Nude Plague

Chapter 1 - Draft

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Donna was leisurely doing laundry in the bathroom, glass of wine on the dryer as she folded her son Brent’s pants. She let her mind wander as tends to happen when you’re doing something you’ve done thousands of times before.

Brent was 21, living at home, going to school for whatever major he had decided on this week. He had switched from Computer Programming to Philosophy to Literature and back again. Donna tried to be supportive of that, since she had done the same when she went to school.

Donna figured she did pretty well with him, all by herself she managed to raise him, making sure he did well in school and was a good sounding board for his girl problems. All-in-all they had a pretty good relationship. She only gave him a little bit of a hard-time when he would bring girls home to spend the night.

It was late and she heard the door creak open, must be Brent coming home from the bar, she thought. Since he turned 21 he starting going to the bar with his friends, the new-ness of being able to drink legally was still fresh.

“Hey hon, just you tonight?” she asked towards the door.

“Yup, only me,” he said, walking back towards the bathroom.

“Bar was kinda boring tonight, little bit of drama with a couple of the people there, decided to just get home,” he said shaking his head.

Bar drama, she thought, she didn’t miss that sort of thing. “Oh, was it Sally or Joan this time?”

Brent laughed hard, “Would you believe it if I told you both?”

Donna had to laugh, “They’ll grow out of it.”

“I think I’m going to head to bed.” Brent gave her a hug, Donna was constantly surprised at how tall he was, easily by six inches. Takes after his father, she thought. She noticed two things, the first was that he was sporting a rather hard erection and he felt like he had a temperature. She willfully ignored the former and mentioned the latter.

“You feel a little warm” Donna said as she opened the medicine cabinet and produced a thermometer. Brent took it and placed it in his mouth, she once again ignored the erection that she could see in outline through his jeans, even though he was fidgeting with his jeans even as he held the thermometer in his mouth.

Going to bed, sure, she thought, he was probably going to spend the next hour in his bedroom with the door closed.

Brent pulled the thermometer out and inspected it.

“98.8,” Donna noticed that Brent didn’t mention that it was freakish that his mother could detect a 0.2 differential in his temperature from normal.

“All right honey, get some sleep,” Donna emptied her wine glass and followed Brent out to the kitchen to refill her glass. She thought she saw Brent check out her ass on the way to his bedroom.

Maybe a little less wine, she thought to herself before shrugging it off. Brent had grown into quite a handsome man, he barely looked like he did as a boy, it was now like looking at the ex-boyfriend of hers that had conceived him.

Jay, his father, was never around, he paid child support until Brent turned 18 and that was it. She had boyfriends off and on, but it was hard being a single mom and making time for dating.

Donna checked herself out in the mirror, even though she was wearing yoga pants, tank-top and almost no makeup, she thought she looked pretty MILFy. None of the guys who she had organized midnight rendezvous with, when Brent was on a school trip or at a girlfriend’s house, ever complained about her body. Her C-cup breasts were very perky, her ass was just the right size, and she’d even tanned the other day.

Brent typically brought girls home, so her midnight meetings were less frequent these days, it didn’t bother her much, she had become quite familiar with her favorite peach vibrator over the years. Especially since it was very quiet, nothing to give away to her son that she was using it.

The laundry was finally folded and set in baskets to be put away later, Donna made her way to her bedroom with a re-filled glass of wine. She saw Brent’s door was open when she finally reached the top of the staircase, she assumed he must be asleep, typically if he had been playing with himself the door would have been closed.

Ever since she felt his erection when he hugged her earlier, she felt preoccupied. I shouldn’t have these kind of thoughts, she thought, she tried to put the ideas out of her head, but they kept popping back up as she milled around the living room, turning things off to head upstairs.

Donna was in tune with Brent’s masturbation schedule, it wasn’t hard since he was at it almost every night that he didn’t have a girl over. He might have thought he was being sneaky, she saw right through it but she never let it show. No need to have his mother embarrass him by catching him in the act.

