Goon Machine

Chapter 4 - Work In Progress

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Blake awoke to the smell of coffee coming from his kitchen. His brain was still a little foggy because he was sure he didn’t have an automatic coffee maker. The time was a little after nine in the morning, he crashed hard and was still trying to wake up. Slowly the memories of the previous night came back into focus.

Annabelle had slept there last night, ostensibly because she had been drinking, but he figured that both of them really were enjoying how well they worked together. They seemed to have an easy time of being around the other, it didn’t hurt that within an hour of meeting up, they were naked and touching each other, of course.

He made his way into the kitchen and found Annabelle sitting at his kitchen table with a cup of coffee in her hands and one of his white dress shirts on. What was it about a girl in your shirt that was so insanely hot, he wondered. Was it the bare legs below the hem of the shirt or maybe just that she was wearing your clothes and looking better in them, either way he wasn’t arguing, just contemplating.

The coffeemaker had nearly a full carafe so he poured himself a cup as Annabelle acknowledged that he was there. She was still in the now messy makeup from night, he found her just as hot now as he did when she had originally got ‘gussied up’ for the party, maybe even more so now, remembering the earth shattering orgasm.

“Mornin’, have a good sleep?” She asked with a smile as she took a drink of the coffee, seeming like she was trying to wake herself up a bit more.

“Morning, still trying to figure that out, I don’t think I’m actually awake yet,” Blake shook his head, trying to clear the fog as he sat down at the table next to Annabelle.

Annabelle nodded, “Do you feel… different today?” She asked.

“How so?”

“I don’t know… just more confident, maybe?” She shrugged, trying to put the feeling into words.

“I told you how sometimes the Goon Machine can have a bit of a reaction in some people, right?”

“Like how John was turning into a total subby last night?”

Blake nodded, “Well it can also turn you into an ‘uber-alpha’ for lack of a better term, you get more confident and people kinda start to throw themselves at you…” He trailed off, thinking about how he had gotten two sets of numbers the previous day without even trying or asking for them.

“I guess that kinda explains why I was practically panting when you came in the shop and was praying you’d pay in cash so I could slip you that dollar as change,” Annabelle giggled.

“Yeah, it’s been interesting. It’s pretty rare, Emily said less than 1% get that reaction, everyone else is pretty much normal afterwards, if a little more open in their sexuality.”

Annabelle considered it with a grin, “So I might have people throwing themselves at me too?”

He drank another sip of coffee and nodded with a grin of his own, “It’s possible, especially if you’re dressed like that.”

“Hope you don’t mind, I raided your closet,” she smirked, fully aware that he didn’t mind in the least. She got up to refill her coffee cup, Blake noted that she was not wearing anything under the shirt, her bare and toned legs looked amazing and even more erotic was the smallest peek of her cock-head poking downward.

“Enjoying the view?” She asked looking over her shoulder, catching him as he studied her legs.

Blake could only nod, it was much different from how she looked last night, the bottom of her ass down to her bare feet, which he was especially fascinated with since he hadn’t seen her out of her boots the entire night until they were under the covers of his bed. Annabelle couldn’t help but giggle at the attention, she wasn’t really used to lounging around with someone like this, especially not as a girl.

“Have anything planned for today?” Annabelle asked as she sat back down.

“Not especially, need to check my mail, see about working an internet switch into the Goon Machine,” he ran through any tasks he had to do, really nothing came to mind.

“An internet switch?” She asked.

“So that I can turn it on or off with my phone, it’s not critical, but I’d like to wire it up to outlet power so I don’t have to keep buying batteries, so I’ll need a way to automatically turn it off after four hours. How about you?”

Annabelle shrugged, “I’d like to find a frilly panty version of those briefs that Robert brought over. Not sure how likely it is for that to even exist, I might have to commission someone to make a pair for me on like Etsy or something. Other than that, not really. You’re gonna have to stop at the store if you’re gonna make the machine internet enabled, right?”

