Goon Machine

Chapter 2 - Interlude

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Blake started driving home and was able to think clearly about what had happened. His cock throbbed from the memory of his evening, so much so that he was contemplating pulling his cock out as he drove but he thought better of it. Daylight was breaking across town, and surely there would be people driving around who would see him jacking off if he tried.

The excitement made him realize a need for alcohol if he was to be able to sleep, so he stopped at a gas station to pick some up.

The rest of the drive home was punctuated by his own pulsing cock as he drove home. Once inside his apartment, he turned up the heat a few degrees and stripped down naked. Chugged a swig of the liquor and turned on his laptop. He was surprised by the fact that he wasn’t sore, even after stroking for 12 hours. Whatever lube they were supplying at that party, he wanted to buy some more.

He popped onto the Goon Machine chat room, it was quite busier than it had been previously. Even stranger that it was nearing 7am on a Saturday morning. There were a few people who were at the party last night, Blake assumed, talking about what happened at a party. Blake had no way of knowing, anonygoon or probably Emily weren’t on. He didn’t know who any of the others were. Had there been more than one party last night? Blake was curious now.

After speaking to a couple of people who claimed to be at a party last night, almost no one gave the same location. It was as if Goon Machine parties had popped up all across the country on the same night.

There was real information now about what went on at them, and people’s descriptions were consistent. Previously it had only been rumor, now there was fact. Hadn’t anonygoon said that there were only 3 machines in existence? How could there have been parties all over the world with only 3 machines?

He tried to text Emily, if she was up, maybe she could give him a hint as to what was going on.

<Blake>: hey, curious if you're up, got a question for you

After a few minutes, he got a response.

<Emily>: Sure, John is crashed out, I guess he had a little bit too much fun last night ;)

<Blake>: Level with me, were you anonygoon?

<Emily>: I think I can trust you... yeah

<Blake>: Did you know that I was whowhatwhere?

<Emily>: *grins* yup, and to answer your next question: yeah, I thought you might bring John

<Blake>: Figured it might go better if I suggested it?

<Emily>: I could tell you're bi, it was one of the reasons I kept trying to get John to try some three way action

<Blake>: You could tell? I mean, I had interest, but I never really acted on it.

<Emily>: It was totally obvious to me, and most people are bi anyways, they just need to be made aware of it, as all those boys did at the party last night

<Blake>: You said you made one of the Goon Machines, is that true?

<Emily>: Oh yeah, it's actually not too hard

<Blake>: But you said there were only three, and I'm in the chat room and people are talking about there being parties across the country, if not the world

<Emily>: *grin* I was telling the truth at the time, but we had dozens of people setting up parties all over.

<Blake>: You should totally tell me how to make one ;)

<Emily>: The big machine for a whole club is pretty expensive to make, I do have plans for a smaller version which is much less expensive, though.

<Blake>: Sounds like fun

<Emily>: John doesn't know my true involvement in the Goon Parties, can you keep it to yourself?

<Blake>: Of course

<Emily>: Receiving Goon-Machine-Small.pdf

<Emily>: Don't share that with anyone, and if you use it, I want updates ;)

<Blake>: You got it

Blake sat back and looked at the plans for the Machine, they were less like plans and more like a How To. It showed the general way that the machine worked and gave parts that could be used to construct it. Strangely it listed common items that the components could be found in, it was written in such a way that someone in their home could construct the device.

<Blake>: I think I could actually build one of these right now, these directions are pretty simple.

<Emily>: That's the idea

From the instructions, the finished device was about the size of a Nalgene bottle and they specifically suggest using one to house the components and keep them dry. Blake surveyed his apartment and piled all the components it listed together. He found he was only missing the batteries, and he finished the alcohol he had bought.

Deciding it was time for another trip to the convenience store, he threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and walked around the block. Several alcoholic energy drinks got thrown into the basket as well as all the AA batteries that they had.

The woman at the register gave Blake a grin as she glanced down at his jeans, it took him a moment to realize that his cock was still hard at the thought of building his own personal Goon Machine. His cock was pressing against the tight jeans and giving the woman a very good indication of how Blake was hung.

She was older than Blake, probably in her mid-forties. A MILF, he thought. He handed her the cash for his purchases, grinned as he reached down the cock-print on his jeans and gave it a squeeze, never looking away from her.

