubt following her instructions. The angle of the camera was such that Blake thought she could see him peeking over the top of the stall.

Emily waved at the camera. It was hard to tell from this distance and the size of the screen, but he was fairly certain that she was naked, he could see breasts on the screen.

<Emily>: Send a pic of the other guy and have him take a pic of you and I'll send you a pic.

Blake showed the text to Keith and pointed to the other side of the glory hole. Keith grinned and nodded. Blake held the camera back and took a shot of Keith from his head to his hips, impaling the hole and then on the other side of the stall, John’s mouth. He then passed the phone to Keith, who did the same thing, and passed it back. Blake sent the pictures to Emily and then realized he had a promise to keep, and sent those same pics, along with the one Emily sent him to Jenny.

After a few moments, Emily made good on her promise and sent a high resolution full body nude pic. Both guys were quite happy with the picture, they passed it back and forth a few times.

<Emily>: Send a pic of you and the other guy kissing.

Again Blake showed the phone to Keith and it was just then that his cock started getting worked on again by John’s mouth. Emily must have told him to distract or excite him, he wasn’t sure which. When it was obvious that Blake wasn’t going to be able to fulfill this alone, Keith pulled the phone out of his hand and pulled his head towards his. He planted a deep kiss on his mouth. Blake was enjoying it, unlike everything he expected, it wasn’t any different from kissing a girl, with the exception of a little stubble. He didn’t want to stop, and evidently neither did Keith, because they stayed lip locked for quite sometime before Keith snapped the pic and sent it.

Once it was sent, he passed the phone back to Blake and started kissing him again. The feeling of kissing, with the expert sucking on his cock was amazing. He never wanted it to end. They were tonguing back and forth as John switched to Keith’s cock again. The phone vibrated again, but Blake ignored it to continue the kissing. Both were drooling as they kissed, and Keith was moaning even louder than before.

<Emily>: I need to send a "thank you" card to the inventor of this Goon Machine!

Blake and Keith went back to kissing until the glory hole stopped abruptly.

“I need a drink, guys, what do you think?” John asked from the other side of the stall.

The kissing boys stopped and looked at each other, “Sure” they both said in unison as they realized that their mouths were pretty dry.

They all started walking out of the bathroom, at several of the stalls there were guys on their knees or with their cocks through holes between the stalls. Evidently a few people made the interesting discovery while they needed to use the bathroom. They grabbed their drinks and found a couch to sit down at, resting for a little while. Blake noted a timer on the screen, that had only two minutes left. They must have been in the bathroom for quite some time.

“Emily enjoyed the show, did she?” Blake asked, after a few moments without speaking. There wasn’t any silence because there were moans happening all around place, groaning and moaning from every direction.

“What do you think?” John laughed at the question, he was surprised he wasn’t as awkward after having these two guy’s cocks in his mouth for almost an hour.

Blake pulled out his phone and swiped to the picture that Emily had sent him of herself. He showed the display to John who looked quite surprised at the view he was seeing.

“How did you get her to send that?”

“She asked for a few pictures from the other side of the stall,” Blake was pretty pumped that he had some Emily jackoff material for later use, he started wondering if he could get the blowjob video while he was at it.

“I told you she was kinky, you believe me now?” John said.

“I never doubted it for a moment, you think she’d send me a copy of that blowjob video?” Blake figured he might as well run it past him first.

“So you can jackoff to it later? I don’t think she’d mind sending it after what she just saw me do… and speaking of, when did you finally find out it was me?” asked John.

“A couple of minutes after she texted me a pic from your side of the stall” said Blake.

John snickered and started typing on his phone. After a few moments, Blake’s phone started vibrating in his lap, it felt good on his cock.

<Emily>: You want the video of me sucking off John? How about a video of me sucking you off?

Blake couldn’t reply, his cock was throbbing too hard, he could hear the pulse of it in his ears. This was not a text he was expecting at all. He couldn’t stop himself, he started rubbing his cock roughly, wanting badly to be able to let this load go, the edge just made him even more insane.

It took several minutes of the stroking and edging for Blake to come back to reality. His panting breaths stopped and he was able to focus on the room around him.

His phone had vibrated during this episode, but he hadn’t noticed it. He also hadn’t noticed John giggling at his phone and at him, either.

<Emily>: I take that as a yes.

<Emily>: Receiving Picture.jpg

And there was a picture of Blake in his gooned out state, dumb look, stroking so fast the camera barely registered it.

<Emily>: Guess you like that idea. ;)

<Blake>: YES

<Emily>: Good, we'll talk later about it.

