Goon Machine

Chapter 3 - Party at Blake's

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“Welcome to the Goon Machine experience” the robot voice echoed through his apartment.

“Lights out, now” the voice continued. The words displayed on the screen as well, along with a 10 second time counting down. Blake glanced at Annabelle with a grin and hit the button on his remote to turn off all the lights in his apartment.

It was now pitch black, opaque blinds covered the windows, it was impossible to see anything but the TV screen.

“You should now be in pitch darkness, turn on the Goon Machine in 10 seconds,” the voice demanded, another 10 second timer counted down. Blake reached over to his water bottle that housed the Goon Machine and readied the On switch.

The voice announced every other second as it elapsed on the timer.

Once Blake flipped the switch, the machine buzzed to life, filling his apartment with that familiar buzz. He sat the machine down and readied himself for what was going to come next.

His cock immediately stirred exactly as he would have expected, he put the lights remote into his pocket and sat next to where he remembered Annabelle sitting before the lights were turned off.

“Is this seat taken?” he whispered into her ear.

“Oooooh god, not at all,” Annabelle sighed quietly. Blake was certain he heard a zipper being opened, but he couldn’t determine where it was coming from.

A large breasted woman in glasses and a tight blouse unbuttoned to expose her cleavage appeared on the television screen. It looked like a local news report, instead of saying something like “Eyewitness News” it said, “WGŪN - Goon Machine News”. The video was disorienting but Blake couldn’t put his finger on why.

“Your brain is now being flooded with an Electromagnetic Field. It’s perfectly safe, but it does have some interesting side effects.” The news-reporter began, a line art of Electromagnetic Fields showed over the reporter’s right shoulder, just like it would in an actual news report.

“Firstly, you should be experiencing an urge to take your clothes off, this is normal. Alcohol will intensify this effect, so have a drink, boys.” Bottles of booze showed over her shoulder with the caption “DRINK”.

“Secondly, you are unable to orgasm. For the next four hours you will not be able to get off, the EM field completely prevents it.” Over her shoulder the image of a cock shooting cum, with a red circle and line through it. The reporter shuffled with her light blue pages.

“Stay tuned, we’ll be back with more breaking goon news after some words from our sponsors.”

The screen faded out. Instead of commercials, porn began playing.

This first video was a Lesbian scene between two girls that Blake didn’t recognize. The words TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS appeared transparently over the action in the scene, it was impossible to miss. The words “Take off your pants” also seemed to echo as if from a distance over the sound coming from his television. Blake didn’t need to be told twice, he quietly slipped his pants off. Next to him, he could hear Annabelle also doing as she was instructed.

He felt a feminine hand groping for his cock and upon finding it, gripped it firmly. She began to stroke his cock perfectly. Blake heard several pairs of pants hit the floor as the guys followed the instructions on the screen, still in complete darkness.

There were moans as the guys apparently tested whether this Goon Machine was for real.

“Feel your mind going away?” Blake whispered into Annabelle’s ear.

“Holy… fuck… yes” she managed to moan as Blake found her sissy cock at full attention, throbbing from the Goon Machine’s field. He gave it a light squeeze.

“Oh my god” she quietly said, unable to believe how she was feeling.

The porn faded out and the “Goon-caster” came back on the screen.

“Everyone should now have their pants off. In a little while we’re going to turn the lights back on, and if anyone there doesn’t have their pants off, you might need to help them get into the spirit,” she said the words with a devilish grin. There was a text overlay on the screen that counted down from 10 seconds. A robotic voice followed along.

Once the timer hit 0, Blake hit the button on the remote to turn the dim red lights back on. The TV screen turned black and a 10 minutes counter was displayed on screen. Evidently this was to give time to get any stragglers in line.

Blake looked over at the 4 guys who had just had their first taste of Goon Machine and three of them were in their underwear, one was still in his pants. It was also interesting that Robert was wearing a pair of red crotch-less briefs, his cock fully exposed. It looked like his briefs were designed for this. John and Keith were fully bottomless stroking each other’s cocks, practically a mirror image of Blake and Annabelle. Several of the guys were stunned and eyeing Annabelle’s cock.

Everyone’s attention focused on the guy with his pants still on, as he looked around nervously. It was the guy who identified himself as Walter when he arrived. His dress pants tented obviously from the Goon Machine, but he was apparently trying to resist taking his pants off.

Robert put the palm of his hand against Walter’s crotch and massaged his throbbing member. He moaned in spite of himself, obviously trying to resist the siren call of the Goon Machine.

“Last chance to take them off willingly,” Robert said in a determined tone, as he massaged Walter’s groin more intensely. With no sign of action from Walter’s hand only a whimpering of defeat, Robert unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. In one fluid movement, Robert got onto his knees and deep-throated the length of Walter’s cock without so much as a flinch.

Keith and John got off the couch and each took sides between Walter. They slowly and methodically stripped Walter naked, he was unable to resist as Robert expertly sucked his cock. By the time they were through, Walter was moaning loudly.

“Have a drink,” said the disembodied voice, the timer still had 5 minutes remaining.

Blake stood and took his shirt off, leaving himself as naked as Walter, and made his way into the kitchen. He set 8 cups on the counter and mixed two screwdrivers. Annabelle had apparently been able to focus after the stroking of her cock stopped and met Blake in the kitchen.

“Holy shit,” she grabbed the drink that Blake offered and chugged some down, fanning her blouse. Blake was enjoying the view, she was bottomless with boots and only her blouse was left to cover herself up.

“If you’re getting too warm, you might as well take the blouse off too” Blake said with a grin.

“You think I should?” she moved next to Blake and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it over one of the kitchen chairs. “Is that better?” she asked with a grin.

“Much better,” Blake took a chug of his drink and watched the action in the living room. Both of the guys with their boxers still on were sitting on one of the couches now, seeming like they were trying desperately not to touch their cocks. John and Keith were touching Walter’s body as Robert continued to work his meat expertly.

“Look at those two, I think they need a drink and to get naked,” Blake said.

“I bet you $20 I can get them naked, make two more screwdrivers, heavy on the vodka,” she said, as she gave her cock a few pulls.

“I’m sure you can, no bet, but you should anyway” he smiled as he poured the liquor into the glasses and mixed up the drinks, presenting them to Annabelle. She walked out to them and sat between them, offering each a drink. Blake walked out towards Robert.

“I love those briefs, Robert, where did you get them?” Blake asked Robert as he worked on Walter’s cock. This prompted Robert to stop and John to take over his cock-sucking duties.

“I got them online, I have a couple of new pairs here if you want one, I brought them along as sex toys since the front is an integrated cock ring,” he found his bag and threw Blake an orange pair. He inspected them and noticed that the rear had a cock-sized hole around the asshole.

“For easy access?” Blake asked as he put his finger through the rear hole and waved it at Robert.

“Pretty nice, eh?” Robert responded as he made his way to the kitchen for a drink.

Blake pulled the briefs on and once his cock and balls were through the hole, he realized why Robert liked them. He followed Robert back into the kitchen.