When she passed by his bedroom she glanced in the room, she was certain she saw him lying completely naked on his bed with his cock sticking straight up, her night vision hadn’t kicked in so it was impossible to know for sure. Donna’s pace didn’t change, nor did she stare, it had to be her imagination, Brent wouldn’t let himself get caught like that.

She ducked into the bathroom and closed the door quietly. Her face felt warm but the rest of her body felt warm too, it was as if her entire body were blushing at what she thought she saw.

Too much wine, it has to be, she thought. Wine never had this kind of effect on her, it was like thoughts she had been suppressing were coming to the surface, it felt wrong but she didn’t care, it both excited her and frightened her. She stood in front of the mirror in the dark for a few minutes trying to stop the flush she was feeling, when she finally turned on the light, she was still blushing. Her face, arms and chest were all a bright red.

She felt warm, too warm. It was as if her clothes themselves were stifling her ability to cool down. There was another thermometer in this bathroom so she took it and checked herself.

98.8, the same temperature as Brent, they must have caught a bug of some kind. The pressure of her clothes was agony now. The warmth now seemed to be emanating through her entire body. She pulled down her yoga pants to her mid-thighs and the cool air was a revelation, it felt amazing.

“Oh god,” Donna moaned in a whisper very quietly.

After a few moments of fanning her face and crotch she finally felt as though she had calmed herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought that she looked a funny, pants pulled down to her thighs, fanning her pussy. Donna admired the job her aesthetician did on her electrolysis. A few months ago, she finally decided she didn’t want to have to shave or wax anymore, so she went in and had all the hair below her waist removed, even months later she was still perfectly bare.

Tipsy, she took a drink of her wine and turned off the bathroom lights. Her arousal was overwhelming now. She exited the bathroom and walked to her bedroom, she closed the door behind her, but didn’t close it fully.

She sat on the wooden chest beside the door but wasn’t able to see whether she was right about what Brent was doing in there.

Donna was on fire now, every inch of her body was telling her to get naked.

She wasn’t sure where this was coming from, or what might be causing it, the logical portion of her brain was telling her to stop, but she wasn’t listening to that part of her brain.

Donna up-ended the wine glass finishing the last of it.

Furiously, she started removing clothes.

First, her tank-top was pulled off and thrown in the corner. Sweet relief as the heat that was suffocating her relented slightly, but not completely.

Next, the bra came off. The feeling of her C-cup breasts exposed to the evening air was exhilarating.

Finally, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her yoga pants and panties and slid them both off at once.

Donna was now totally naked.

It felt perfectly right and she felt like another glass of wine. Donna also felt like walking around nude. The idea of just walking around completely nude was impossibly arousing and she was overcome with the feeling of it.

She opened her door and walked out, walking right past Brent’s bedroom and glancing in. With her adjusted vision she could see what was going on, and it was exactly what she thought it was. Brent had his laptop at his side on a very low brightness and headphones in. He was slowly stroking his cock.

His cock was so big, even at a distance, she had to guess he was eight inches. This was the first time she’d seen his cock so hard, she’d caught him coming out of the shower once or twice, but nothing like this. She took great pains to not catch him pleasuring himself, now she was trying to see.

Brent for his part was oblivious, he was obviously engrossed in whatever porn he was watching to notice that she had passed by his door a few times. Not to mention the fact that his door was open, almost like he wanted her to catch him.

Donna walked downstairs, this was new for her, she never walked around the house naked. It wasn’t that she was a prude, they just always were wearing some clothes in the house, even if it was only boxers or a house coat.

She filled her wine glass again, emptying the bottle and she put it into the recycling bin. It made a clunk when lied against several of the beer cans in the bin.

Donna drank wine, Brent drank beer. They had drunk together watching TV or whatever but it never led to something like this. She was totally naked in her kitchen, almost wishing her son would catch her.

Something was going on.

She opened the lid to her laptop and sat down on the kitchen table. Once the screen appeared she opened her browser to Google.

What to search for, she thought?