The timer went to zero and no one knew what to expect, every time a timer was involved, things got interesting.

“Hello Gooners!” said the Female voice booming over the sound system.


“Get those cocks out of your mouth and say Hi to me” the voice demanded.

“HI!” Nearly deafening this time.

“That’s better boys, I hope you’re all enjoying the party, are you ready to play a game?”

“YES,” No doubt this would be good, so everyone decided to respond loudly to her.

“I’m glad you’re waking back up out of your trance, but it won’t be for very long. Who has pictures they’ve taken here tonight?”

About half of the club cheered at that.

“I want you to send those pictures to [email protected], if you boys get more than 200 pictures in the next 5 minutes sent, you get a very special reward,” and the voice faded out.

The screens all were replaced with a counter starting at zero and a timer counting down from 5 minutes.

Everyone scrambled for their phones, and started sending pics. Blake and John both started sending to the address. No one thought twice about sending the pictures, the Goon Haze was making them do more and more things that they wouldn’t normally do.

The counter immediately jumped to 50 in just a few seconds. Slowly starting to tick up from there as people were clicking send and trying to enter the address with blurry vision. Seconds later it was up to 100. People started taking pictures randomly of the room. After a minute of this, the counter was up to 150.

“Come on boys, you can do it…” the voice encouraged them on.

Down to the last minute and there were still 10 more pictures needed. People were feverishly typing on their phones to try to meet the deadline to find out what this reward was going to be. Finally the counter was reached with only thirty-seconds remaining on the clock. Fireworks shot on the display over the timer. Once the fireworks were done, every picture that was sent to the address starting cycling for a fraction of a second, over and over.

There was the sound of machinery working, though nothing obvious was happening. Then things started falling from ceiling.

Once they hit the floor and bounced, everyone looked around to see what was falling down.

Anal plugs, dozens of anal plugs were raining from the ceiling.

“Everyone find a plug, you’re going to need it for the next part,” as she said those words, lights lit up around the room and glowing holes appeared all around. They were cock sized and cock level, everyone stood around wondering what was going on.

“Each of those holes, one for each of you, is a cock milking machine. It will pleasure you for the next hour, but only if you have the plug in your ass. There is a sensor in every plug that makes sure it’s in an ass before it will turn the milker on.”

She paused and added, “Did you know that the Goon Machine has more levels than just on and off?”

The voice let the words sink in.

“There are actually five levels of intensity on the machine, can you guess what you’ve been on so far?”

She didn’t wait for them to answer.

“The first level, One,” and as she said it an overlay came onto all the screen in the bottom center.

Goon Level: 1

“I wonder what happens when we go to the next level?”

The display changed.

Goon Level: 2

A loud hum filled the room as the Goon Machine changed gears.

“I know what you’re thinking, you’ve already done some dirty shit already, how could you get any higher? How much further down the rabbit hole can you go?”

A timer started below the Goon Level, counting down from 60 minutes.

For a few seconds everyone looked around, wondering if the machine had kicked in.

Everyone in the club started stroking their cock, at the exact same time.

Blake felt the sudden increasing arousal of his cock. He didn’t think he could get any more turned on, but he did. It was as if he was on the brink of orgasm with barely a touch.

Everyone was stroking, looking around, seeing if anyone was going to use their plug.

It was then that John picked up a plug and without a word inserted it. His reaction persuaded several others to do the same.

The feeling of having his ass filled up along with the increase in Goon Machine level was quite a combination because he moaned loudly, enjoying the new experience he was having.

“Oooh fuck, wow” was all John was able to say. Without any more words, he walked over to the wall and shoved his cock into the cock milker hole.

Blake had to watch as John’s ass was exposed to the room, with the anal plug very obviously sticking out. He moaned loudly and incomprehensibly at how amazing it was and how good his cock felt.

This sealed the deal for several other guys, who then followed suit, inserting the plug and finding an empty hole to park their cock. They all advertised the pleasure of the machine by moaning as loudly as John. Pretty soon there were only a couple of holes left.

Blake didn’t want to use the hole just yet, he thought the view of a row of guys lined up and facing a wall, naked with an anal plug was worthy of a picture to send to Emily and Jenny.

There were a few guys who were trying to convince their friends that they should try to leave, that things had gone too far.

“Dude, this has gotten crazy, we should just try to leave,” one guy said to another.

“Fuuuuck dude, I wanna try this hole, it’s just a little something in your ass, what’s the big deal?” the other replied.