For a split-second she bit her lip, until she snapped out of it and handed Blake his change. Blake thanked her and started to walk out.

“Did you want your receipt?” she asked, Blake noted her name tag as Jayne.

Blake nodded and took the slip of paper from her, he walked out the door.

He found this exchange with Jayne rather strange. She obviously was interested in him, but it seemed to wash over him, he kept his cool. Come to think of it, he couldn’t remember a similar encounter like that before.

Afterglow? Changes to Pheromone composition? Blake was pondering the possibilities, though he didn’t make a habit of walking around with a permanent throbbing hard on, so that could have just as easily been the reason. He reached into his bag and pulled out one of the cans of booze and cracked it open, the receipt came with it and he was about to throw it into the trash bin until he noted something written on it.

Jayne 555-1111

He couldn’t help but grin.

Still outside the store, he raised his can to the window where he could see Jayne checking another customer out and raised it in a toast just as he started to walk home.

His cell phone was dead, he realized it as he pulled it out to send Jayne a quick text to let her know the he had got the message. It was surprising it had lasted as long as it had with all the usage it had gotten the night before. Walking home, he continued contemplating all the strange things that had happened over the last 24 hours.

Once home he went to his counter and plugged his phone in, it came back up and warned about it’s very low power level. Blake punched the numbers in and decided to send a message to Jayne.

<Blake>: Hi, I just got home and noticed your number.

He threw back another swig of the drink and pulled his clothes back off. Looking at the pile of components on his kitchen table, he decided that he would try to build this today.

<Jayne>: Hey, wasn't sure you'd get the number

Blake decided he would just go with this confidence he was feeling.

<Blake>: I did. Did you like the view?

While he waited for her reply, he pressed his cock against his counter-top and set one of the unopened drinks next to it for scale and took a picture of it. Blake was impressed by how well he matched up against the can of booze.

<Jayne>: I did

<Blake>: Then here's a little more for you...

<Blake>: Sending My-Cock-Now.jpg

It barely took her any time to respond.

<Jayne>: You live really close, don't you?

<Blake>: Around the block, yeah

He gave her his address.

<Jayne>: I have a break in 15 minutes, can I put my mouth on that?

<Blake>: On one condition...

He was starting to surprise himself with his confidence now.

<Jayne>: And that is?

<Blake>: I get to record it

<Jayne>: Deal, 15 minutes

Blake jumped in the shower to wash last night’s party off his cock, and finished with a few minutes to spare. Normally he would have been nervous about an encounter like this, but he wasn’t. He grabbed his phone, still a little low on power, but not as bad as it had been.

When she pressed his intercom, he just buzzed her up. He held the phone at door level and waited for her to enter. And as she did, Blake went to work.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” Blake asked, fully knowing the answer.

“I’m Jayne.” Jayne played along, getting turned on by the fact that this encounter was like a porno.

“What brings you here Jayne?” Blake was getting more turned on by the moment, he was going to enjoy sharing this video.

“After I saw your cock through your jeans at the gas station, I knew I needed to suck that cock” she looked down at Blake’s towel that was around his waist, barely concealing the cock that was trying to burst its way out.

“Let me see your tits” Blake instructed, tugging at his towel, teasing her.

She wasted no time getting out of her work shirt, complete with name tag, it fell to the floor, exposing her bra and how much that shirt was hiding. With a single motion she was out of her bra and it joined her shirt.

Her breasts were beautiful, large and perky. Blake kept his camera firmly placed on Jayne’s blushing face and perfect tits. He held out his hand and gave her right breast a squeeze and then he started moving the camera down. Jayne got the hint and went to her knees so she was still in the frame as the picture was now showing his towel covered cock.

Once he tossed the towel away, Jayne licked her lips and grabbed hold of his cock firmly, giving it a few strokes.

“Is it harder than you expected?” Blake asked.

She didn’t speak, she just smiled wider and looked up at the camera, nodding.

Then she went to work.

She went directly to his cock-head and licked up a large drop of pre-cum. Blake watched it glisten on the tip of her tongue as she held it out for the camera to see before she took it into her mouth and looked pleased at the flavor. Then she licked his cock up and down, getting it wet and slick. Starting at the base of his cock, she licked all the way up, purposefully lubricating his cock.