“Fuck these feel good, can I buy these from you?” Blake asked.

“They’re yours, thanks for the invite,” he grinned as he mixed a Rum and Coke.

“They really make you want to sword fight, don’t they?” Blake asked as he waved his cock around.

“Fuck yeah,” said Robert as he waved his cock around in the same way that Blake was. They inched closer and eventually their cocks began to strike each other, both moaned in pleasure.

The television came back to life as the ten-minute timer ran down. Blake made his way to the living room with Robert following closely behind.

“Turn off lights in ten-seconds,” the voice compelled, Blake reached for his remote and readied the switch off.

Once the timer hit zero, he hit the lights.

Porn began to flood onto the screen again. This time it was blowjobs. The timer on the bottom of the screen said 30 minutes. The only light in the room came from the porn on screen. Throbbing bass music played along with the videos.

Blake carried his drink to where the kitchen table was to get a handful of lube and made his cock slick with it. In the dull glow of the television he was able to make out a clear place to sit on the couch, it looked as though everyone had claimed a spot on a part of Blake’s large couches, but he couldn’t make out who was where. He staked out a place against the arm of the couch and sat down, beginning to stroke his cock as he watched the parade of cumming cocks on the screen.

Lost in his stroke, he forgot that the machine was going to prevent him from cumming and he brought himself to the edge and moaned loudly, the porn on the screen was making it difficult to determine which moans were people in the room and which weren’t. All he could think about was how good his cock felt in these briefs with the Goon Machine on.

“Hey buddy, we should continue our sword fight,” he heard Robert’s words as he was suddenly in front of him. Robert grabbed his cock and pressed his cock-head against Blake’s, cause them both to moan in pleasure. He then kneeled over him and pressed the full length of his cock against Blake’s. Blake could feel the throbbing lubed meat against his own and he edged hard.

“Nnggghh oooh fuck” Blake moaned.

“Feels so good, doesn’t it?” Robert asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Blake managed to speak as he ground his cock against Robert’s meeting his speed.

The two continued to grind, taking turns holding their cocks as their slick meat throbbed together. The feeling of the pulsing veins pressed together caused them both to edge repeatedly.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” groaned Robert as he pumped his fist against their members. “You liking those briefs?”

Blake was enjoying the briefs as much as he was enjoying the frottage. “So good… so good…” he trailed off as he closed his eyes and edged even harder.

They continued to grind their hard-ons together for quite some time, until Robert abruptly stopped and Blake heard a feminine voice.

“May I cut in?” Annabelle asked, loud enough for him hear over the porn and groans that were audible throughout the room. Blake assumed that she was asking Robert.

Robert snickered and paused a moment, letting himself get composed before responding. “I would never presume to deny a lady!” In the dim light from the television, Blake saw Robert give Annabelle an exaggerated chivalrous bow.

“Why thank you!” Annabelle responded and Blake thought he saw a big grin on her face, but he couldn’t be sure due to dark it was. Once Robert disappeared from Blake’s view, Annabelle came more into focus. Her cock and balls were fully exposed and obviously as hard as his own.

Annabelle straddled his legs and gingerly hovered her fingers along every inch of Blake’s engorged erection. She then pressed her thumb against the bottom of Blake’s cock shaft. With that thumb she slowly milked his cock upwards until a large pool of pre-cum had made its way to the top of Blake’s cock-head. Expertly she ran her finger along the head and caught all of it and quickly brought it to her lips, licking it up with her tongue.

Blake groaned in pleasure as she then moved her body closer to him, until their cocks were next to each other, but not yet touching. Annabelle then leaned forward let their cocks touch and planted a deep kiss on Blake’s mouth.

The combination of the taste of his pre-cum on her tongue and their cock flesh being pressed together was intoxicating. Both moaned but were stifled by their own locked lips. Blake’s hands ran up and down Annabelle’s mostly naked body, running up her calves, thighs and hips and finally made his way to her breasts.

Her nipples were erect, like pencil erasers and Blake played with them for a while, enjoying the moans that were being emitted by Annabelle when he did so. He cupped her breasts in his hands and was impressed by the size, especially having not noticed any breasts at all when he saw her working at the store.

They continued kissing and rubbing their bodies together for quite some time, unknown to Blake, the on-screen timer was approaching zero.

“Lights in five-seconds” the robotic voice demanded, and text on the screen reinforced, again with a countdown timer.

Once the timer hit zero, Blake hit the button for his preset red lighting and the room filled with a dull glow.

Blake and Annabelle looked at the party that had been invisible to them up until now. The two guys that Annabelle had decided to encourage were both naked and lying backwards towards each other in a King of Clubs position, both slick cocks upright against the other.

Keith was lying back on the couch with John on his knees between his legs. John was looking over his shoulder to see what everyone else was doing since the party was visible again, but Blake assumed that he had been practicing his cock-sucking skills on Keith’s cock again. Blake also made note of the plug that was already firmly planted in John’s asshole.

Robert was straddling Walter, much like Annabelle was straddling Blake, their cocks were being held together by Walter who seems to have stopped resisting the machine already.

“We are approaching hour two” the newscaster on the video now had her blouse fully open and her black bra exposed.

“It is time for a 15 minute rest, hit the bathroom, grab a drink, a bottle of lube, you don’t want to get chafed do you? Remember, if you need to use the bathroom, do squats to make your erection abate! See you in 15 minutes.” She finished and the view of the newsroom and reporter faded and was replaced with another countdown clock.

Almost everyone got up from what they were doing, Blake excused himself and headed to the bathroom and Robert followed.

In the bathroom, both of them started doing squats to get their cocks to come down slightly, they both managed to get their cocks to behave after about 30 seconds and approached the toilet. Next to each other they both started pissing into the bowl.

“Just like one of those stadium urinals, huh?” Robert asked.

“I don’t think I’d be dressed like this at a ballgame,” Blake snickered, noticing the crotch-less briefs they both had pulled down to piss since the integrated cock ring was going to make it difficult for the squats to their work.

“It depends on what kind of ‘ballgame’ it is, I suppose,” Robert added and they both laughed at that.

“So, you said you were straight in your ad, I suspect that might not be accurate?” Blake asked, making conversation as they stood in front of the toilet.

Robert laughed at that, “What was your first clue on that one?”

Blake returned the laughter, “I think how eagerly you were working Walter’s cock. I mean, I was at the party last night, and the Goon Machine can make you open to almost anything, but it does take a little time!”

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put gay down or not, I figured from what I heard about the parties, your declared orientation wasn’t going to matter that much after a little while anyways” Robert finished as he shook is cock and pulled the briefs back up and over his cock.

“Very true” Blake shook his own cock and pulled up his own briefs and pulled his cock through the crotch-less opening.

While they were still standing at the toilet and had both situated themselves, Robert slapped Blake on the ass and with a huge grin gave Blake an emphatic “Good game!”

“I don’t know if it makes sense to wash my hands if I’m just going to keep touching cock…” Robert mused for a moment and decided to just head back to the living room.