Google: "nudity taboo drunk"

Nothing but Literotica taboo stories.

Google: "uncontrollable nudity"

Information on nudomania.

Nudomania: Obsession with nudity

Interesting, but not helpful…

Google: nudomania 98.8

There were several news articles about bizarre behavior in several cities. Donna read the first article:

Residents of Howell are staying indoors thanks to a rash of exhibitionism. Several residents of the tiny town have reported instances of naked individuals roaming the streets at night. On at least ten occasions in the last week, police have responded to complaints about public nudity.

“People are presenting with Extreme Nudomania and in some cases, Hyper-sexuality,” said Dr Robert Carmichael, “a mild temperature of 98.8 degrees seems to be the only biological symptom.”

Dr Carmichael suggested residents stay home and report any strange behavior to authorities. Doctors are trying to determine if something environmental or viral may be at work, but urged residents not to panic.

“It’s important to note that beyond the nudity, there seems to be no other ill effects to anyone who is effected with whatever is causing this, there is no reason to be alarmed.” Dr Carmichael said.

We reached out to the CDC but they declined to comment on this piece before being published.

That article was posted earlier this evening, Howell was only a few miles away but Donna hadn’t heard anything about this. None of the local news reported it.

Donna took another sip and read a few more articles, but didn’t get any more information than what the first article posted. She clicked over to her messenger client and saw Brent was on from upstairs.

<Donna> I thought you were sleeping?

<Brent> I got distracted, you're still up?

<Donna> Reading some news, need anything from down here? I'm going to head up to bed

<Brent> A beer, maybe?

<Donna> Ok, but you owe me one

This wasn’t an unusual request, though the fact she was going to deliver it naked certainly was different. She closed her laptop and topped off her wine glass with a fresh bottle and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

Donna was contemplating what was going to happen now, would she be able to do it, or would she throw on a housecoat before she brought it to him? Would he be naked and still rock hard? The possibilities were dizzying. No doubt Brent, if he were still naked was sitting in his room wondering the same sort of things.

She slowly and purposefully walked up the stairs, Brent’s door was closed now, this made Donna just a bit nervous. Why was his door now closed? Under the door she saw the lights were still off. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The door opened and Brent looked out into the hallway to see his mother completely naked, offering him a beer with her own wine glass in her hand. Donna saw her son completely naked, with a cock pointing out and directly at her. They both looked at each other for several beats before Brent took the beer from her hand.

“Thanks mom, ready for bed?” Brent asked sheepishly.

“Looks like you are too, honey” Donna replied with a grin.

“Did your clothes feel like they were suffocating you too?” Brent asked after opening the beer and taking a large swallow.

“It felt exactly like that, when did it start?” Donna asked.

“Right around the time I got home, you?” Brent asked.

“Maybe an hour after you went upstairs, I looked online and this isn’t an isolated incident. There’s been something like ten police calls indecency in Howell this week.” Donna said.

They contemplated this for a few moments before either of them spoke.

“You look amazing,” Brent voice was drooling as he grabbed his cock, almost like he was trying to stop it from jumping off his body and impaling his mother pussy.

“Thank you honey, you look very too.” Donna responded, feeling that full-body blush return. The arousal of exhibitionism and voyeurism at the same time, as she saw her son touching his cock right in front of her.

After a few moments standing in silence, Donna tried to resist the urge to touch her clit, though she finally gave in and stealthily rubbed herself slightly, giving herself only a tiny bit of stimulation. “What have you been doing, baby?” Donna asked.

“Uhh… I got upstairs and I had this overpowering urge to strip naked and shave my cock” Brent trailed off as the felt the bare patch of skin that he had recently cleared of hair.

“So you don’t normally shave it off?” Donna asked.

Brent shook his head. “No, this was the first time, it was almost like the hair itself was irritating me,” it was dark but it looked like he was looking at her bare pussy. “Did you have to shave too?” he asked.