She moaned as she worked, and Blake worked to keep his camera steady. For a moment he contemplated whether he should get a tripod for his camera. Then Jayne took his cock down her throat in a full swallow, her lips touched his balls and she stuck her tongue out underneath to stimulate them.

Blake nearly fell over in pleasure as she began to fuck his cock with her throat, she moaned loudly on his cock. Her hand went down into her pants. It was obvious she was getting off as she pleasured his throbbing cock.

“You like that, don’t you?” she asked as she took a breath between mouth-fulls.

“You know I do.”

Jayne took his cock all the way down, lips pressing against the base of his cock and she looked up at the camera and gave it a wink. This caused Blake to shiver with pleasure, she was a master at this.

She continued to work his cock, eyes right up at the camera when she wasn’t gazing at his rock hard meat. He couldn’t be sure, but he suspected he was bigger than he was earlier, but that wasn’t possible, was it?

He pulled his cock out and used his free hand to slap it against her face, he liked the feel of his cock in his hand, it felt strong and perfect.

“You want this load, don’t you?” he asked her.

She couldn’t speak, her eyes were glued to his cock, the slaps of the cock against her face seemed to turn her on even more and she was lost in the pleasure of it. She just nodded with her eyes crossed as he put his cock between her eyes.

For a moment, Blake contemplated shooting the load in her eyes, but he decided to be merciful, even if it seemed like what she wanted. She was on a break, after all.

“I’m going to shoot this load in your mouth,” he explained, “but I want you to show the load before you swallow, understand?”

She nodded feverishly.

He stuck the head of his cock into her mouth and prepared to dispense his cum into her waiting receptacle.

As he stroked quickly, memories of last night came flooding back. Thoughts of having his cock in several mouths, one of whom was his best friend. Getting pounding and doing the pounding. The girls in the window. He threw his head back and struggled to keep the camera on Jayne as she was about to receive her reward.

He came. Hard.

Then he came again.

His cock kept spurting cum into Jayne’s mouth. Once he was done, Jayne looked like she was struggling to keep it all in her mouth, with some leaking down her chin.

Jayne was moaning and holding the cum in as Blake withdrew his cock-head, and a stream of cum followed him. She held open her mouth to show what looked like several cocks worth of cum, it looked like she’d been in a bukkake. Her eyes looked up at the camera with a look that said, “May I swallow?”

“Swallow” Blake said, in answer to her unasked question.

She swallowed hard and held open her mouth to show that she had swallowed it all down, then she licked Blake’s cock clean and cleaned off her chin and ate that as well. Once she was done cleaning herself off, she stood up and grabbed Blake and placed a deep passionate kiss onto his lips.

Jayne licked her lips and started putting her clothes back on. “Bathroom?”

He pointed down the hall and she stumbled to the door. Blake plugged his phone back in and sent a text to Emily.

<Blake>: You will never guess what just happened. I'll send you a video in a bit

Blake set his phone to upload the video he had just taken and looked at the pile of equipment he had on his kitchen table, draining the last of his drink and pulling another out of the fridge.

He was sure he wanted to put this thing together today, even after the massive load he just shot into Jayne’s mouth, he still was excited and horny. The blowjob took the edge off, to be sure, but he had a job to do.

Jayne emerged from the bathroom more composed but obviously wearing the post-play glow.

“May I?” she motioned to his drink and Blake handed it to her. She took a drink and set it down, grabbed Blake’s ass and placed a deep kiss on him.

“Don’t lose my number” she grabbed and squeezed his slowly softening cock and walked out of the apartment.

Once she was out of the apartment, a chime echoed from his phone and he saw that his upload had completed and he had received a text message from Emily.

<Emily>: I'm waaaaaiting....

Blake sent the link to the video he had just uploaded. He then went over to the kitchen table and started disassembling components. After a couple of minutes of work, his phone alerted him to a message, and then another.

The first was Jayne sending him her work schedule and asking if she could have a copy of the video he had made. He sent her a link to it.

The second was Emily.

<Emily>: Holy fuck, I take it this isn't normal?

<Blake>: Not at all, it's been months since I've gotten any.