Blake followed and saw John mixing drinks in the kitchen as he chatted with Annabelle and several chatting on the couch. Deciding to be a good host, he made his way to the conversation that was going on at the couch.

“This machine is insane,” said one of the two guys that Annabelle had coaxed naked earlier.

“It’s absolutely crazy,” the other agreed.

“Hey guys, I’m Blake, hope you’re enjoying the party.”

“I’m Bill,” he said as he held out his hand to shake Blake’s. He looked to be in his early thirties, fit with a large uncircumcised cock.

“Steven,” introduced the other as he offered his hand to shake. This guy was probably mid-twenties by Blake’s guess, almost identically sized to Bill, but circumcised.

“Is it going to get any crazier?” Bill asked Blake.

“I haven’t seen this video, but I wouldn’t bet against it” Blake replied, looking like he might have made them both a little uncomfortable at what might happen next.

Walter was standing with Robert and Keith by the television, they were doing introductions as well. Blake snuck up behind Robert and Keith and gave them both an ass squeeze. “Good game” he said quietly to both.

“Hey Blake, so you know Walter, Walter meet Blake the organizer of this little shindig,” Robert introduced.

“N-nice to meet you” Walter said as they shook hands.

“It’s going to be fine buddy, you’re enjoying yourself aren’t you?” Robert added.

Walter just nodded, blushing. “I just always thought I was 100% straight, now I’ve had my cock in a guy’s mouth, it’s weird.”

“Not to worry, I’m sure you won’t be thinking about that by the end of the night” Blake and Keith snickered, both in on the joke, being in attendance of the party the previous night.

“Was the plug your idea or his?” Blake asked Keith, referring to John’s ass.

“His, I didn’t even realize he had it on until he stood up!” Keith continued, “And, holy shit, where the hell did you find Annabelle?”

“It’s a long story,” Blake grinned as Keith gave him a thumb up.

He then made his way into the kitchen to find Annabelle and John there. John was completing the drink and handing it to Annabelle.

“Thank you very much,” she told John as she took a sip from it, adding “very strong.” Annabelle grinned as Blake entered the kitchen, giving him a wave. Annabelle patted John’s ass, but in reality she was patting the plug that was sticking out of his ass.

“Oh… god” John trembled and moaned, he had been flaccid, focusing on making the drink, but before their eyes, his cock rose and grew to its normal erect size, sticking out vertically from his body.

“Everyone enjoying the party?” Blake asked to the two of them.

“I am so glad you invited me!” Annabelle said grinning widely, eyes locked on Blake. From Blake’s perspective Annabelle placed her hand on John’s ass, but in reality, she looped her finger around the plug’s hook and gave it a tug. John shuddered again.

“John, I think you should make Blake a drink, don’t you?” She asked, cradling a drink in her left hand while she tugged on John’s plug with the right.

John couldn’t speak. He braced himself on the counter, attempting to focus. Blake went around the counter and met Annabelle on that side, finally seeing why John was acting so strangely.

“Sure, I’ll have what she’s having.”

With a task, John was able to focus on the work, but without warning, Blake saw Annabelle pull on the plug and then push it back, this inevitably lead to another shudder.

Blake reached down and touched Annabelle’s cock, she was rock hard, no doubt from a combination of the Goon Machine and the control she was exerting over John. He teased her cock gently, noting that she was perfectly smooth, completely hairless. As he caressed her cock, her body responded, she arched her back and let out a moan.

Keith made his way into the kitchen and saw the activity that was going on, shaking his head and finger he laughed, “Rest period! Tsk tsk!”

Annabelle giggled as she held up her hands, “I wasn’t doing anything!”

Blake followed suit, “Me either.”

Now that John was able to actually focus, finished Blake’s drink and slid it across the counter to him.

“Wait a minute!” Annabelle held one finger up, “who made you party police?”

“I deputized myself,” Keith mimed two six-shooter guns and waved them about.

“My mother always says, if you ‘self-deputize’ you’ll go blind,” Blake responded after a moment.

From the living room, someone shouted. “Thirty-seconds!”

Everyone dropped what they were doing and headed into the living room, staking out spots on the couches. Blake and Annabelle sat next to each other, as did the rest of the group with their partners from before the break.

The clock ticked down to zero.

Fade in on the news report, the woman dressed as she was before the break.

“If you’ve followed directions, the first hour should be ending now. That means that something should happen right… now” there was a loud hum in the room that everyone who had been at the party the previous night recognized.

“You should have heard a loud humming noise, that was the Goon Machine going to level 2.” There was a large number two and a picture of a large cock over the woman’s right shoulder.

“The Goon Machine’s intensity is now double what it was before,” she added.

“I have a task for you all,” she continued and a picture of an anal plug appeared over her shoulder, “if you have enough anal plugs for everyone at your party you must all have one in your ass in the next ten minutes and keep them there until the next break.”

“If someone doesn’t follow these instructions, they might need some convincing,” she finished and the screen faded out to black and a counter for ten minutes appeared on the screen. Behind the countdown were flashing pictures of anal penetration, men and women, all shapes and sizes of cocks, dildos and anal plugs. Keith had already grabbed his bag of plugs and walked around the room, tossing them to everyone like you would hand out Halloween candy.

Robert used the easy access hole in the back of his briefs to place his plug after rubbing it down with a little lube. He moaned loudly and saw that Walter was looking at his own plug with hesitation.

Robert then decided to help Walter take the plunge by lubing up the plug he was holding, then he stroking his cock, telling him to get on all fours. Walter hesitated but quickly complied from the effects of the machine and within seconds the plug was buried deeply in his asshole.

“Oh my god, it feels so good!” Walter exclaimed as he sat back down on the couch ground his ass against the cushions. Robert looked around to see if anyone else needed persuasion.

Annabelle quickly lubed the plug and slid it into her own ass expertly. She moaned in approval at the feeling she was getting with the plug combined with the machine. Blake watched as she placed her plug and stroked his cock to the visual. Once she sat back down, he stood up to place his own.

He found it easier than the night before to place the plug, he wasn’t nervous at all, in fact he was actually looking forward to the feeling of his ass being filled up with the plug, he had actually considered doing it when he saw John’s was in. It slid in perfectly as Blake felt waves of pleasure emitting from his stuffed asshole.

Blake sat back down on the couch and relished the pressure. Annabelle gave him a kiss on the cheek and squeezed his cock lightly as she stood up. “Back in a bit, I need to grab something.” As she walked to the bathroom, Blake couldn’t help but watch her ass sway back and forth with the plug sticking out. He absentmindedly stroked his cock as she went.

While she was away, John and Blake moved closer to Blake on the couch.

“She is impossibly hot, dude” Keith said to Blake, “something about a girl with a cock that is doing it for me right now.”

“No argument here,” Blake responded and looked at John who was nodding. “Everything ok, John, you seem to be more quiet than usual.”

“I don’t know, I think the machine is having a stronger effect on me tonight, I can barely think a thought before I’m distracted,” John replied and looked behind the couch where Annabelle was returning another anal plug and her duffel bag, which she set next to the couch. This plug was wider and slightly longer than the one that Keith had given her. She made beeline to the bottle of lube and worked every inch of the plug methodically.