“No, I had electrolysis on all the hair below my waist, mommy has been totally smooth for a few months,” the way she said mommy made her feel like this was totally wrong, but it turned her on at the exact same time. “So what did you do after you shaved?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“I jacked off for like an hour with the door open, hoping you would catch me” Brent contemplated that for a few moments, “I don’t know why, but the idea of being caught was… is… very appealing” Brent was perfectly describing exactly how Donna was feeling.

Donna nodded vigorously, “I know exactly what you mean… I caught you but you were busy on the computer, I had to go into the bathroom and had to pull down my yoga pants to relieve some of the heat before I went to my bedroom.”

Brent was surprised by the admission, “That’s exactly how it happened for me, when I saw your ass in those pants, I got warm all over and had to get naked.”

“What kind of porn were you jacking off with? I’ve always been a little curious,” Donna seized the opportunity to sate some of the questions she’d been curious about.

“MILFs” Brent responded with only a moment hesitation, as if the last throws of his resistance were falling away.

Her eyebrow raised, “Really? And you’ve been at it for, like two hours now?”

He nodded slowly, his hand touching his cock and then pulling away, remembering his mother was in front of him.

A distance voice in her mind was screaming for her to stop, but it was getting more distant by the moment.

“Wow, you must be throbbing by now,” Donna said, she thought she might have licked her lips, but it may have only been in her imagination.

He nodded again, Donna couldn’t figure out if he was embarrassed or just too horny to put words together. Since she was feeling no shame she assumed it was the latter of the two options.

“Are you embarrassed right now?” Donna asked him, trying to read his expression.

“Surprisingly, not even a little bit… would you like to see what I was watching?” Brent asked.

It was now Donna’s turn to nod.

“Want me to put it on my TV?” he asked his mother, who was looking for a place to sit.

“Sure,” Donna answered and made herself comfortable on the opposite side of Brent’s on his queen-size bed. His arching hard-on was very apparent now.

Brent pressed play and the porn started. It was a taboo scene with Brandi Love. Donna had seen this video because a friend had told her that she reminded her of Brandi Love. This caused Donna to go on a spree of watching her videos, they did look remarkably alike, but Donna figured Brandi had bigger boobs and was a little more toned than she was.

“This is a good one,” Donna said, completely surprising her son with the words.

“You’ve seen this video?” Brent asked.

“Yeah, a friend told me I looked like her, so I checked a bunch of her videos out,” Donna said as a matter of fact. “I think I have this one on my laptop.”

“No way,” Brent said, not believing it.

“Wanna bet?” Donna asked.

“No, but I do want you to prove it!” Brent said.

“Let’s go downstairs,” Donna said standing up and walking out of the bedroom. It felt so natural to be totally naked, she walked around with an extra spring in her step.

They both made their way to the kitchen and sat next to each other, while Donna navigated her porn collection, eventually loading the exact video that he had been playing on his television.

“We had the exact same video?” Brent asked, stunned by the fact.

Donna was a little stunned herself, what were the chances of them having the exact same video on their computers?

“It looks like we did, is it just me or do you have an urge to go outside too?” Donna asked and without warning, Brent grabbed one her breasts in his hand a squeezed it.

“Ooh my god, we shouldn’t do this,” Donna was unable to resist, her finger began working her clit as her pussy dripped even harder than it had been.

“I know, it’s wrong, it’s so bad, but mommy you feel so good,” the inflection in his voice told her that he said it on purpose, he meant it to be nasty and taboo. The fact that it was turning them both on only made it worse and hotter, all at the same time.

Donna grabbed Brent’s cock and squeezed it, every drop of hesitation melted away.

“Your cock is so fucking hard, baby,” her turn to up the ante in the situation. Brent’s eyes rolled back in his head as his mother stroked his cock expertly.

Brent moved his hand in front of his mother’s pussy, he hesitated a moment before placing two fingers against her pussy.

“Your pussy is so wet,” Brent moaned as he played with her.

The two of them explored each other for quite some time, relishing the firmness and wetness of the other.

“What is happening to us?” Brent asked Donna.