<Emily>: LOL I should have known you'd be one of the people who got one of the side effects

<Blake>: Side Effects?

<Emily>: It would be easier to explain on the phone, one sec

His phone rang.

“Ok, so there are two distinct side effects that most people never get” she said.

“I’m listening.” he was quite interested now.

“The first is a complete shift into a submissive sissy mentality. That’s about 5% of guys that we tested. The other is a complete shift into a dominant alpha male mentality, and that’s even more rare at less than 1%.” Emily explained.

“Is it permanent?”

“The effects last for about a week, but repeated exposure can make it permanent. The girls and I contemplated what might be the cause, we suspect that the interaction with the Goon Machine frequencies causes a pheromone and hormonal change in some people. But more testing is required.”

“I was wondering that same thing, I swear my cock is bigger and that video I sent you. I didn’t even need to try, it just happened.” Blake said.

“Yep,” Emily giggled, “So, I bet you’re already working on the plans I sent you?”

“Oh of course not, why would I want to constantly dose myself with tons of pleasure and make myself a sex god?” Blake teased.

“You’re going to make me regret sending you those plans! We might have a use for you in the future, I’ll have to talk with the girls, but there’s more going on here than you know.”

“Really? What sort of other things?” he asked.

“Nothing you need to worry your big hard cock over, if the girls agree, we might reveal a bit more to you” she said.

“Evil Sexual World Domination?”

“Maaaaaybe, you’re not getting anything else out of me for now, I gotta go, sleep time” she laughed and hung up.

When Blake pulled the phone away from his ear, he saw that Jayne had responded:

<Jayne> I'll have to check that when I get home, talk to you later baby.

He grinned at the phone, started his music player and got down to some work on his own personal Goon Machine.

The work was rather easy, within an hour he had the basics done and was able to power it by touching two of the wires together. The machine buzzed, just as Blake was expecting. His cock immediately rose to attention and he turned it quickly back off. Distraction was not going to pull him away from completing his task.

Another two hours and the finalized details were coming together. His only complaint was that the switch he was able to scavenge out of an old alarm clock didn’t look all that cool. Also it felt like it needed a decal of some kind, the water bottle logo seemed to take away from how awesome the device was.

Blake decided that he needed to remedy both of these problems, so he went onto Fiverr and found a graphic designer that he had used for a previous project. Gave him the specs of what he wanted for the logo and sent the request off. Then he made a note to hit the electronics shop for a better switch.

Resisting the urge to turn the machine on and just lose himself in it, it was probably time to get some sleep. He wasn’t specifically tired but he knew that if he was going to test the machine out, being rested would be good.

He fell into bed and fell asleep almost the moment his head hit the pillow.

Blake awoke well-rested late in the afternoon, grasping for his phone, he realized he had left it in the kitchen. After stumbling to the kitchen and starting his coffee maker, he grabbed his phone to see he had a few text messages.

<Keith>: hey bud, just making sure I got your number right. text me back

<Blake>: you got it right, this is blake

When he switched to John’s tab, momentarily he was curious whether their relationship would be weird now.

<John>: crazy night bro

<Blake>: you can say that again, notice any strange side effects since last night?

<John>: side effects? no, not really

<Blake>: just curious

<John>: like what?

<Blake>: nothing in particular

He was lying his ass off, but he wanted to find out from Emily whether she had noticed anything. Blake pulled some takeout out of the fridge and threw it in the microwave while he waited for his coffee.

<Emily>: sleeping?

<Blake>: just got up

<Emily>: you finish your project?

<Blake>: yeah, so no super macho symptoms from john?

<Emily>: uhhh... no, not exactly

<Blake>: you don't sound sure about that?

<Emily>: too early to tell

<Blake>: so, i'm totally tempted to throw a goon party at my place, but i'm not sure to how to explain how I have a machine of my own.

<Emily>: you have hardwood floors and thick walls in your apartment, don't you?

<Blake>: yup

<Emily>: you have the perfect place, you know how hard cum is to get out of a carpet?