The guys on the couch were watching her work intently, especially John, who Blake was almost positive was drooling. She then proceeded to remove the plug that had been in her ass-pussy previously and place the one she had been lubing up in its place. Annabelle moaned approvingly at the feelings it was giving her. Once it was firmly positioned, she placed the old one into a bag inside her duffel and sat next to Blake.

Seeing the guys had been watching her work she grinned and said, “This is my normal plug,” adding matter-of-factly, “it’s my first time with the Goon Machine, not with an anal plug.”

Annabelle then leaned over Blake’s lap and took his throbbing cock into her mouth, sticking her ass into the air facing directly at John’s face. Blake’s eyes rolled back and he moaned loudly as Annabelle worked her mouth around Blake’s rock solid erection.

Every now and then Annabelle would take Blake’s cock out of her mouth, giving it several licks as if it his cock were a drippy popsicle. She would savor the flavor of cock on her tongue before moving down again.

John for his part was transfixed by Annabelle’s plug, he couldn’t look away, it had a jewel on the end, which made it as much a piece of jewelry as a sex toy. He drooled as he stroked his cock, edging himself over and over again in the process.

Taking a breath from the cock-sucking, Annabelle looked back to see John’s glazed look and drooling mouth as he stared as her ass.

“John appears to be fixated on my plug,” Annabelle whispered into Blake’s ear.

It took Blake a moment to collect himself after the attention his cock had been receiving in her expert mouth.

“Yeah, there’s a chance that the machine can turn you ultra-alpha or ultra-sissy, it seems like John is leaning in a direction already. It gets more pronounced with repeated exposure, he doesn’t know it’s a possibility yet” Blake whispered softly into her ear. There was something about the feeling of Blake’s breath against her skin that sent ripples of pleasure through her body. She quivered for a while before settling.

“Everything all right?” Blake asked.

“Very,” Annabelle responded with a grin.

At that moment, Keith returned and sat next to John reporting to Blake, “A plug in every ass, my good friend!”

“Very good, I would hate for us to be in violation!” Blake replied with a flourish.

The timer on the screen turned to zero yet again.

Then the porn started, but this was different from the last one. It had a 45-minute timer and there were four quadrants in the screen, each playing a different video. They were all Blow-bang videos with a single person being surrounded by several cocks.

There were scenes with men, women, transgender women and everything in between. There was a throbbing bass-line and the action was hard to ignore. Blake drained the last of his drink, expecting to forget he even had it after a while of the goon machine.

By the time the porn started, John was already on his knees in front of Keith, worshipping his cock like a professional.

“He’s becoming quite the cock-addict, isn’t he? We would drive him absolutely crazy if we went over there and fucked with him, wouldn’t he?” Blake was boggled at how quickly it became normal to see John on his knees worshiping cock.

“Hold on a second, I want to see if something works,” Annabelle got onto the floor and crawled next to John.

“I bet you want to be in the middle of the action, don’t you?” Annabelle leaned in and asked him, “I bet you want a bigger anal plug in that ass-pussy of yours, don’t you?” She was a little surprised at the words that were coming out of her mouth, she was normally more confident when she was able to let loose and be female, but this was way more forceful than she was typically.

John stopped sucking to nod and in the process, he edged without even touching himself at the filth that came out of Annabelle’s mouth.

“Then I have a present for you,” she said as she reached into her duffel and found a jeweled anal plug identical to the one she had in her own ass, but a different color. She lubed it up and then in one swift motion while John was focused on sucking Keith, she pulled out the plug John had been using and slipped the larger one into John’s waiting asshole, letting him feel every inch as is slid into position. John moaned and grunted for every inch as he enjoyed the overwhelming fullness.

Annabelle then grabbed something out of her duffel bag and sat on Blake’s lap and straddled him, pressing their cocks together. She produced several hair ties and proceeded to wrap them around their pressed together cocks. Each time she put one in place, they both groaned at the feeling of their cocks being banded together. She finally placed the 5th band and was happy with the tension pressing them against each other.

Blake’s hands reached around and grabbed Annabelle’s ass as he thrusted his hips against hers. They began kissing again, even more forcefully than before, their hands and tongues once again exploring each other, there was no longer a need to use their hands to keep their cocks pressed together, so they took advantage of the situation.

The two of them continued to ride the edges they were giving each other, moaning incoherently and grunting in pleasure that was emanating from their cocks. Their moans were almost drown out by the moaning and grunting in the room, the sound of sex was everywhere and the smell of cock was permeating the room.

Blake saw something different out of the corner of his eye and looked to see that John was now on his knees in front of a now standing Keith. Next to him was Robert and Walter, and John was stroking two of the three and sucking the other, alternating which was getting attention at any one time.

“Look at this,” Blake managed to hold back another edge to utter a few words. Annabelle slowed her grind pace down some to see what it was that Blake was looking at.

“Wow, John is becoming quite the little slut, isn’t he?” Annabelle asked.

“It’s happening faster than I would have expected, I should maybe send Emily a picture of this,” Blake grinned with an evil grin.

“Oh my god, is Emily his girlfriend? Does she know?” Annabelle whispered, even though it probably wasn’t needed over the volume of the room.

“Who do you think told me about the possible side-effects?” Blake grinned, looking down at their cocks, still welded to each other thanks to the hair ties.

“She’s a part of whatever group is making and publicizing the machine?” she asked.

“Yeah, but that’s a secret,” Blake mimed a whisper as he looked around for his phone, he was surprised that he admitted the secret to Annabelle so quickly without any sort of filter.

“Looking for this?” Annabelle leaned her body over Blake and pressed her little breasts into Blake’s face as she reached for something behind his head. She held up Blake’s phone, which had been sitting behind him, when it took it out of his pants on the last break.

“Yeah,” Blake held out his hand, but Annabelle instead unlocked the phone and started paging through it. Having nothing to hide, Blake let her do it.

Annabelle immediately loaded up the pictures, seeing if there was anything from the previous night on his phone. What she found made her smile.

“Oh my,” Blake could feel Annabelle’s cock throb the moment she said the words. She began flipping through the pictures, seeing all the antics that they had been up to the previous night.

“Next official party, we’re all going!” Annabelle said confidently as she stroked their cocks, flipping through the pictures.

Blake leaned up and grabbed her hips, pulling her close to him and planted kiss on her lips, while he grabbed the phone from her hands.

“No fair!” she said, feigning outrage.

“What do you think, should we join them?” Blake asked as he watched the Blow-bang that was occurring only feet from them.

Annabelle grinned widely and nodded, beginning to unlatch their cocks from each other. Once they were done, both of their cocks had ridged depressions where the hair ties had been. Blake decided to give his cock a bit of a rest and removed the briefs, allowing his cock some much needed circulation.

“Lead the way,” Blake said, and Annabelle wasted no time, grabbing Blake’s cock firmly and beckoned him to John’s waiting mouth. The circle opened and Blake took up a position to Keith’s right, and Annabelle took up a position to Robert’s left.