“Look at everybody, everybody is getting turned gay and no one cares,” the first guy was getting more insistent, but his cock was still rock hard. He was trying to fight the Machine.

“I have to, I have to,” the second guy couldn’t take it anymore and he pushed the plug into his ass, and shoved his cock into the milker.

“Ooooooh my Gooooood, Dude, it’s so good, ngggghhhh fuck, so good, gotta feel it,” the second guy babbled.

“Damn it,” the first guy paced around a few minutes, he nervously looked at the plug, and after the 5th minute of pacing, he decided to bite the bullet and put something into his ass. Generously applying lube to the plug, he grimaced and shoved it in. He moaned even louder than the others, the transformation was nearly instantaneous.

The Goon Machine made him submit.

During the time that the guy was the last person without his cock in a milker, Blake took several pictures and composed a text message to Emily and Jenny.

First to Emily:

<Blake>: More pictures for you, yes that last one is John's ass

Then to Jenny:

<Blake>: I promised to send you a copy, and here you are

Blake didn’t bother waiting for the response, he grabbed his drink and chugged it, went to the empty hole between John and Keith. He paused for a moment, considering the situation. Once he thought about it, he realized that there was really nothing wrong about what they were doing, they were enjoying their cocks, what was so bad about that?

The moment he placed the plug into his ass, something strange happened. He started to hear the voice from over the speaker system, but it wasn’t coming from the speakers, it was as if it was coming from his own head. The voice sounded familiar, but he was unable to place where he had heard it from, his mind was too overcome.

“Doesn’t it feel so good to have something filling your boy pussy?” she asked.

Her words were punctuated by vibrations from the plug, the sensation was overwhelming, he moaned reflexively. His cock throbbed from her words, he knew her words were true.

His cock went into the milker easily, it formed a tight seal around the base of his cock, acting almost as a cock-ring, which he hardly needed at the moment, but made his cock feel even more engorged, locked into the milker by his own cock.

“You feel so good, don’t you? Moan for me,” the voice demanded.

Blake did as he was told and he joined the chorus of moaning. Once he did as he was told, the milker turned on and began to fuck him hard. It felt so good as the milker went to work on him, alternately sucking and fucking his cock.

The voice continued to say things in his head:

“You are getting very GOONED. You love being GOONED because it makes you want COCK.”

“You love COCK and you need COCK.”

COCK is your reason for living.”

“You can still LIKE girls, but you LOVE cock.”

He knew these things were becoming true with every edge, and they kept happening.

MOAN like a GIRL

And he did.

He kept moaning, this was the best he had ever felt in his entire life, he wasn’t thinking anymore. Words didn’t matter, the entirety of the world disappeared and all that was left was his hard and throbbing cock.

A few moments after the last of the stragglers shoved his plug in, another mechanical hum was heard. Almost everyone had their eyes closed, lost in the goon, but another hole opened up at around mouth level, and no one bothered to check it out, until they started feeling something pressing onto their lips.

It was a realistic looking dildo.


Many, Blake included, let the cock slide into their mouth without a bit of resistance, it just seemed natural.

It freaked others out.

“OH FUCK, SHE’S GONNA MAKE ME SUCK A COCK,” the lone resister from before shouted and no one paid attention, they were too lost in their own session to care about him. Even his friend was furiously working on the dildo.

Most of the guys gave in and sucked immediately, those who didn’t, weren’t resisting very long, the voice made sure of it.

“Aren’t you the least bit CURIOUS?”

“It’s not GAY to suck cock”

“Give IN, Give IN

“Just press your LIPS to the TIP

It didn’t take long to realize that the blow job you gave on your dildo cock was mirrored on your own cock. It was as if you were giving yourself a blow job. Once it was obvious that this was the case, the blow jobs got even more intense.

Blake started deep-throating his cock, working it as far back as he could. Every time he pulled off it, he tried to go back onto it even further. Suppressing his gag-reflex became easier and having the cock in his mouth made him even more horny. He was going nuts, his eyes were watering from trying to get every inch of this cock down his throat, and he wasn’t alone.

Whole groups of guys were moaning and whimpering, gasping and desperate to get a little bit more down their throat, to try to feel it on their own cock. If anyone had had the wherewithal to look at John, they would see that all the practice in the Glory Hole and coaching from Emily really helped him perform.

“Can you get it ALL THE WAY down?” the voice interrupted, encouraging them to keep going deeper and deeper.

“Once you get down to the base, you’re going to get a reward.”