“I don’t know, there’s apparently something that’s causing this,” she thought about the article she had read earlier and got extremely aroused by the thought.

“It’s been causing people to walk around outside naked and police have been called ten times in the last week because of it,” Donna added as she gently stroked her son’s cock, she fanned herself with her free hand, finding the warmth returning from when she was clothed overcoming her again.

“Are you getting warm too?” Brent asked her as he fanned himself in mirror of his mother.

Donna nodded and Brent glanced out the window to their backyard.

Their backyard looked like many others, reasonably sized above ground pool and fencing that gave the backyard barely any privacy. All of the other homes in the area had mandated fence heights so from the small deck you could see most of the backyards for the other homes on the street and the other side as well.

“Maybe the pool could cool us down” Brent stated as glanced back at the window.

“That’s a very good idea!” Donna stood, allowing Brent to admire his mother’s body for a few moments before she offered her hands to help him off the couch. When Brent stood, his cock pointed directly at his mother as she lead the way to the back porch.

Donna unlocked and opened the door to the backyard and with no hesitation stepped outside. They were both cooled down the moment their bodies exited the house, it was as if whatever was causing clothing to be intolerable was now having other effects on them.

Brent sat back on one of the deck reclining chairs, enjoying the feel of the air against his nude skin. His hand moved to his cock and held it tightly at the base as he looked up, seeing his mother completely nude and watching what he was doing.

He stroked his cock for several minutes as Donna looked on, getting more and more hunger in her eyes, mirroring the way that Brent was looking at her.

It was strange to suddenly look at someone so differently that you had known you entire life. The looks they were exchanging were carnal and a total departure in the way that they had looked at one another before. The suppressed urge may have always existed within them, but it was never consciously accepted, until now.

Donna straddled her son and placed his cock against his pelvis, pressing her pussy against it to hold it down. She began thrusting her hips back and forth, rubbing the outside of her pussy against her son’s hard cock. Brent used his hands to explore his mother’s body, holding her bountiful breasts in his hands as she ground her pussy against him, dripping her juices onto him and making his cock glisten.

Brent lifted his head up and grabbed his mother’s head and pulled her towards him, placing a deep kiss on her lips, their tongues explored each other’s mouth and the erotic taste of forbidden lust made it even more exciting. It felt as though Brent’s cock was going to burst with the blood that was rushing to it, every fiber of his body was telling him that this was what he was supposed to be doing, even if his mind knew it was wrong.

Donna’s hands were placed on Brent’s chest, she enjoyed the way her hands felt against his chest, the muscles tensing with each hip gyration.

Suddenly with one fluid motion, Brent grabbed his mother’s ass and pulled her forward, repositioning his cock and placing the head of his cock against the hole he came from. For a moment the magnitude of his next action seemed to make him pause, but when Donna looked at him, all that lust in her eyes, he knew what to do and let go of his mother’s ass.

Donna’s hips pulled back and her pussy swallowed up his cock fully.

It felt perfect.

They both moaned in pleasure without moving, holding onto the feelings their bodies were giving them.

“My god baby, I would have had you fuck me years ago had I known you fit so perfectly,” Donna couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth.

“Oh mom, if I had known how good your pussy felt, I would have asked to use it years ago,” Brent also seemed surprised at the naked honesty.

There was a noise in the distance.

Brent reflexively looked out over the mass of suburbia in the form of dozens of identically fenced and decorated backyards and saw a light on the deck of the backyard lot directly adjacent to them, there were two women outside on a deck just like theirs. They were waving at them.

“You know who they are?” Brent asked and Donna shook her head and angled her body to wave back at them and keep Brent’s cock inside her.

The two girls waved back, breasts obviously jiggling as they waved, even from this distance it was obvious that they weren’t wearing bikinis, they were naked.

Donna bounced several times on Brent’s cock, causing them both to moan in pleasure, not caring that there were people watching their incest happen live from about a hundred feet away.

The girls in the other lot moved towards the fence separating them and were doing something that neither Donna or Brent could see from this side.