He considered it, she was right. “Yeah, probably one of those new Raspberry Pis with built-in wifi, or something like that. I could get it on Amazon, but I’d rather not wait to work on it.“

“Awesome, I should grab my pay stub and check next week’s schedule anyway.”

The two of them decided to get cleaned up and head over to Annabelle’s work. “Have you ever dressed like this… at work?” Blake asked.

Annabelle shook her head, “Think anyone will recognize me like this?”

“No way, not if you dress like you did last night,” Blake said with a smile.

She giggled and headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Blake poured himself some more coffee and headed to his computer.

Nothing too interesting in his mail to start, a couple of messages from random guys offering tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars to be invited to his next party. He considered that he might actually be able to make a living off this for a while. As he went he sorted each of the mails offering money into a folder labeled Cash.

As he was sorting, one of the messages stopped him cold.

$1,000,000 for the instructions you used to build your machine. International transfer or bitcoin, we will never meet. Tell no one about this offer. You have 48 hours.


There was no way this guy was serious. A million dollars for the device plans was insane, he archived the message and made a note to ask Emily what she thought about it. It would be crazy if he was serious, but how could it possibly be for real?

Once he was finished sorting all the emails he googled around trying to find instructions on building a simple timer application and a hardware tie-in for the goon machine. It was easy enough to find people who had created something similar for home automation functionality. Within twenty minutes he had a simple application and firmware that he could use to based on some code he found for doing the same thing to a coffee maker.

His phone vibrated on his desk.

<Emily> So did you make up your mind about tonight or what?

<Blake> Yeah, we're in, Annabelle was insistent. I'll have to ask you about an email I got.

After responding he went back to his Goon Machine modification plans and tried to figure out how it would work.

<Emily> Oh? Did someone offer you a bunch of money for the plans?

<Blake> How did you know?

<Emily> We expected as much, we can talk about it later, are we having this party at your place or ours?

<Blake> My place is available.

<Emily> Sounds like a plan, let's text a bit later on this evening, I got a thing I got to take care of right now.

<Blake> Talk to you then!

As he was finishing up his response to Emily, Annabelle exited the bathroom wearing the same outfit she had put on when she arrived at his place. Daisy Dukes shorts and a tight white blouse with black and pink boots.

“You look great,” Blake said as he eyed her up and down.

Annabelle made a slight curtsy and twirled to show off her body in the light of day. “Thank you very much, bathroom is all yours.”

“I should probably clean up, if you need to use the computer feel free, be a few minutes.” He made his way, into the bathroom quickly showered and dressed. It was impressive how automatically he could do it and had done with his eyes nearly completely closed on hung-over mornings in the past.

He finally emerged from the bathroom in a t-shirt and athletic pants, consciously deciding to show off any hard-on he may get while out, since yesterday worked so well with Jayne at the gas station.

“Shall we head to the shop? I want to get this switch done before tonight. Oh, Emily and John are going to be coming over here, I guess,” Blake explained as he put his shoes on and grabbed his house key.

The two of them headed outside and started the short walk to the electronic’s shop, it didn’t take five minutes before they were inside and Annabelle swayed her hips as she headed towards the back room and Blake browsed the equipment.

Several minutes passed until Blake found what he was looking for and paid at the register, getting checked out by a young guy with blonde hair who looked to be about eighteen years old. The guy seemed quite bored with being there, barely looking up at all. Blake paid with his card and grabbed up his bag, wondering how much longer it was going to take Annabelle to get her schedule and check.

After another five minutes of randomly browsing around the aisles and almost purchasing at least a half dozen things, he pulled out his phone.

<Blake> How much longer?

<Annabelle> Manager's office, come on back ;)

Blake shrugged and went to the back of the store towards the door labeled “Employee’s only.”

<Blake> I'm not an employee...

About a minute passed before the response.