Blake redoubled his effort, he was grunting and mumbling, all he could think about was feeling the base of the dildo and the feeling of his own lips reaching the base of his cock as a reaction. Closer and closer every-time.

Sliding In

Not quite yet.

Sliding Out

KISS the head” the voice boomed.

Blake obeyed and kissed the cock-head perfectly.

Sliding In

Getting closer.

Sliding Out

“You NEED Cock” in his head or out-loud? Didn’t really matter.

There was a cacophony of agreement throughout the room, Blake joined in with it, grunting and gasping in the affirmative.

Sliding In

Almost there.

Sliding Out

“You NEED it in your ASS

The words were seeping into Blake’s mind, he had no control over it, everything was a blur, was this his own thought or something external, he didn’t know. He didn’t care either way, it was true, he knew it was, how could it not be?

“Say It, ‘I Need Cock In My Ass’,” the voice demanded in Blake’s head.

It was at that moment that the entire room spoke in unison.

“I need cock in my ass.”

No one could control it, their brains were being controlled by a higher power, no one thought to try to fight it, to try to leave, they felt too good being a slave to the feeling.

Sliding In…

Finally success.

He held the cock all the way in his mouth and reveled in the feelings that were transmitted to his own cock from it. He held for as long as he could. Once he pulled off the cock and took a breath, that familiar voice re-entered his head.

“Drink Mode Activated. Press the button beneath the cock to be dispensed a drink. Hold your mouth on the cock.”

Without thinking Blake put the cock into his mouth and pressed the button.

His mouth began to be filled with a few ounces of a Screwdriver. It was like the cock was pissing into his mouth and he was drinking it up. As much as there was will left in his mind, he tried to fight it, but he couldn’t, it actually turned him on. He pressed the button again and topped off.

Blake glanced over at John, who had evidently already unlocked Drink Mode already, was pressing the button as well. He then looked over at Keith who was working on it and getting very close.

Leaning over to Keith he said, “You wanna know what the reward is?”

Keith nodded, which was as much as he could do.

“Lean over and put your mouth around the head”

Keith did as he was told, and Blake shivered a little from another pair of lips virtually on cock his cock and pressed the button. Keith moaned and drank up.

Blake looked back over to John and saw him lost in sucking his dildo, he reached over and slapped John’s ass. John seemed to enjoy it, so he grabbed John’s ass and started to massage the cheek he could reach.

The anal plugs they all were using had a loop at the end, presumably to make it easy to pull them out, but Blake had another idea. He reach down for John’s plug loop and hooked his finger around it and started to press it further in John’s ass. John moaned, “Oh my fucking god, NNgggghhhhh, Fuck, fuck, fuck, Ngggghh, so good.”

Emboldened, he pushed deeper, pulled out it out slightly and pushed it back in. He was fucking his best friend with an anal plug. This turned Blake on even more. It turned him on more because he was fairly certain he could pull his cock out of this milker at anytime and use his best friend’s ass like a pussy. He was also fairly sure, John would thank him for it.

He shook his head, trying to shake this thought out of his mind but it was no use. As he got fucked by the milker, he couldn’t help but imagine it was John’s ass. He felt like he should feel bad about it, but he didn’t.

The edging in the milkers continued for a few more minutes, and then the countdown started. Large numbers on the screen counted down silently from 30 seconds. Barely anyone noticed it because they were so fixated on their own pleasure.

“That’s time boys, the machines are now shutting down” the voice said out-loud this time, instead of in each of the guy’s skulls.

Almost everyone stumbled back onto the couches.

The milker holes retracted and it was as if they were never there, the cocks stayed where they were. Blake sat on the couch with John and Keith, he found he was sitting on his cell phone, so he reached down and grab it.

<Jenny>: Looks like the party is rocking over there.

<Blake>: Yes it is, total mind-fuck.

Which was an understatement as far as he was concerned.

<Emily>: Fucking nice!

<Emily>: *laughs* Tell John he's a total fag ;)

<Blake>: I will do that.

When Blake looked up at the screen, he saw something strange, the Goon Level was back down to 1, and there was a timer of 10 minutes. Grace period before it got turned back up?

“Hey guys,” Blake got Keith and John’s attention, “look at the screen, I’m guessing we have 10 minutes to piss and whatever before the machine goes back on again.”

“Fuck I gotta take a leak bad,” Keith said and shot up, John followed with Blake coming in from behind. Each of them found a stall and started their squats. The bathroom was mostly empty so they must have been the first to notice the timer and the drop in Goon Level.