Brent started thrusting his hips up to match Donna’s pace as she rode him, their bodies were in sync as they fucked each other.

It wasn’t until a minute or two later that they heard one of the wooden slats being removed from the fence separating the two backyards. Once the board had been removed, the two girls filed through the tiny opening.

Brent and Donna saw them more clearly as they approached, they looked to be late teens probably both 18, Donna guessed, maybe sisters with their similar body types. Both were around 5’6” with brunette hair and rather petite frames, probably A-cups from the look of them. Donna couldn’t help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy glancing back at them with their almost complete lack of body fat, but she was consoled by her own perfectly sized breasts.

Once they were close enough to walk up the stairs, it was obvious that they had to be related, their physical attributes were too similar to be chance, each was wearing nothing but sneakers and a messenger bag, and both had a perfectly shaved pussy.

“Hey there!” the first one said as she made it to the top of the stairs. “I’m Jane, and this is my sister Olivia,” the other sister waved.

“I’m Donna and this is my son, Brent” Donna said with her son’s cock buried deeply inside her. “Nudity really seems to be spreading, doesn’t it?”

The older looking sister seemed to do all the talking, “Yup, Nude Plague is taking over.”

“Nude Plague?” Brent asked as he thrust his hips and Donna moaned in pleasure.

“Yeah, you don’t know about it?” Jane replied and Brent shook his head. “Well, nobody knows where it came from, but it seems to be spread easily from person to person,” Jane explained.

“I heard someone say they thought it was airborne,” Olivia added.

“I read in a newspaper article that they didn’t know what it was?” Donna asked, continuing to grind her hips.

“They don’t want people to panic,” Olivia said.

“Olivia, not everything is a conspiracy,” Jane continued, “though they are being pretty cagey about what’s really going on, they’re scrambling because the virus affects so many systems in the body.”

“Is it dangerous?” Brent asked with some concern, almost forgetting he was fucking his mother.

“Nothing so far seems to be negative, every side effect seems to be beneficial,” Jane said.

“Every side-effect? There are more?” Donna asked, now being the one concerned.

“Is this the first night you’ve been effected by the Nude Plague?” Jane asked looking at the sex going on in front of her, already knowing the answer to the question.

Both Brent and Donna nodded.

“Ok, this might take a little to explain, so why don’t we wait for a little while,” with a grin, Jane knelt behind Donna and placed her chest against her back and her hands over her breasts from behind giving them a squeeze and then proceeded to nibble on her neck.

Donna moaned in ecstasy and ground her pussy deeply down on Brent’s throbbing cock, she could feel the pulse of blood through it from between her legs.

Olivia straddled Brent’s face and facing away from him, she lowered her pussy right over his mouth to see if he would accept the offer and he did. Her young, bare pussy tasted heavenly as licked her clit and pussy lips with ease, spreading her lips to facilitate the oral he was giving her.

Anyone looking out their window would have seen the four-some going on, Donna thought it looked a little bit like some of the porn she would sometime watch. Lesbian or multiple girls with one guy were a favorite type of porn for her, she always held a little bit of bisexuality she never acted on, at least, not until now.

“Your breasts are amazing, Donna,” Jane said as she massaged the nipples and gently bit her neck, rubbing her hands over Donna perfectly sized globes.

Donna’s eyes rolled back in pleasure, unable to respond coherently.

“Oh my god, Jane, he’s really good, you should try,” Olivia said as she pulled her pussy away from Brent’s face and moved her body forward to meet Donna at Brent’s abs. Donna moaned as Jane pulled her hands away from her breasts and her lips away from her neck and took up Olivia’s position on Brent’s face.

“Oh not so fast, mom, you’re going to make me cum if you keep riding me like that,” Brent moaned out before Jane’s bare pussy pressed onto his lips and he started licking. Donna slowed her pace and Olivia took her turn at playing with Donna’s perky breasts, squeezing them and then giving them each kisses and licks.