<Annabelle> Manager said it's fine

He pushed on the Employee door and found a small break-room with a refrigerator and a clock that looked to be for checking in and out of shifts. It had all the usual signage for the backroom of a store, Blake recognized from when he worked in retail himself. There were two other doors in the back, one was labeled “Restroom” and the other was “Manager Chris” so he tried the handle on the Manager’s door and it quietly opened.

Inside he saw Annabelle on her knees in front of someone sitting in a desk chair. Blake was momentarily surprised, not exactly expecting what he was seeing but quickly recovering. She seemed to be sucking the cock of a mid-forties man, obviously balding but surprisingly fit for his age. The most impressive feature of this guy was one of the biggest cocks Blake had ever seen, easily eight inches long but the most notable feature was the hugely defined cock-head. It looked like he should be doing porn, Blake considered.

“Oh, I see why it was taking a while,” Blake said as he went to the desk to get a closer look at her work.

Annabelle was eagerly slurping on the man’s huge erection, licking the shaft and popping the head into her mouth as she tugged on it with both hands, the Manager was moaning in pleasure with his eye rolled back.

“Yeah, I caught him jacking off when I came in to check the schedule,” Annabelle said between licks. “I figured it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have my boss owe me a favor, right?” She asked with a smile.

“Always good, I suppose it didn’t hurt that he’s packing a pretty massive cock?” Blake asked with a grin.

Annabelle shook her head and went back to work on his erection. Blake looked at the computer in front of the Manager and saw that he was apparently surfing gay porn, the video was playing on mute and was a group of men all surrounding a single guy who was going from cock to cock, deep-throating the cock and then moving to the next.

“He’s got good taste in porn, looks like John last night, doesn’t it?” Blake asked to Annabelle who looked up at the screen.

She laughed, “Wow, it sure does! Maybe Manager Chris would like to come to the next Goon Machine party? I’m sure this cock of yours would be quite a hit.” Annabelle said as she rubbed her finger against the shaft of the cock, watching the vein pulse wildly.

“Goo.. oon.. machine?” Manager Chris finally asked.

“Oh, it’s right up your alley,” Annabelle said as she started sucking again. “But we’ll have to make sure you actually come to the party.” Annabelle slurped on the cock and then posed with her face against the cock to Blake.

Blake figured out what she was asking and pulled his phone out and quickly snapped a picture of her face against her boss’ cock and put his phone away. Annabelle gave Blake a wink and started feverishly sucking on the cock, stroking firmly and using both hands, pushing the cock as far as she could down her throat. Chris’ hips bucked wildly as the pressure on his cock was strengthened and he approached orgasm.

“You’re gonna bust that nut aren’t you Chris?” Blake asked teasingly.

The man could only nod and buck his hips even more wildly as his balls tensed and Annabelle’s mouth rested firmly on the head, swallowing. “Oh fuck,” he mumbled.

For several moments his cock visibly pulsed to eject cum into Annabelle’s waiting mouth, who swallowed each load as it was squirted into her mouth, never spilling a drop. Once the pulses had stopped she milked up the shaft to collect any additional cum and cleaned the knob.

“All set?” Blake asked with a grin as Annabelle got to her feet and dusted off her knees. Annabelle nodded and bounded to the door. “See you on Tuesday!”

Manager Chris for his part was still somewhat dazed and lying back with his cock glistening and starting to soften back to normal. “Uhh, yeah, Tuesday.”

Blake and Annabelle exited the room and walked quickly out of the store. Once they were out of the store and walking back to the apartment Annabelle started to speak.

“Did you get a decent pic?” she asked with a grin.

He took his phone and opened the Photos app, finding the picture of Annabelle posing with a big smile next to the huge cock, showing it to Annabelle.

“Sweet, can you send it to me? I want to set it as his contact photo,” she giggled as Blake sent the photo to her. “Blackmail material to make sure he shows at the next Goon Machine party, hope you don’t mind?”