“What level do you think it’s going to next?” Keith asked.

“Probably 3” John said from over the stall.

“Emily says you’re a total fag” Blake interjected.

John snickered to himself, “I should have never told her.”

“I’m going to guess it stays at Def Goon 2” Blake added.

Blake got out of the stall and went to the sink to wash his hands. He wasn’t quite sure with all the stroking, if there was any benefit for doing so, but it was reflexive. He noted how good his cock looked, it was back at full attention. With his still wet hands, he stroked himself, watching in the mirror.

The view was a good one, he liked how he looked naked, and his cock looked perfect tonight. Bigger, due to the constant arousal he was experiencing and swollen for sure. His balls were also a bit larger than normal, as well.

He slowly began to remember that the plug was still in his ass, almost grabbing for it, he stopped. He was used to it now, he liked the feeling and he almost wished it was a little bigger.

A few other guys were making their way into the bathroom, and it became obvious that something was going on, because neither John nor Keith had come out of their stalls.

“Everything all right guys?” Blake asked.

In a breathless tone, Keith responded, “Oh yeah. Everything is perfect.”

This piqued Blake’s interest, so he went back into the stall and peeked through the glory hole into John’s stall. He saw John on his knees for a cock that was coming through the hole. Evidently John needed a cock in his mouth and Keith needed his cock sucked. Blake also noted that John’s plug was also still in. Without realizing he was doing it, he started to stroke to this visual. His best friend on his knees in a bathroom stall for Keith’s hard cock.

When he realized what he was doing, he was startled but he didn’t stop.

It was at that moment that the sound system started to speak again.

“Hey boys, are you feeling good and cock drunk?” She asked.

Cheers and moans erupted from the crowd.

“Sounds like it,” she continued “I bet all of you have been wondering what Goon Level 5 would be like, especially since you’re all good and stupid right now.” She let the words sink in.

“I mean, you’ve already gone this far, how could it possibly get any deeper?”

“It can. Do you want a taste of Goon Level 5?” she asked, knowing what the response would be.

Even louder cheers and moans, Blake couldn’t see it, but out in the club area, there were some people who were looking around anxiously, nervous about what was going to happen next.

“If you want a taste of Goon Level 5, you have to get on your knees and beg for it. Everyone to the club floor, on your knees and beg me to turn up the Goon, you have 5 minutes.”

The voice faded out and there was immediate motion as everyone made their way to the club floor. John and Keith came out of the stall and Blake followed behind. The three of them followed a line of guys out of the bathroom.

There were shouts of “Please” that were heard even before they got out of the bathroom. Once outside they saw nearly everyone on their knees, and those that weren’t were being forced down by other guys. Blake, John and Keith immediately got on their knees once they reached the dance floor.

It would have been an amazing photo to send Jenny and Emily, dozens of men naked on their knees, with hard cocks, begging to an invisible force. Begging to be made even more stupid, to lose their minds more and more.

Once everyone was on their knees, the voice echoed out again.

“I guess we can give it to you, but don’t hold us responsible for what you do,” and the voice disappeared again. In its place a countdown started on the screen:

Goon Level 5 in 30 seconds

No one dared get up, people stared at the screen, holding their breath for whatever was going to happen next. Quick flashes of porn and words flashed on every screen, but the timer stayed in the same place no matter what was being displayed.

The machine audibly kicked up a to a level not heard before.

Whining to life, even louder than before. The room felt as though it was vibrating, perhaps it was. They all immediately edged in unison, the sound of dozens of men gasping in deep pleasure caused cocks to get even further aroused. Every single one of them was stroking their cock on their knees.

Blake felt a hand on his ass, cupping it, he couldn’t even open his eyes, he felt the arm and followed it to its torso and he angled his body towards it, still on his knees. He pushed himself forward until he felt the stranger’s cock rub against his and then pushed further, pressing his body blindly against his. He felt his cock locked against the other cock, the fast racing pulse of cock against his caused him to edge even harder.

Without even understanding or thinking about what he was doing, he reflexively threw his arms around the waist of the man and squeezed both ass cheeks. He became aware that he was behaving as he would if he were dealing with a girl, but that just turned him on more. He found the man’s lips and pressed his against them. Deep kissing followed, the stranger caressed Blake’s ass in return and felt where the anal plug’s loop was, realizing it was still planted firmly in his ass, he played with it.

Gently pulling it out slightly and pushing it sensually back in. Each thrust was causing him intense pleasure. He had never even contemplated anal play, and now here he was, a man was playing with a plug in his asshole, and he was loving every moment of it. Blake felt for the knot of cocks pressed between their bodies and stroked slowly and firmly.