“Do you like fucking your mommy’s pussy?” Jane asked Brent between the moans she kept making, Brent only licked faster in the affirmative.

“Do you like having your son’s cock in your pussy? Is it really hard?” Olivia followed her sister’s lead in talking dirty to them, she then put her fingers into her pussy, getting them wet and placed them between Donna’s legs, teasing her clit.

Donna moaned out in pleasure, “Oh god, I’m cumming,” she pushed down her pelvis, taking in every inch of Brent’s cock she could get.

Brent felt his mother’s pussy clench tightly onto his cock as she came, the feeling was too much.

“Oh fuck,” Brent groaned and let himself finally ejaculate into his mother. He didn’t miss a beat in licking Jane’s pussy.

“Oh my god you squirted your load into your mom, I bet you feel like such a dirty boy,” Jane said in a very teasing way, Brent felt her leak even more wetness onto him when she said it which made him work even harder on her slit.

“Mmmmmm, right there, right there, yes, don’t stop” Jane moaned and came hard, grinding her pussy into Brent’s talented mouth, her orgasm seemed to go on for several minutes. When she was done, she dismounted Brent’s face and gave him a deep kiss.

“You lick pussy like a girl, someone spent a lot of time teaching proper form, didn’t they?” Jane whispered into Brent’s ear.

“Ex-girlfriend,” Brent said nodding.

“Want to make me cum?” Olivia asked to Donna, climbing off Brent. She sat in one of the other chairs and spread her legs. Donna obliged and got up off Brent’s cock, kneeled between Olivia’s young legs and started licking.

“Nice cock too,” Jane said as she checked out Brent’s still rock hard cock, This was the first time she saw it, she got down on her knees next to the cock and examined it closely. “Are you always this hard even after cumming?”

“Yeah,” he responded, “takes a while for it to go back down.”

“You’re just as good as your son,” Olivia said and both Jane and Brent watched as Donna worked Olivia’s pussy expertly. This was her first time giving a girl oral, but she already had a pretty good idea what she liked.

“We should help,” Brent said as he stood up, and knelt next to the chair. He started alternately making out with Olivia and sucking on her left breast as his mother pleasured her. Jane decided to chip-in and alternated kissing her sister and licking her right breast.

Occasionally Brent and Jane would go to kiss Olivia and would start making out with each other instead while she watched them and writhed in pleasure.

After several minutes of multiple mouths pleasuring her body, she started cumming. She didn’t have to say she was cumming, it was obvious from the noises she was making.

“Ok, I give up,” she begged as Donna kept working on her, finally Donna obliged and stopped giving her head.

“Who else needs a drink?” Donna asked the group.

Everyone nodded and the group made there way into the house.

“Leave the door open, you won’t get the hot flashes if there’s enough air flow,” Jane said and Donna left the door open.

“We have beer and wine,” Donna said and grabbed herself a glass for wine, she felt a drip of cum down her leg and remembered she needed to use the bathroom. She excused herself and Brent got everyone drinks.

Olivia asked for wine, Jane asked for beer.

They all sat in the dining room, enjoying their drinks and the cool air that was passing through the door.

“You were telling us about the Nude Plague?” Brent said after everyone was seated.

“Right,” Jane paused and pulled a cell phone out of her messenger bag and clicked on it, cleared her throat and started reading:

“Once the viral load reaches a critical mass, all that is required is a sudden flood of dopamine to activate it. All subjects with the pathogen report a moment of arousal cascading quickly into an extreme state of hyper-sexuality almost immediately after.”

“It is interesting to note that a lack of sunlight seems to catalyze the effect. No reports of viral activation have been reported during daylight hours to date.”

“Once the virus activates, changes are noted in the brain and body, though the extents of which are as of yet unknown. The majority of our information is self-reported by sufferers of the virus, though it is interesting to note, none have reported their condition to be anything but positive.”

“The most obvious symptom is a rejection of clothing, all reporters had removed all clothing within two hours of initial activation.”

“Public and body hair removal follows, along with a rejection of traditional societal taboos. The subject is aware of their behavior and its deviancy but is unable or unwilling to resist it.”