<Emily>: can you imagine the chaos one of those machines would cause let loose in a TV station, investment bank or...  church? lol

<Blake>: OMG that's EVIL, i kinda love it

<Emily>: you hang out in the goon machine chatroom, just say someone randomly shared it with you and told you not to give it to anyone else

<Blake>: that could work

<Emily>: invite john if you do, i want to see what repeated exposure does to him *evil grin*

<Blake>: well, i have to get a switch for my goon machine set up, and i dunno, is an internal lock to keep everyone in required?

<Emily>: not really, not one person tried to leave in any of the parties we threw last night

<Blake>: nice, so are they going to be happening more frequently now?

<Emily>: only friday nights for the official party, we're going to wait on officially releasing the instructions until we get enough cash from the parties to work on some other projects

<Blake>: i'd like to reiterate my interest in your "other projects" ;)

<Emily>: give it time, so are you actually throwing the party tonight or what? i'm leaving john home alone tonight to hang out with a friend of mine, john was planning on sitting around the house, last he told me ;)

<Blake>: not sure, i'll decide once i've had a bit more coffee

He and Emily probably spoke more in the last 24 hours than they had in the last year. John and Blake always usually hung out at Blake’s place, so there wasn’t a lot of conversation between the two of them.

Blake poured himself some coffee and contemplated throwing a Goon Machine party this evening. It would be the perfect night to do it, since Saturday night is the usual party night.

Putting on some clothes, he headed down to the electronics store a block over. It looked like it was starting to get dark outside, only an hour or left of daylight. The walk was uneventful and the store pretty much empty, Blake knew where he was going and made his way to the switches. He found one that glowed with a bright red light.

He got to the checkout hoping for another big busty MILF, but instead it was a young guy. Had to be 18 or 19 by Blake’s guess and without thinking about it, he eyed him up, seeing whether or not he could judge his cock-size. Blake had pause, this was not his usual thought process, he did not normally eye up guy’s cocks. It was almost as if the Goon Machine had made him more open to his own bisexuality, even when not under its pulsating sway. The guy had pronounced feminine features, short, thin, with long hair, if Blake had only seen him in passing, it might have thought he was a girl.

The young guy seemed to be doing some cock gazing at him, Blake enjoyed the exhibitionism of it and the fact that it was becoming a more frequent occurrence. Adjusting himself slightly to produce the perfect cock-print against his jean fabric, he handed over his cash and collected his receipt and change. Walking out of the store without a second thought, enjoying the effortlessness of flirting and the doubling of prospective sexual partners that the Goon Machine seemed to be providing him.

Stopping at the gas station, he saw that Jayne wasn’t working, in her place was a much older woman. He grabbed a bottle of cheap Rum and Vodka, as well as a several more alcoholic energy drinks. When he pulled out his change from the Electronic store, he noticed that there was a phone number written in lipstick on the dollar. Curious on this, he grabbed some cash out of his wallet and saved the lipstick dollar in his pocket, booze in hand, he headed back home.

Once home and after placing the booze into the refrigerator, he quickly added his new switch to his Goon Machine and switched it on. That familliar hum filled his brain and his cock, it felt like his whole body was aroused in an instant. He grabbed a quick picture of the finished Goon Machine to send to Emily and switched it off.

He remembered the phone number on the dollar bill and decided to see what that was all about.

<Blake>: Hi there, I found your phone number on a dollar bill

<Unknown>: Really? Who might this be?

<Blake>: My name is Blake, got it as change at an electronics store

<Unknown>: Interesting... my name is Annabelle... have a picture?

Blake’s growing confidence and horniness got the best of him and he sent one of the pictures he had sent Jayne earlier of his cock in all its glory. It worked on her, maybe it would work again and a different girl.

While he waited for a response, he logged into the goon board, contemplating his idea of throwing a Goon Machine party of his own. He sent out a message giving his location, asking if anyone was interested in a small party in his area. There had only been a few local people posting before, but since the party last night, he assumed that there had to be a few who were interested.

His phone buzzed with messages.

<Annabelle>: Nice cock ;)~

<Blake>: Have a pic for me?

After a few moments Annabelle’s picture was downloading. Blake was surprised to see a dead sexy girl look at him through his phone screen. Annabelle was petite, topless and in Daisy Duke shorts with nothing else but some flawless makeup on. The grin on her face said “I know your cock is getting hard for me” and Blake’s certainly was.