Blake realized he wasn’t just getting himself off, he was sizing up the cock of the man he was pressed against. He hadn’t mentally admitted it to himself yet, but that was exactly what he was doing. Trying to decide if his ass could accommodate his fuck meat.

“You want to use your boi pussy, don’t you?” the disembodied voice seemed to be whispering in his right ear, it was the girl who had been doing the announcements before, but now it seemed like she was coming from inside his own ear.

Boy Pussy, Blake thought about the idea for a moment, but the mental images were being slow, and he wasn’t sure where that female voice came from.

“Did. You. Hear. That?” Blake struggled to whisper to the man he was making out and grinding against.

“Hear. What?” the voice weakly replied, obviously lost in ecstasy.

“Never-mind.” Blake managed to squeak out, and proceeded to give the cocks a couple of really good strokes and caused them both to moan in pleasure.

Moaning was coming from all around the room, Blake’s eyes were closed, but he could hear John and Keith both moaning around him. For a second he found it strange that he could pick their moans out of a crowd.

“You heard me. I know you want his big cock in your ass,” the female voice whispering in his ear teased him.

Blake wasn’t sure if these words were really being spoken, or if it he was imagining them. He wasn’t sure if the words were true, but they were definitely giving him ideas.

He started to imagine he was on his hands and knees for this cock, spreading his ass cheeks wide, and taking it all the way down to the balls. The idea was making him throb even harder than before.

The feeling of their thick cocks pressed together, with the heat of the other man’s body against his was driving him wild. He moaned even louder.

The louder he moaned, the more the rest of the room moaned in response.

Blake finally decided to open his eyes and take a look at their cocks and see what the rest of the room was doing.

When he opened them, he saw a guy he didn’t recognize pressed against him. Their cocks were evenly matched, both throbbing from friction they were causing each other. The rest of the room appeared to have also paired off, everyone was on their knees pressed against another guy. There was a sea of anal plugs in everyone’s exposed asses. No one had bothered to take them out, or they were enjoying them too much.

He also noticed that John and Keith were in the same pose as he was with the anonymous guy. Without saying a word, Blake picked up his phone off the ground and took a picture of Keith and John and sent it to Emily and Jenny. John must have noticed the picture because he slapped the anonymous guy’s ass.

“Trade you,” he said to the guy. This made Blake edge hard. Sure, they’d already had each other’s cocks in their mouths, but this felt different, more intimate. The guy obliged and pressed up next to Keith and they began grinding without missing a beat.

John pressed his cock and then their bodies together.

They both edged for a long time, groaning and moaning the entire time.

Suddenly the audio of the porn changed, it got louder. This prompted several guys to look up at the screens to see what was being played. Everyone had nearly forgotten that there was porn being played.

Every screen seemed to have a common theme: Anal Sex.

Women bent over, getting fucked hard. Men having gang bangs with other guys. Moaning and groaning in pleasure.

There were also words that were being displayed on the screen that were too fast to be read.

Anyone who looked up seemed to be hypnotized by it. It was like they were being programmed. But programmed into what? The Goon Machine’s hold was too strong. None of their higher level brain functions were working. They were at the mercy of their libido, of their sex. Their cocks were in control, and no one was capable of resisting.

Blake grabbed John’s attention and started grinding even harder against him, he leaned in to kiss him deeply. He knew what he needed now. After a considerable number of edges, he whispered into his buddy’s ear.

“Put your cock in me for a little while and I’ll return the favor,” he was able to whisper quietly with a great deal of effort.

Finally shedding that last bit of resistance made Blake edge the hardest he had all night, it almost felt like he could have orgasmed from saying the words, if it weren’t for the Machine preventing it. John had much the same reaction, his cock dripped from the words, he threw his head back in pleasure and looked like he was going to orgasm, but of course, nothing happened but the edge.

Cocks were leaking all over the room, there were puddles of pre-cum all over the floor, the room reeked of cock and lube, of sex and sweat.

It felt like heaven.

With all the effort he could muster, John pulled away from Blake and spun him around, facing the opposite direction. He placed his hand on the small of Blake’s back, and instinctively Blake knew exactly what to do.

He got on his hands and knees.

His cock burned with pleasure as he assumed the position he must have been craving since before the Machine had even been turned on. He had been afraid before, but now he wasn’t.

He pushed his ass into the air, presenting his asshole for his best friend to use.