“What’s a little light blackmail between friends? It’s not like he won’t enjoy himself.” Blake snickered as Annabelle cropped the photo to just be her face and the cock and saved it under “Manager Chris.”

“Do you think he realized that we took that picture?” Annabelle asked as she put her phone back in her pocket.

“If he did, he certainly didn’t give any indication that I saw. He was… preoccupied, it seemed. I can’t imagine why,” he laughed.

“Laugh it up, you have that same look on your face when your cock is down my throat,” Annabelle chided him with mock insult and a grin. The older woman who had just passed them and heard the comment quickly turned away and continued without looking back. Annabelle blushed and looked down. “Whoops.”

That made Blake laugh even harder, “An exhibitionist today, huh?”

Annabelle blushed even darker, “You know if I’m being totally honest, yes. I mean… I’m normally more confident when I’m out as a girl, but I’m never that forward, especially not with my boss. Though I think that it might make work a little more fun now.”

Blake nodded, “Yeah, I had the same sort of reaction with my first Goon Machine experience.”

“Right, you were saying something about alpha and sissy changes?” Annabelle asked.

“It seems like it, I got two sets of phone numbers and a blowjob yesterday after the Goon Machine party. That’s not something that usually happens to me.”

She nodded considering the changes. “Kinda crazy what can happen when using that machine.”

Once they arrived back at the apartment, Blake went to the kitchen table and began working on wiring the Raspberry Pi to the Goon Machine, which was now a serious cluster of wires. Annabelle went to Blake’s computer and started surfing around to various sites.

As Blake was working he heard the sound of his voice coming from the computer.

“Hi there, what’s your name?”

It was the video he took of Jayne sucking his cock yesterday, Annabelle was watching the screen intently.

“I’m Jayne.”

“What brings you here Jayne?”

Annabelle turned the volume down and looked over at Blake with a wide smile, “Don’t mind me, I’m just nosing around your computer.”

He wasn’t embarrassed at all, he just went back to work on the machine.

Every now and then the room would buzz from the machine as Blake fiddled with the settings on a keyboard and small monitor he had set up. He was quite thankful for all the time he’d messed around with computers when he was a kid, it was always strange that he’d never followed that particular drive into proper schooling and a career. Finally he grabbed his phone and went to the other side of the apartment, clicking a button on his phone the machine came to life.

“Success, ehh?” Annabelle asked as she managed to keep her pants on, expecting the machine to cut out again in a moment.

Another click of the phone and the machine was off.

“Yup, now it’ll run for four hours unless I turn it off manually before that.”

Blake showed Annabelle the phone which had an incredibly simple green button labeled Turn On and when he clicked it, the machine came alive, turning the button text to Turn off, 3h59m remaining.

“Pretty epic design, ehh? I’m not much for making apps, but all I really need this to do is do a single API call to tell the Pi to turn it off or on, then it automatically turns it off after four hours,” Blake explained.

Annabelle pondered it with a grin, “The button should be a flaccid cock for off and the same erect cock for on. Maybe put the timer on the bottom?”

“That could work for version 2, but I want to test this first.”

He went to the now fully stuffed with components water bottle and unplugged it and placed it inside the entertainment center for his television, burying it into the back and sneaking the cord to his surge protector. Then he went around the apartment, standing at a location and turning the machine on and then off again, seemingly testing the coverage area.

“Hmmm, seems like the thing works throughout the whole place… wonder if it’s bleeding into the neighbor’s place or not,” Blake thought out loud.

“Can I try for a bit?” Annabelle asked as Blake handed her the phone.

She went out the apartment and closed the door behind her, flipping on the machine and finding that it did indeed bleed into the area outside the apartment. The structure of the building was such that there were three units at each level, Blake’s was the one next to the stairs so there was only one other unit that was directly next to his, she knocked on the door.

After about a minute of waiting the door opened to a guy in his thirties who looked like he’d just woken up, he had brown hair and was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt.

“H-hello?” he asked.