It took a minute of examination on the picture for Blake to notice that the girl in the picture seemed to be the female twin of the guy who checked him out at the electronics store. The significance of this was somewhat lost to him at first, rapidly questions entered his mind:

“Was this his sister?”

“Why would someone have dollar bills with their sister’s phone numbers written on them as change?”

Then it finally dawned on him: they had to be one in the same.

<Blake>: Amazing pic, though I have to ask... Are you the guy who checked me out at the store?

<Annabelle>: Would it be bad if I was?

<Blake>: Yesterday it might have been, I've been evolving lately

Blake was surprised by his own clarity and honesty about the whole situation. He probably would have been uncomfortable a day ago about being turned on by a guy dressed like a girl but things had quickly changed in his mind.

<Annabelle>: Oh really? Do tell

<Blake>: Ever hear of a "Goon Machine Party"?

<Annabelle>: Read some rumors online. You've been to one?

<Blake>: Last night there was one in town, they can be mind-bending

<Annabelle>: Damn! Are they as good as the rumors? How can I get invited to one?

<Blake>: In my opinion they're better than the rumors. It's funny you should ask that...

<Blake>: I got the directions on building a small one this evening, I'm contemplating throwing a party tonight.

<Annabelle>: Seriously? How does one get on the waiting list?

<Blake>: I guess it depends if there's a cock in those Daisy Dukes or not...

A message from Emily in response to his finished Goon Machine popped up.

<Emily>: But does it work when you turn it on?

<Blake>: Oh yeah, just as powerfully as the party

<Emily>: Awesome! If you throw a party, invite John, I'm getting ready to go out with some friends

<Blake>: I will, I'm leaning towards yes.

He swapped back to Annabelle’s message.

<Annabelle>: What do you think?

<Blake>: Had I not seen you at the shop, I would never had guessed you might have one. The only reason I ask is because the machine only works on guys.

<Annabelle>: I'm pretty sure it will work on me ;)

<Blake>: As long as you wear those Daisy Dukes, you're invited. I'll give you the info once I finalize if it's going to be more than just you and me. 

<Annabelle>: You've got a deal, if you can't find anyone else, 1 on 1 could be interesting too...

<Blake>: I'm thinking about making the admission be Alcohol, Lube or Sex Toys.

<Annabelle>: Then I'm all set, mind if I stop by before the party starts to get gussied up? I get out of work in a little while... 

<Blake>: Sure, I'll text you the details

He sent his address to Annabelle and switched back to his computer.

The post on the goon board got several responses from guys in the area, realizing that a test run was going to be a good idea, Blake decided on eight as a decent trial run, inviting John, Keith, Annabelle and then four guys who responded with pictures on the board. None of them had been to the party the previous evening, but they had heard about it from some of the ones who had.

He sent a message out to those people, letting them know that there would be a party this evening at 10pm.

A message popped up on his screen from anonygoon whom Blake knew was Emily.

<anonygoon>: Link: "Four Hour Party Mix (Newbies) (Batteries)"

<whowhatwhere>: Sweet!

<anonygoon>: Have fun ;) Start the machine when the video tells you to.

The Party Mix was a video designed to be played during a four-hour Goon Machine party. Since the machine that Blake made used batteries, four hours was the longest a party could be, there was a cut-off circuit to stop the machine at the four hour point if batteries were being used. He noted to himself that he was going to need to wire up a power adapter, assuming that the limitation was due to the batteries running out of power around that point.

He assumed the Newbie in the title meant that it was designed for guys who had never used the machine before. Emily didn’t say how she knew that he was inviting a bunch of guys who had never been to a party, but it might have just been a lucky guess. Guys who had attended one of the parties must be a very small percentage.

With the video downloaded to his media player and queued up to play to both on his televisions at the same time, he grabbed himself a drink and relaxed on the couch.

The thoughts of the party he was about throw gave him a throbbing erection, it was getting almost unconfortable in his jeans. He unzipped his fly and gave his cock some air, it was fully engorged and his thick veins were very pronounced. More pronounced than usual, he was almost sure of it.