“Welcome to the Blow-bang, you two!” Keith welcomed the two of them to the circle. At this point, only 2 of the guys were not surrounding John, that was Bill and Steven, who were stroking each other’s cocks, watching the action that was taking place in front of them.

“Thank you,” Blake and Annabelle responded in unison. At the same time, John moved to suck Annabelle’s cock, he swallowed in one try, without a moment of hesitation, deep-throating her smaller cock seemingly without any problem at all. He held her cock in his mouth for a little while before coming up for a breath. Annabelle moaned wildly and bucked her hips as she edged hard to her cock getting oral attention. She was normally the sucker, not the one getting sucked, but she was enjoying the attention. She had to squeeze both Blake and Robert’s ass cheeks to ballast herself.

John hungrily sucked on her cock, using his hands to milk out a few drops of pre-cum and greedily licking it up. Once he had milked a healthy portion of pre-cum from her edging cock, he moved to Blake’s cock.

Annabelle basked in the edge she was riding as she watched Blake’s cock disappear down John’s throat, not as quick as hers had, but still with seemingly little effort.

Blake tried not to fall over from the edge that seeing John swallow his cock even better than the night before was causing him. His best friend was now a cock-sucking whore and he was totally fine with this. Annabelle teased Blake’s plug while John worked his cock into a frenzy, the intensity of feelings made him edge so hard he forgot he couldn’t cum and he groaned in pleasure.

John followed the same pattern and milked out as much pre-cum as he was able, licking it clean and then moved onto the next cock in the circuit.

Once Blake’s edge had settled, he became aware that he was still holding his phone.

“Hey everyone, get together for a group photo, everyone hold their cocks in John’s face” Blake said as he held his cock next to John’s face and held his camera up with the other hand trying to get all of their cocks in the picture.

“Say cheese,” Annabelle added.

The flash went off as all five cocks surrounded John’s face and he knelt between them with a drooling glazed over look on his face. He looked drunk on cock, drunk on cum and maybe just a little bit regular drunk too.

“Now slap him in the face!” Annabelle cheered as she slapped her cock against John’s face and the other guys joined in. Blake decided that this was a good picture as well, so he quickly set up the shot and took a short video of their mistreatment of his face. John for his part seemed to be enjoying the abuse he was receiving, as he groaned affirmatively at the attention, trying to lick the cocks, even as they slapped him.

Once the slapping died down he moved to the next cock in his circuit and promptly followed the same pattern he had been using through his Blow-bang.

<Blake> John is becoming a little cock-whore

Blake sent the message to Emily, including the picture and the video that he had just taken. Annabelle watched over his shoulder, rubbing her body against his as he tapped the message out.

<Emily> He certainly has! You do good work ;) How's the party going?

Blake glanced at the message and showed it to Annabelle who nodded emphatically. “I think we’re doing quite well…” She trailed off as John started on her cock again.

<Blake> Very good, Annabelle agrees too. Give me a minute, it's going to be my turn again in a second.

Blake barely hit send before John was kneeling in front of his throbbing cock and took it fully down his throat. His technique seemed to improve with every rotation. Annabelle snatched the phone out of Blake’s hand and started typing.

John seemed to give Blake’s cock even more attention this time, gagging himself on his best friend’s rock hard erection. Blake wasn’t complaining, he was edging constantly now. Nothing but pure pleasure was emanating from his cock, he could only moan and try to stay standing from wave after wave of edge.

Finally, John decided to give him a bit of a rest, Blake saw that Annabelle was on her knees with his phone, taking a picture of something between John’s legs. Standing she tapped a few keys and handed Blake’s phone back to him.

Blake didn’t see anything obvious between John’s legs, but he flipped through the picture to find a snapshot of a puddle of cum that had been dripping from John’s cock as he sucked on Blake. Annabelle snapped a picture of it and when he checked his messages, saw the picture in his message to Emily.

<Emily> Annabelle? Did you invite another girl over?

<Annabelle as Blake> Not exactly...

At this point Blake zoomed in on the picture to see a selfie that Annabelle had taken only moments ago, in the background he could see himself being blown by John, with his head thrown back in ecstasy. In the foreground was Annabelle from head to hips, with her cock fully visible.

<Emily> Fucking hot!

<Annabelle> Thank you! ^_^

<Emily> Where has Blake been hiding you?

<Annabelle> We just met. So you are John's lady?

At this point Blake found the photo of John’s puddle.

<Emily> Look at that puddle! Yup, I'm John's girlfriend. He's quite the little cock slut now, isn't he?

“It’s for you,” Blake grinned and passed the phone back to Annabelle.

“Thank you,” she took the phone and started responding to the message.

<Annabelle> He sure is, I even had to give him a bigger plug!

<Emily> Needy ass now, huh? You know he was uncomfortable with the idea of a threesome only a day or two ago.

<Annabelle> Wow. Now he's on his knees for five cocks!

<Emily> The Goon Machine really turned him around! Anyway, I'm sure you're busy over there, give Blake's ass a squeeze for me!

<Annabelle> Will do...

Annabelle typed in her phone number for Emily and then passed the phone back to Blake, but not before giving his ass a nice squeeze. Blake shuddered slightly from the unexpected touch but took his phone back and caught up with the conversation.

“You two seem to be getting along quite well” Blake mentioned.

“Yeah, she seems like a fun lady,” Annabelle mused, grabbing her own phone from the shorts she had been wearing earlier. It made a noise at almost the same moment. She checked it and typed a few words and relocked it.

“Seriously, I need somewhere to put my phone!” Annabelle said.

“I know how you feel,” Blake said and trailed off, “Back in a second.” He headed to his bedroom closet and started going through a few of the boxes until he found what he was looking for.

Annabelle followed him into the closet a few minutes later to see him pull an armband out of a box. It was the kind of armband that you use when running with your cell phone.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of his sooner!” Blake announced as he positioned the armband on his arm and locked his phone into place.

“No hands!” Annabelle said and grabbed Blake’s cock playfully, giving it a few gentle strokes. Blake groaned in pleasure nearly tipping over in the surprise of the attention.

“God your cock is so fucking hard” she whispered into Blake’s ear, prompting Blake to check her cock at the same time.

“You are pretty hard yourself,” he responded, matching the speed Annabelle was keeping on his cock. They stood in the walk-in closet, stroking each other’s cocks and making out for quite a while before the television interrupted them.

“Break-time starts in ten-seconds” the television in his bedroom announced. Blake made a dash to the living room to find his remote to switch the lights onto normal brightness.

The newscaster returned to the screen. She was now only wearing a bra and it was obvious that the it was having trouble holding her large breasts back.

“Did you know it’s been forty-five minutes already?” she asked to the viewer. An image of a clock with three quarters of the display shaded in was shown over to right shoulder.

“We’ve reached the half-way point, boys” she added, “I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves. It is time for a break, take ten minutes and get ready for hour three.”

The screen faded out and the timer reappeared, this time counting down from only ten minutes. It seemed to be flickering messages on the screen that were too fast to read.