“Hi, I might have a really weird question for you… but did you notice anything strange last night?”

The man’s eyes widened until he recovered and looked Annabelle up and down, realizing there was an attractive girl in front of him asking about strangeness last night. “S-strange in what way?”

With a grin as she put her finger to her cheek in contemplation, “oh, I dunno, maybe a weird buzzing sound, strange compulsions?”

“Uhh, maybe a little,” he said.

“Can I come in for a minute?” she asked, fearlessly.


“Can you show me where you experienced the weird feeling?”

“Right here on the couch.”

The unit was a mirror flip of Blake’s with the television along the wall that was shared with the two, she sat on the couch and turned the machine on remotely and nodded as it gave the happy buzz and turned it back off.

“Was it bad? Can you describe what happened?”

The man shivered and shook his head, “Not bad, but strange… it’s a bit… explicit…”

“Don’t worry about it, you can explain it in detail without offending me,” she smiled widely.

“Well, I was watching TV and I heard the buzz, didn’t think too much of it at first…”

“But it got a bit distracting?” Annabelle asked sagely with a smile on her face.

The man just nodded with a far-away look.

“So how long were you jacking it?” Annabelle asked.

“Probably like four hours, I found that the only place in the apartment where the effect seemed to be happening was the couch in front of the TV, otherwise I didn’t feel it.”

Annabelle gave the man a quick explanation of the Goon Machine and introduced herself to the man named Bill.

“So every night, this thing is probably going to be on?”

She nodded. “We could try to move where it’s placed so it’s not bleeding into your apartment.”

He shook his head, “Nah, that’s not needed, I didn’t mind it, was just a bit confused. It’s easy enough to get away from it if I watch the TV in my bedroom.”

“We could probably invite you over the next time there’s a proper party, if you’d like.”

“What sort of things go on at a party like that?” He asked.

“Guess you’d just have to come find out,” she grinned as she let herself out of the apartment. “Will probably be on for another four hours tonight, if you’re thinking about prepping some porn.”

Annabelle went back to Blake’s apartment and closed the door behind her.

“Well your neighbor is getting some of the Goon Waves trademark, Annabelle, but only when he’s on his couch. He was jacking for four hours last night.”

Update 2019-02-14

Blake laughed, “I bet that was a surprise to him.”

“He didn’t seem too concerned, I asked if he wanted us to move it, but he declined,” she said.

“The effect seems to carry quite a bit, even with a small version and through walls. This is going to make things quite interesting, you could wreak havoc if you had that intention.”

“I didn’t even think about that, but yeah, you could totally use this as a weapon if you really wanted to. You can ignore the effect under the right conditions, but it would be incredibly distracting, even if you did keep your clothes on,” Annabelle said.

Blake nodded, “Yeah, it gets easier to think after you’ve been under the effect for a while, but it’s still distracting if you think of anything other than sex.”

“You’ve used it twice, right? Was it more or less intense the second time?”

“I’d say probably about the same, but I also knew what to expect and gave into the feeling immediately,” Blake said.

“Were you a little hesitant at first?” Annabelle grinned.

“I mean, maybe a little bit. I’d never done anything with a guy before, so it was kinda a new experience.

Annabelle giggled, “You seem to have taken to cock pretty well, though.”

Blake pondered, “I think I was always a little bicurious but never enough to really push it over the edge. I mean, I’d read up on glory holes, but never was adventurous enough to find one.”

“Glory holes are great if you want to try cock but are too scared to look someone in the face when you do it,” Annabelle said.

“Sounds like you have some experience?”

“Maybe a little, I wasn’t always comfortable going out in my female persona” Annabelle said.

“I guess I can understand that, but it seems like you’re fine with it now,” he said with a grin.

“I got used to it, but it’s even easier today… Oh, you think we could run to the store? There are a few things I wanna pick up.”

“I have nothing else going on, let’s go,” Blake said as they left the apartment and headed down to his car.

It only took about five minutes for them to arrive at the store, park and be walking inside.