He gave his cock a firm stroke, enjoying the feeling and noting that his cock felt almost bigger than it had this morning. It struck him as odd that he didn’t feel the least bit sore, he had stroked for several hours at a time. Normally he would be sore and uninterested in playing with himself for a day or so afterwards, but that wasn’t the case. It was as if he hadn’t gotten off in days, when he touched his cock it was as if he hadn’t touched himself in days, not hours.

For several minutes he felt every inch of his cock. Eyes closed, stroking himself slowly and intensly, reveling in the sensations that he was giving himself. So excited, he was almost positive he must have left the Goon Machine on, but opening his eyes and glancing on the countertop, he realized that it was still off. There was no red light to be seen.

It was then that there was a knock at his door.

“Who is it?” he asked, struggling to pull his cock back into his jeans.

“Annabelle,” a feminine voice responded. Blake looked through the peep hole to see the guy who checked him out at the electronics store, with a large duffel bag over his shoulder. He unlatched the lock and opened the door.

“Hello again,” he said, trying to compose himself after hastily pulling his cock back into his pants. If Annabelle noticed this, he wasn’t showing it.

“Hiya. So where can I get ready?” he asked, seeming to be slightly nervous.

“Bathroom is right over there” Blake said, pointing to the bathroom door. Without another word, Annabelle went into the bathroom and closed the door. The shower came on a few moments later.

Blake decided to busy himself, he dimmed the lighting with his remote and then switched all of the lights to red. The view reminded him of the party the night before and his cock struggled against denim yet again. His apartment was several levels above the ground floor, but he closed his blinds all the same. He set this as a preset on his remote and switched it back to the normal lighting.

It was an hour before the party was about to start, and he checked his messages on his phone, finding one from John.

<John>: Hey bud, no idea how you got a machine, but I'm in. See you at 10.

<Blake>: Sounds good.

Then he moved to the computer, he checked the goon board. There were several dozen responses after the four guys that he picked to come to this party. Most of the guys were trying to find out how he got the directions or begging to be invited, he ignored those messages. There were even a few who were offering cash for an invite, though none were giving a specific dollar amount. He responded to those, asking how much they would offer for being invited to the next party, assuming that most were just empty offers.

He was looking for responses from the guys who he invited to see if they confirmed they would be coming. All four confirmed that they would be attending and gave their cell phone numbers, Blake responded to each with the address they should come to, he would text them the apartment numbers once they arrived.

Once he was done responding, the bathroom door opened and Annabelle exited it. Any apprehension about being here was completely gone and confidence was in its place as she swayed over to Blake’s computer. True to her words, she was wearing those Daisy Dukes with a tight white blouse that had her nipples poking against the fabric like pencil erasers and her black and pink boots easily gave her 3 inches on her previous diminutive height and accentuated her legs. It was hard for Blake to believe that it was the same person at all, he was pretty sure his jaw was open as she approached.

“What do you think?” she asked, approaching him and twirling around to show the totality of her look.

“You look great, quite the transformation” he said, the shock beginning to fade. “Would you like a drink?”

Annabelle nodded and made her way to the kitchen, checking out the contents.

“Screwdriver?” she asked.

Blake made his way into the kitchen and produced the glass and began to make the drink, Annabelle leaned over the counter, watching him work. Once he finished the drink he presented it to her and started making one for himself.

“So,” Annabelle started, taking a sip of her drink, “how do one of these parties usually go? Is it going to be weird that I look like a girl when the other boys get here?”

“As far as how it goes,” taking a drink, “the machine turns on and you lose your mind, it’s that simple.” He paused thinking about the party last night, “I’ve never thrown one of my own, and my first was last night, so it’s going to be a learning experience for both of us. I invited you, two friends, one who I’ve known for a long time, another I met at the party and four guys I found on the message board.”

“Message board?” Annabelle asked, absentmindedly playing with one of her pigtails.

“There are message boards out there for people who are interested in learning about or experiencing the Goon Machine, that’s how I got the invitation last night.” Blake chuckled at that, since he learned that his invitation last night was no accident at all.

Annabelle noted Blake’s chuckle at his invitation, but decided against exploring that topic just yet. “Why those four guys you invited?”

“They were the first to respond who read my message for people who would want to attend. They provided their location and a picture,” Blake laughed, “I got about 30 offers of cash for an invitation after I had accepted those four and closed the thread.”

“Wow, how much did they offer?”