Annabelle popped out of the bathroom, still naked save her boots, typing on her cell phone. Everyone in the party was resting on the couch, especially John who looked like he was spent from sucking on cock for almost an hour straight. Annabelle sat between Blake and Keith.

“Would anyone like a drink?” John asked as he stood up and started approaching the kitchen. Several of the guys got up and headed to the kitchen nodding.

“You know there’s no way we could even order pizza now, if the delivery driver is a guy, he’d probably end up coming into the party!” Keith said.

They all chuckled at the idea of a delivery driver having to join in the fun if he was exposed to the Goon Machine.

“We would get people fired that way,” Annabelle said, “I don’t think it would be something you could explain to your boss.”

“No way,” Keith said and then mimicked a voice that wasn’t his “I’m sorry boss, I got turned on by a Goon Machine and ended up naked and stroking in a room-full of guys.”

“Ahem,” Annabelle smirked with a cough.

“I mean, I room-full of guys and one girl with a beautiful cock,” Keith corrected himself.

“That’s better!” she purred as she typed away on her phone.

“If you two will excuse me, I think I need to top off my drink,” Keith said, got up and headed to the kitchen.

“Emily is awesome!” Annabelle whispered into Blake’s ear as she grinned evilly from behind her cell phone screen.

“No argument from me, for any reason in particular?” Blake asked as he checked his own cell phone to see whether he had any messages.

“Not at all,” Annabelle said with a flirtatious wink.

<Emily> Want to have a party tomorrow? Just you, me, John and Anna?

<Blake> I have to work on Monday morning

<Emily> John said you hate that job

<Blake> I hate not having a place to live more. Might just call in sick, can I decide tomorrow?

<Emily> Anna is already in if you are, BTW ;)

“Another screwdriver?” Annabelle asked him.

“Yes, please” Blake replied and Annabelle stood up to walk into the kitchen. He couldn’t help himself but watch her ass sway as she walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but those boots.

<Blake> How is it that you couldn't get John into a threesome? You are like the devil on my shoulder!

<Emily> That's a very good question, but I've succeeded haven't I?

<Blake> That's a good point

Blake then took a snapshot of his rock-hard cock. He sent a copy to Emily and then compared it with the snapshot from this morning, but couldn’t really tell a difference by just comparing the pictures.

<Emily> I hope Anna doesn't mind if I get a taste of that tomorrow ;)

Emily sent a picture of her face, from the nose down with her tongue out. It was as if she was coaxing the cum from his cock through the image.

This made Blake throb even harder, he pretty much decided at that point to call in sick on Monday.

<Emily> Go get back to the party, break time is almost over!

Blake locked his phone and put it back into his holster and Annabelle came out to the couch with two drinks and sat on Blake’s lap, placing his cock between her thighs. He couldn’t help but gasp in pleasure at the pressure being exerted on his cock when it was between her soft and smooth legs.

Noting that the timer was fast approaching zero again, Blake reached for his remote and prepared for cutting the lights.

Once the timer hit zero the screen faded back into the Newscaster with her bursting bra behind the desk and papers.

“Welcome to hour three, boys,” she began. Over her shoulder there was a number three that appeared. “That means Level 3 too.” The loud hum reappeared and the room throbbed together in unison as the machine whirred to an even louder level, Blake’s cock pulsed impossibly between Annabelle’s thighs and her cock throbbed at the feeling as much as she did from the Machine.

“You should all still have your plugs in, and they must remain in for the whole hour. This means no fucking, boys! Playing along at home means following the rules.” The newscaster’s shoulder had an image of a light switch appear in replacement to the three that was there earlier. “Lights out, and have fun”

With that, the newscaster faded out and Blake switched the lights off. No porn appeared on the screen, but there was the sound of a cacophony of moans coming from the television, it sounded as though there was an orgy of hundreds of people going on from the sound, though everyone knew there weren’t nearly that number of people there. Without the television screen lighting up the room with porn, the only thing they had to go on was touch.

Annabelle turned around and faced Blake, pressing her cock against his as they rubbed their cocks together. She pressed her lips against his and deeply kissed him, Blake could hardly contain his moans at the friction between them. Annabelle moved her hand off him for a moment and within seconds had covered their cocks in lube, making the friction even more pleasurable. They were gliding their cocks together perfectly, no longer were there peaks of edges, they were locked in a permanent edge that felt better and better the longer it went on. The moans made it even easier to moan loudly, they were just joining the choir of pleasure.

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” Annabelle moaned into Blake’s ear. Blake could barely respond, so enraptured by the experience.

“Oh fuck, I can’t wait, I want you so bad,” Blake moaned in return, making Annabelle grind her cock against his even more fervently.

“Are you going to call in sick to work,” Annabelle started but the edge rocked her before she could compose herself to finish her sentence. “So we can play with Emily and John?”

Blake heard the evil grin on her face in her voice, he already had decided he would. “Maybe, you might have to convince me.”

Annabelle was sure she could hear the same flirting evil grin on his face when he said that. “You’ve already decided to, haven’t you?” She replied.

Blake just leaned up and placed his lips onto Annabelle’s tiny breast, sucking on the nipple and causing her to groan in approval.

“You… didn’t… answer…” Annabelle managed to moan out, before being overtaken even more by pleasure.

After several minutes of teasing, Annabelle managed to regain her composure and lean over to Blake’s ear. “If you don’t answer me, I’m going to shove my girlie little cock down your throat!”

Blake grinned widely, but Annabelle couldn’t see it, “Is that a promise?”

“Yes,” Annabelle flirted as she stood up on the couch, placing her cock against the space she assumed Blake’s lips were. Her aim was directly on target and Blake felt her lube covered cock leak pre-cum onto his lips, reflexively he licked his lips, savoring the sweetness of it.

Blake started by licking her shaft, the lube was water based and sweetened, it was designed for this sort of thing. It wasn’t long before Blake had Annabelle’s whole cock down his throat and her balls pressed against his lips. Apparently the experience of last night helped him, because he deep-throated her cock expertly. Annabelle moaned loudly as her cock was being worked by his mouth, grabbing his head and thrusting her cock.

He felt a hand on his body that didn’t feel like Annabelle’s, but he ignored it until he felt a tongue on his cock. Blake tried to moan but his mouth was full.

The feeling was interesting and incredibly erotic, as he had no idea who was sucking his cock, like a glory hole with full access to his body. In addition, having Annabelle’s girl-cock in his mouth was just even more icing on the cake.

The television started speaking, without any visuals to accompany it, that same robotic voice from earlier. “You have just reached Goon Level 4. Swap Partners Now.” The familiar buzz filled the room as the machine that Blake built kicked up into an even higher gear.

Annabelle pulled her cock out of Blake’s mouth and leaned down to his ear and whispered into it, “Have to follow instructions, you won’t be jealous, will you?”

Jealousy had never even entered Blake’s mind, but it did make sense, they had become a pair during the course of the evening without even really realizing it. “I won’t be jealous, if you won’t.” Blake responded truthfully.

