Gooner Signal

People have been asking for a secret symbol that could be displayed and not raise any suspicion. This image seems as good as anything else and according to the website I downloaded it from, is royalty-free. It is supposed to represent a gooned leaking cock.

It is best used in situations where you suspect someone is a gooner, and you want to find out for sure without making it obvious.

Obviously the BC in the middle is for bi-caps, feel free to make this into stickers, posters, t-shirts. Whenever you see it, you know, without needing to ask, that the person who is displaying it is a fellow bi-caps stroker/gooner.

I’ll probably eventually start adding this logo to images so that it stays fresh in people’s minds :)

If anyone needs this in a specific format, let me know privately and I can hook you up. Right now it’s just a flat PNG.