“I’m planning on heading to Ladies wear and Exercise equipment, anything you want to look at?” Annabelle asked.

“I’ll just tag along, can’t think of anything I need to pick up off the top of my head,” Blake replied.

They headed to ladies wear and Annabelle grabbed several things off the racks as she headed to the changing room. Blake remembered previous times of shopping with ex-girlfriends of his and just sat in the chair outside the changing room with his phone.

While he was waiting he prepped a text message to go to his boss tomorrow morning that he wasn’t feeling well. Now he didn’t need to get up early and send the message, it would go out automatically.

He checked his email to see if he had anymore Goon Machine messages and archived the ones offering money into a folder. It was nice that in the short term he could quit his job but eventually the plans would be public and he would lose his monopoly.

His contemplating was interrupted as Annabelle exited the changing room barefoot in a slinky black dress. The dress was body conforming with sleeves to the elbow and a hemline barely covering her mid thighs.

“How does it look? First thing that comes to mind,” she smiled twirling.

“Uhh,” his pants stiffened as he attempted to make his mouth work.

Annabelle grinned, “That’s exactly the kind of reaction I was hoping for.” She turned back towards the changing room and looked back at him, pulling up the hemline to expose her ass and giving him a wink.

Apparently the reaction she was hoping for was ‘hard and horny’ and she was successful. Blake adjusted his pants and went back to his phone, re-reading the email offering a million dollars for the plan. He could quit his job if he got that, that’s for sure. No way Emily and whoever else had dreamed up the project would be willing to let him do it.

When Annabelle left the changing room she was still wearing the black dress and was holding the old clothes under her arm.

“I just pulled the tag off so I can buy it at the checkout, but I do need to get some shoes,” she said as she tossed the old clothes into the cart and started pushing it. “Kinda surprised you didn’t follow me into the changing room.”

“I mean, don’t stores watch for that sort of thing?”

She pondered for a moment, “I suppose you’re right, it would get a little awkward if someone from the store came along,” she said with a smirk, “and found me choking on your cock.”

“Weren’t you sucking on cock only a few hours ago?” he joked.

“Hmmm, you’re right. Ever since last night I’ve been horny as fuck,” she said.

“I know the feeling,” he nodded as he passed a woman who gave his crotch a noticeable glance and winked.

Annabelle snickered, “Go have some fun, I’m gonna check out some shoes. I’ll message you when I’m done shopping.”

Blake gave her ass a squeeze before heading in the direction of the girl who was checking him out. He felt a little strange approaching a girl directly like this it wasn’t exactly in his normal experience.

He found the girl examining a rack of bras, a brunette, looked to be about 20. Petite but busty and very cute, basically not at all the kind of girl he would have even attempted to approach in the past. He probably would have been happy with admiring from a distance and wishing he had the guts to say something. Especially the short skirt and tight shirt she was wearing at the moment.

The bra in her hand was a pink pastel number that seemed like it would suit her pale skin and blond hair quite well. “I’m guessing that’d look pretty good on you.” He was actually somewhat surprised that the words even came out of his mouth.

“I think so too,” she grinned as she glanced at him. “Weren’t you with that cute girl?”

“She’s the one who encouraged me to say hi while she was checking out the shoes.”

“Aren’t you two dating or something? I mean, didn’t I see you grabbing her ass?”

“Heh, our relationship is a bit hard to explain, we’re good friends, I guess?” he tried and felt a vibration in his pocket.

“Uh huh,” she said unconvinced.

He showed her the message that Annabelle sent him.

Tell her I said that your cock is as nice as she’s imagining ;)

“My name is Blake, by the way,” he said as he replied to Annabelle’s message.

“I’m Melody, though everyone calls me Mel,” she said with a smile. “I have to get going to work but do you want to exchange numbers so we can hang out sometime?” she asked and Blake immediately nodded.

“Sure,” and they both pulled their phones out and exchanged