She gave him a kiss and moved into the darkness of the room, Blake couldn’t even hear the sound of her boots on the hard wood floor but he imagined he could see her sashay away from him which made him even harder. Though that ever increased arousal could have been the Goon Machine too, he guessed. Taking a sip of his drink he stood and walked around the room. He probably had the best idea of where everything in the room was located, even in the dark. He made his way to the other couch to find an empty location to sit, and found himself in a mass of people who were sitting or laying on the couch, in touching for an empty spot, he found himself in contact with at least three cocks, which he grabbed and squeezed in turn.

He found an empty spot on the end of the couch, feeling around there was a hard cock next to him, and it was in those briefs with built in cock-ring. Feeling around his cock and squeezed it.

“Hey Robert,” Blake said, guessing because of the briefs, not because he recognized his cock, just yet.

“Hey,” Robert said and hesitated for a moment before reach toward the voice’s cock and squeezing, “Blake?”

“Got it in one,” Blake said with surprise in his voice.

Robert immediately started sucking on Blake’s cock, who worked on his cock like an expert, there was a bit of hesitation. Even though it was impossible, several times Blake thought that somehow Robert was going to coax the cum out of his cock.

The moaning was reaching a fever pitch, but it was impossible to know if it was the room getting louder or just the television. Blake found a cock very near his face, which he started sucking with no idea who’s it was, he had the same sweetness of Annabelle’s cock, but he was sure it wasn’t hers. Whoever was connected to the cock moaned loudly at his sucking, as Blake tried to mimic Robert’s expert work on his own cock.

Suddenly from the television the voice returned and said, “Swap Partners Now.”

Blake pulled his mouth off of the cock he had been sucking and Robert did the same on his. He sat back for a moment while people were moving around, figuring it would be easier to just wait for a new partner to come to him. There was a slight glow from the television as the timer returned, informing the party that there was only ten minutes remaining until the final hour.

With that little glow and his darkness adjusted eyes, he still could barely see anything, they seemed to have switched the color of the timer so that it wouldn’t shed too much light on who was sucking on who.

It was then that he could feel a person right near his face, not so much see them as much as feel their presence. The person pressed their lips against his and kissed deeply. Blake immediately recognized the lips as Annabelle’s, who immediately sat on the free space next to Blake, pressing her body against his.

“You know the next part is going to be fucking, don’t you?” Annabelle whispered into his ear as she absentmindedly teased his cock, her hand transferring lube onto his member.

“It’s a pretty safe bet,” Blake managed through the haze of Annabelle’s touching, he reached down and played with her cock and balls as she teased him.

“Good, I can’t wait to feel this,” she squeezed his cock for emphasis, “in my tight little boi-pussy.”

Blake squirmed in pleasure, Annabelle seemed practiced talking dirty and she did it quite well. “Mmmmm,” he moaned as replied, “imagine what’s going to happen when the machine turns off.”

Annabelle cooed at the thought, “You’re going to squirt one of the biggest loads of your life into my quivering asshole?”

He nodded before he realized that she probably couldn’t see it, “You can feel my cock throb just thinking about it.” Annabelle could totally feel is cock twitch in anticipation and it made her even more horny.

Before anyone was ready for the break, the television lit up and the newscaster was back, now totally naked in glasses. Her perky, full breasts hung for all to see behind the news desk.

“Turn the lights back on, boys,” she instructed and Blake followed along. There was a mass of guys on the floor of the apartment, forming a daisy chain. They were all sucking on each other’s cocks in a circle of sixty-nine, some were on all fours, some were on their backs. An image of a clock with ten minutes shaded in appear over the girl’s shoulder.

“Time for a ten minute break, and then the final hour of the party. If you intend on driving home after the party, now would be the time to stop drinking. Once the party concludes, you’re probably going to be a little woozy, rest before attempting to drive, or better yet, call a taxi. Please be kind to the host and refrain from cumming on anything that would not easily be cleaned, especially furniture. If you want to trade phone numbers with another attendee, do it now, in testing the Goon Machine, we’ve found that some men can become self-conscious immediately after the machine is turned off.”

Fade out and a black screen with large white letters appeared, giving the remaining time for the break. Several of the guys in the daisy chain on the floor started heading to the bathroom, no one bothered to close the door behind them, they all went in as a group.

“Dude, this is going to be a frequent thing?” Keith asked as he came up to Blake and Annabelle.

“I’m thinking about it,” Blake grinned, knowing that he was positive about wanting to keep running these parties. “I’ll give you a heads up for the next one.”

“Thanks bud,” Keith said and headed into the kitchen with him empty glass.

Blake looked at his own glass and realized that it was getting pretty empty, he swallowed the rest and looked at Annabelle’s. “Want a refill?”

“I shouldn’t, have to drive home,” Annabelle said as she fidgeted with her cell phone.

“Want to just spend the night?” Blake asked.

Annabelle grinned, “Are you asking me to spend the night?”

“If you want to, we already have plans with John and Emily tomorrow, don’t we?” Blake replied with a smirk, since this was the first confirmation he had made about the private party tomorrow.

“In that case, I would love a refill,” Annabelle said as she handed Blake her empty glass. “I’ll text my roommate to let them know not to wait up for me.” She unlocked her phone and started typing as Blake went to the kitchen.

After a few minutes Blake returned with the drinks and the guys started filing out of the bathroom, most of the guys were digging into their pants and looking for their phones to trade numbers with the other attendees and this went on for the bulk of the remaining break as phone numbers were traded around.

Right around the time that the timer on the television was hitting thirty-seconds of break remaining, the group started sitting down on the couches in preparation for the last hour.

The screen faded into the naked newscaster that they had been instructing them for most of the evening.

“This is it boys, the last hour. Are you ready to cum? During this hour, anything goes, your host should now turn the light level to low,” Blake immediately switched the lights back to a low red glow.

“Now that the mood is set, let’s take care of another bit of business,” the newscaster snapped her fingers and simultaneously the Goon Machine whirred to life, reaching its maximum power level. “We just cranked it up to five, your cock should be throbbing so perfectly right now. I bet you’re all so fucking horny. Give into your lust.”

The screen again faded to black with a timer in the lower corner. Immediately there was text on the screen in large white lettering in a black background.

Give into your lust

Once the words appeared, a female voice echoed them through the speakers. Blake could have swore that the voice was Emily’s, then a barrage of short porn clips played with no audio at all. Mostly anal sex from the look of it, but it was hard to be sure because of the speed that they cycled. After a few seconds, the screen blanked to black.

Annabelle stood and grabbed Blake’s hand, leading him into the bedroom as the rest of the party started playing with each other on the couch. She threw Blake onto his bed and climbed on top of him, kissing his body and touching his cock.

Lust is what you live for

Once again the words were echoed by what sounded like Emily’s voice and then a jump cut porn medley which faded to black. That pattern continued for the whole hour, about once every minute or so, Blake didn’t bother to time it because he was so distracted.

Annabelle climbed onto him as he lie back on his King-sized bed, pawing at every inch of his body as she finally straddled his hips and kneeled over him.