His boi pussy.

John rubbed some additional lube onto his cock and with a slow motion, pulled the anal plug out of Blake’s ass. Blake groaned as his ass felt empty yet again, he had hardly realized how used to the plug he had gotten.

Then John started to tease him.

He rubbed his cock up and down between Blake’s ass cheeks, not entering him, only letting him feel the cock so close. Blake nearly wept from anticipation, he cock had already left a significant puddle on the floor.

“Please… John…” he moaned.

Several of the men watched the two of them at work, their own real live action porn.

It was then his phone vibrated. He saw that it was Emily responding.

<Emily> MORE

Since John was making him wait, he decided to let his girlfriend know what they were up to. He held the phone over his shoulder and snapped a picture, sending it immediately.

Once he hit send, John pressed his cock-head against Blake’s asshole. Then he slowly began pushing.

First just the head, but slowly even more was being pushed into his waiting ass. When John hit an inch, Blake knew he had done the right thing. He was shaking with pleasure, his cock was dripping at an even faster rate. Blake pushed himself back, taking several more inches into his ass. John moaned and seemed to be enjoying every moment.

The two kept pushing their bodies towards each other until Blake felt the base and balls of John’s cock pressing against him. They held this position for a long time, Blake enjoying the feeling of having his best friend filling up his ass completely, and John the feeling of his cock being so deep inside him.

“Fuck. Your ass feels so good,” John panted and struggled out. Blake moaned in approval, unable to eek even a single syllable out. As John started pulling his cock out to push in for another thrust, Blake received another vibration on his cell and looked down to see that it was Emily replying to his text.

<Emily> I really wish I could be there

Blake could almost hear the moan in her voice when he read the note.

It was then that a strange dialog popped up on his cell phone.

<+9999999999> Invite Emily to view the party? Yes / No

He immediately clicked Yes, without even thinking about what he was doing, or how it would work.

John thrust again deeply into his ass, and he reflexively dropped the phone and arched his back, focusing on how his cock was throbbing. He stayed on the edge from that thrust for several minutes. John seemed to be doing the same because he thrust in and then just rode the edge for minutes, moaning and groaning the entire time.

Once his head was a bit clearer, he checked his phone to see if Emily had responded to whatever the pop-up dialog was and she hadn’t. He glanced up to screen to see if there was a timer to let him know how much longer the Machine was going to be set on Level 5, but there wasn’t.

He was hypnotized by the sex going on all around him, on the screens and in real life. Several other couples had started to join in on the fun and were bending over for each other. Keith came over to John and whispered something into his ear and John smiled and nodded. He then bent John over slightly and caused John to moan reflexively as he pulled John’s plug out. He then mounted John’s ass slowly and methodically.

Keith was fucking John’s ass, Blake could feel the thrusts pushing John’s cock further into his own ass, this caused all involved to edge. Things were going crazy on the dance floor, clusters of men started to form into lines as anal plugs were pulled and boi pussies were filled up. The moans and groans were getting louder and louder.

The guy who Blake had been pressed against who had given him the idea to get fucked presented his ass to Blake, an offering for his cock. Blake didn’t waste a moment, he covered his cock with lube and grabbed the man’s hips, pulling his ass onto his cock. Slowly and purposefully pulling his hips back to push his cock even further. He was no longer leaking onto the floor, he was leaking into this guy’s ass. He was loving every moment of it.

The clusters of male flesh started to conglomerate until the line of fucking started to take a circular shape, there were still a few spots to be filled in, but by the end, no doubt everyone would be giving their cock and receiving cock in their boi pussies.

Thrusting waves started to be felt throughout the line, almost circle. When a thrust happened from the back, it rippled through each and every one of them. The throbbing from each cock was transmitted through the ass in front of it and so on. Finally the circle was completed and every single man had a cock in their ass and their cock in an ass. Their eyes were wild and they drooled and moaned like cock stupid animals.

They weren’t just animals now, it was as if they were a single animal now, all a small part of one huge sex organ. They thrust and moaned in unison and there weren’t edges anymore, it was just one single edge that never stopped.

Time stood still, no one was sure how long they had been fucking each other nor could anyone spend enough mental energy to even remember if there had been a time before this moment in their life.

Blake managed to look over at the strip tease room that Jenny had been in earlier in the night, and there were several women in it. He squinted and saw Emily among the other girls looking at the scene that was transpiring. She was looking right at him, with a look that said that she was quite pleased at the view, and she wasn’t the only one with that look on her face.