“No one gave a specific offer, though I did respond to them asking how much it was worth to them.” Blake walked back to his computer and Annabelle followed, sitting in the couch directly adjacent to the screen, crossing her legs as she sat.

“No responses yet, I guess they weren’t serious,” Blake shrugged and looked at the clock. Ten minutes til ten, guys would be arriving soon.

“Almost time” Blake said and reached for his lighting remote, pressing button 2. The apartment lights dimmed and switched red. The room now had an almost dreamlike quality.

“Mood lighting too, very impressive” Annabelle flirted.

“What can I say? I guess I have skills” Blake grinned back.

At that moment, there was a knock at his door.

“Must be John, he doesn’t need to wait for my text, he knows where I live” Blake made his way to the door and looked through the peep hole. He saw John and Keith at the door each holding two paper grocery bags. He opened the door for them and invited them in.

“Hey Blake I saw Keith outside and assumed he was coming to the same place, hope you don’t mind” said John as he walked the grocery bags into the kitchen.

“No, not at all, how you doing buddy? Your bags need to go into the kitchen?” Blake asked Keith as he greeted him.

“Good to see ya, this bag doesn’t require refrigeration” he handed the bag to Blake, inside was several large pump bottles of lube and what looked like a dozen anal plugs in plastic bags.

“I see, I guess these should go someplace easily accessed” and Blake made his way to the kitchen table, leading Keith to place all of the contents of the bag onto it.

“John, Keith, I’d like you to meet Annabelle, Annabelle meet John and Keith,” Blake introduced.

“Hello there, you here to watch the craziness unfold?” Keith asked Annabelle as he shook her hand and checked her out.

“I guess you could say that,” Annabelle grinned, not telling them that she was here to experience the Goon Machine as well. “I hope you don’t mind?”

Neither John or Keith minded that there was a sexy girl here. John was placing all the booze and mixers that he had brought into the refrigerator and Keith placed the two bottles of lube into the kitchen table.

“I don’t mind at all,” John said as he shook her hand as well, also giving her a look up and down, “How did you and Blake meet? He never said he had a girlfriend.”

“We just met today, I was curious about this party and Blake said I could come by,” Annabelle was surprised neither even questioned that she was here to watch the party.

“Well, you’re about to witness some crazy shit” Keith added with a grin, “if it gets too crazy, just say so, I’m sure Blake won’t mind if you have to leave”

“I’m sure I’ll be ok, but thank you for the offer.”

Blake finished sending the text messages to the four guys who were presumably waiting downstairs. “Ok, they have the apartment number, we’re about to start.”

“These guys are going to be very nervous, I’m guessing, they all said they were straight. Annabelle, you want to be the one to let them in? It might make them relax a little” Blake asked, the idea came to him suddenly as he remember the nervewracking few minutes before the machine turned on.

“I would love to,” Annabelle stood and made her way to the door.

One by one the door was knocked and Annabelle greeted each of the guys. Each introduced themselves but only one was talkative, the other three handed her their bottle of alcohol and walked in, nervously finding a corner. Robert was the one who went to each person and Introduced himself, he was attractive, mid 20s with a close cut haircut.

“Hi there I’m Robert, are you the one who’s throwing the party?” Robert asked Blake, as he made his way to him.

“I am” Blake took his hand and shook it, “Nice to meet you, I’m Blake.”

Robert leaned in close to Blake and whispered, gesturing over to Annabelle, “Aren’t these parties a guys only affair?”

“Don’t worry about her, she belongs here,” Blake gave Robert a wink and announced to the room.

“We’re going to get started in a few minutes. Drinks are in the kitchen, we don’t have a bartender, so go ahead and serve yourself. There are two bathrooms,” and he pointed them out. “This party will last for 4 hours, no one is allowed to leave until we are finished, there will be a video on the TV screen in the living room and the bedroom.” He looked at John and Keith, trying to decide if there was anything he was forgetting. “I think that’s all, let’s get started” Blake grinned as he glanced over at the four guys who were about to experience the Goon Machine for the first time, they looked incredibly nervous. He had to imagine that was how they all had looked the first time.

Blake picked up his remote and pressed play on the video. The screen was pitch black, but there seemed to be words too fast being flashed over and over again.