“How bad do you want me?” Annabelle asked with a grin.

“How bad do you want me?” Blake responded the same kind of grin.

It was pretty obvious that they wanted each other. Blake had a hard time remembering the last time he was this horny, even with the party last night fresh in his mind.

Slide your cock inside

The television instructed, and Annabelle wasted no time as she pulled the plug out of her ass and tossed it onto the floor of the bedroom. She angled her hips to put Blake’s cock-head against her tight boi-pussy and gently rested it against her opening.

“I asked first,” she grinned widely as she rubbed Blake’s cock and teased it with her asshole.

“Really bad,” Blake moaned as Annabelle played with his cock and teased it perfectly. They could both hear moans from the living room, since the television was quiet, it was obvious that the boys were getting down to business.

Annabelle looked pleased by the admission and slipped Blake’s cock-head into her ass, reveling in the pressure that was building, it caused her cock to stiffen even harder than it had been. Blake saw how Annabelle’s cock was now sticking straight at him, and he grabbed it softly and jerked it lightly. Slowly Annabelle slid onto Blake’s cock, letting each inch enter her ass and moaning in pleasure as she felt it, arching her back as she locked their bodies together. Blake moaned at how amazing his cock felt, her ass was insanely tight and the feeling was incredible. “Oh fuck, you feel good.”

“Mmmm, your cock feels so good,” she moaned in reply, finally feeling Blake’s pelvis resting against her full asshole. Pleased at the fit she leaned over him and placed a deep kiss on his lips. “If it weren’t for the Goon Machine, I would be squirting cum all over your chest right now.”

Blake leaned up to meet her and returned the kiss. “Same here, though the location would be different,” he grinned.

Annabelle beamed as she enjoyed the feeling of Blake’s throbbing cock filling her up so perfectly, “Has anyone ever told you that you make an amazing anal plug?”

“First time for everything,” Blake responded as he thrusted his hips and made Annabelle shudder with pleasure.

“Fuck Me,” Annabelle moaned loudly, throwing her head back.

Blake didn’t need to be told twice as he grabbed Annabelle’s ass cheeks and spread them apart, using them for leverage as he began to fuck her. He loved the feeling of her perky ass against his fingers as lifted her up and then set her back down, slowly at first but picking up momentum.

Your ass is meant for pleasure

The television displayed and then repeated in the voice that sounded a lot like Emily. It was probably good that there was an audio portion because no one was paying any attention to the screen at this point.

Annabelle’s moans must have attracted some attention because before long, John and Keith were at the door to Blake’s bedroom. Keith had John pinned to the door as he fucked him from behind and he was watching Annabelle and Blake fuck with interest.

“Hey bud, mind if I watch?” Keith asked sliding into John’s ass. John for his part had his eyes rolled back as he was being manhandled by Keith’s hard cock.

Blake looked at Annabelle who grinned with a shrug, “Sure, boys, enjoy.” Each word was punctuated by a thrust from Blake and a moan from both of them.

Annabelle leaned back on Blake’s cock and started clenching her anal muscles and Blake started tensing his kegel muscles. They both groaned in mindless bliss at the feeling of their tensing sex muscles against the other.

You are a sex toy

Neither of them were paying any attention to the television, they were touching and feeling each other’s body. Eventually Blake flipped Annabelle over onto her back, thrusting his cock into her as he squeezed her cock.

Incoherent moans were all they could utter by this point, babbling about how good they felt and how hard or tight the other was. Somehow in this state, they could understand each other, but anyone watching would have had no idea what they were saying.

How long this went on, it was hard to tell because there was a sudden countdown starting to come from the television. It echoed like they were in a large warehouse. The echo reminded Blake of the first party.


Blake’s hand stroked Annabelle’s cock even more feverishly as she moaned in pleasure, know what was going to happen next.


“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Annabelle babbled with mindless eyes as she was fucked and stroked.


“Oh my god,” Blake exhaled knowing what was going to happen next.


The sound of moans was palpable throughout the apartment as simultaneously eight cocks shot loads all over the place.

Blake and Annabelle’s cocks immediately started squirting fountains of cum. Annabelle’s first gust hit herself in the face and she absentmindedly licked her lips as it kept cumming. Blake’s load started filling Annabelle’s asshole up, the feeling of the release was amazing.

Both of their cocks continued twitching even after they had shot the limit of cum that they could, it felt like it went on forever as they both moaned and groaned.

“Holy fuck,” Annabelle said breathlessly. Blake pulled out and collapsed into the bed next to her. They sat in silence next to each other for a few minutes while they caught their breaths.

“That was amazing,” Blake said finally.

There were the sounds of people moving around from the living room, several of the guys were wordlessly putting their clothes on and heading out the door, it opened and closed at least three times before Blake decided to get up and check on things.

Blake found Keith and John getting dressed in the living room, he also heard someone in the kitchen.

“Hey guys, have fun?” Blake asked.

“You know it buddy,” Keith replied, pulling on his T-shirt.

John nodded, almost embarrassed.

“You ok, John?” Blake asked.

“Yeah, just feel strange, this machine is switching around my desires or something, I dunno.” John replied.

“Will you two get home ok?” Blake asked.

“Yeah, John’s girlfriend is going to pick us up and drive me home,” Keith replied.

“Cool, tell her I said Hi, John,” Blake said.

He headed into the kitchen to find a still in the crotchless briefs and nothing else Robert in the kitchen mixing up a drink.

“Have fun?” Blake asked.

“Oh My God, Yes! The Goon Machine turns straight guys into gay guys, I fucking love it!” Robert exclaimed.

Blake had to giggle at that, but it made sense.

“If you throw any more parties, please let me know, I gotta get one of these Goon Machines,” Robert said.

“I take it you’re getting picked up?” Blake asked.

“Nope, I only live a few blocks from here, grabbing a drink for the road,” Robert smiled.

“Awesome bud, I’m probably going to bed in a little while myself, haven’t gotten much sleep in the last few days,” Blake said.

“I would imagine, you and the little lady better get some beauty sleep,” Robert grinned widely and gave Blake a playful slap on the ass as he walked into the living room to put some clothes on for the walk home.

“Take care, I’ll keep you in the loop on any possible parties coming up, probably won’t be one tomorrow night, but maybe Monday night, who knows,” Blake said as he saw Keith and John putting on the last of their clothes.

Annabelle made her way out of the bathroom, still fully naked but shorter than she had been, without the boots she had been wearing. “Later boys, it was nice to meet all of you!”

John and Keith bid Annabelle a good night and headed out the door. A few minutes later Robert was dressed and started heading out, drink in hand as well.

Once they were alone, Annabelle stood next to Blake, pressing her body against his. “If you have some blankets, I’ll get set up on the couch,” she said with a tone and face that said she wasn’t really serious.

“Fuck that, we’ve already established that my bed is big enough for the both of us,” Blake tilted her head up and kissed her before reaching for the remote to shut off the lights. He locked the door and led Annabelle to bed.

With the combination of copious alcohol and intense orgasm, it was only minutes before they fell asleep together in Blake’s bed.