Then a thrust wave happened and Blake couldn’t help but ride the indefinite edge he was on. It took several minutes for his mind to clear enough to look back at the glass and see Emily still staring at him. He reflexively started another thrust wave from the pleasure he was getting at being stared at by his best friend’s girlfriend.

After a few moments the voice came echoing through the club again. It was the same voice that had been teasing them all night.

“Would you look at that man train you boys have going.”

“We want you all to dismount, put your plugs back in and face us NOW.”

When Blake looked over at the girls in the window, he saw that Emily was holding the microphone and demanded their obedience. None could help it, they obeyed the voice. Each man pulled their cock out and clutched for the nearest plug they could find, swiftly re-inserting the plug. They were all still riding their edge, all of the friction had a cumulative effect and none of them could clear it out, they did what they were told.

The men formed a line in front of the window, Blake and John were upfront, staring right at Emily as she held the microphone.

“Now STROKE” she demanded, the distortion in her voice was gone now, there was no question about who was giving the orders.

All the men obliged and stroked their cocks, all of their arms were a blur of motion.

“I bet you boys want to cum so BADLY, don’t you?” she asked.

Blake couldn’t speak, he just stared at Emily. Stroking for her, his cock was thick and throbbing, still leaking on the floor. There were sporadic affirmative responses, but most of the men were tranced so hard they could barely keep an idea in their minds, let alone speak.

“Aren’t you a bunch of cock dummies now? A bunch of boys who love cock now?” she asked.

Several men nodded, unable to control it. Blake and John couldn’t help it, they nodded as well.

“But you still get off on girls, can’t you?”

It was with this statement that all the girls in the windowed room stripped naked, there were at least 10 of them in there, and it seemed like various girls were looking at various guys. When they got naked, it was enforcing their domination over the men who were watching them. The nudity was only enhancing the power they held over these cock dumb men. Their naked bodies touched each other as casually as the men’s had earlier today.

Seeing Emily naked was too much, Blake stroked even harder now, he was desperately trying to cum, but the Machine prevented it.

“Five minutes boys, STROKE” as she said it, the screens all around the room stopped showing porn, and only showed the countdown clock. No one needed to be told what was going to happen at 0:00, they all knew.

“Come on, STROKE HARDER, I want to see if you boys can cover the dance floor in cum.” she demanded, and the clock counted down. Their cocks were all on the brink, but the brink seemed to be even closer now that they knew that orgasm was within reach.

The microphone started to be passed back and forth to each of the girls in the room, and each of them individually encouraged the boys to stroke harder over the speakers.

They all took turns encouraging and teasing them, until the final stretch started.

A countdown.

Emily grabbed the microphone back and started to countdown:

She licked her lips and stared at Blake and John.

The pause seemed to last forever.


A moment later the buzzing from the Goon Machine stopped, and once the final whine was heard from the Machine, cock all over the room erupted in geysers of cum. Moans of release and pleasure started coming from throughout the room.

John squirted the moment the Machine was turned off, shooting load after load into the air.

Blake held back as hard as he could, watching Emily as she licked her lips and winked at him, teasing him into letting his load loose.

Finally after Blake could hold back no more, he squirted a volley of jizz in the direction of Emily in the window. He managed to peg directly in front of Emily’s breasts and she grinned at the distance he managed to cover. Blake moaned and continued to orgasm for quite almost a minute, well after the room’s moans had quieted down.

Many of the men collapsed onto the floor from the intensity of the orgasm. Blake managed to stay on his feet, but barely. It was the most intense orgasm of his life. He felt amazing and exhausted at the same time. Grinning at Emily in the window as the other girls were getting dressed, he milked the last of the cum out of his cock, letting it drop onto the cum drenched floor.

Blake found his cell phone and pants, he sat himself down on the couch that he and John played on earlier. Emily and the girls were no longer visible in the window when he turned back around, so he sent a text message.

<Blake>: I take it that you're anonygoon?

<Emily>: What gives you that idea? *wink*

<Blake>: Just a feeling

The lights began to come on and Blake grabbed some put his clothes on, and nudged at John to do the same. John managed to get up and find his clothes. Blake saw Keith and traded phone numbers with him. Once John was dressed, they left the club, and drove home. They didn’t really speak on the way, unable to find words to describe what they had just experienced.

When Blake got to John’s house to drop him off, John got out and leaned back into the car.

“Wanna hang out Monday?” John asked.

“Sure, your place or mine?” Blake asked.

“I’ll talk with Emily and see what she thinks.” he grinned and shut the door.