“This most commonly presents as taboo familial sexual contact and public nudity,” Jane read the line and paused for a moment, looking at Brent and Donna. “Most interestingly, taboo sexual contact appears limited to only sexually mature members of a family, as yet no reported cases have been reported in sexuality immature individuals. This would lead this researcher to believe that there is a sexual hormone or pheromone component to the virus which allows the carriers to subconsciously detect other carriers or excludes immature individuals as sexual partners.”

“There’s more but it gets really boring,” Jane finished reading and looked at Brent and Donna for comment.

“Where did you get that?” Donna asked.

“Our mom and dad are working on this for the CDC, they’ve been in Washington for the last week, we found this a couple nights ago in Mom’s email after we first noticed symptoms.”

“Do they know you’re infected?” Brent asked.

Olivia and Jane shook their heads.

“It’s true about the sexually immature not being affected, our sister Susan is 14 and hasn’t shown any symptoms at all. We don’t have any urge at all to corrupt her. Though we do have the urge to corrupt each other,” Olivia added and flashed an evil grin at her sister.

Donna looked at her watch and saw that it was quite late, she wondered how she was going to be able to work in the morning, naked and with very little sleep.

“Oh my god it’s late, there’s no way I’m going to be able to work in the morning,” Donna said.

“Don’t worry about it, one of the side-effects seems to be that you need less sleep. If you get two hours, you’ll feel fine, your dreams will be quite vivid, too” Jane said, taking a sip of her beer.

“Will I want to wear clothes in the morning?” Donna seemed to ask as an afterthought, deciding it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker to go to work nude. The idea turned her on, there were few of the guys at work who would have probably loved to see her naked.

“Once there’s daylight, it seems like the extreme nudity urge goes away, there’s something about sunlight that seems to stop the virus,” Jane explained.

“So in the morning, everything will be back to normal?” Brent asked.

“More or less, though you might feel a little conflicted about shooting a load into your mom,” Olivia said as she winked at Brent.

Brent’s cock, which had finally softened, immediately stiffened again. No one noticed because they were all sitting at the dining room, though.

Donna blushed a bit remembering how well his cock filled her up.

“Well, I need to be up in a little over two hours, so I should be getting to bed, it was lovely to meet you ladies, feel free to come on by tomorrow night, I’ll pick up some more wine on my way home,” Donna raised her glass to Olivia and they clinked them together.

“Yeah, we should probably get to bed for class in the morning,” with that Jane and Olivia drained the last of their drinks and excused themselves.

“Oh, sleep with the window open, otherwise you’re going to wake up every five minutes,” Jane added as they walked out the backdoor.

Donna headed upstairs to bed, and Brent followed her up the stairs and to his own bedroom. The moment Donna’s head hit the pillow she immediately fell asleep and dreamt of hard cocks and wet pussies.

Brent stayed awake for a little while, doing reading on the Nude Plague. He didn’t have class until the afternoon, so sleeping wasn’t a huge concern for him.

The only thing he was able to find were general articles about the pattern of public nudity incidents increasing, he found the same article Donna had read earlier and wondered how long it would take before there were too many people infected to suppress the story.

Loaded up the video he had started watching with his mother on his television at a low volume. Normally he would have watched it on mute, but he had no such reservations anymore.

His cock sprung back to life as soon as it started and he saw Brandi Love’s body, it reminded him of his earlier action. Brent applied lube to his cock and started jacking off as he watched the video, alternately being focused on the action in the scene and his memory of the sex from earlier.

The stroke session lasted for as long as the video, which was around thirty-minutes long. He dedicated himself to holding back his load until the son in the video squirted as well. Normally he tried to ignore cocks in porn, but now he was intently focused on the cock, trying to mimic how that cock would be feeling with his own hand as he watched the video. He knew when the cum-shot was going to happen so he prepped himself to synchronize with it.

The moment the cock on-screen squirted, so did he, the pleasure jets squirting from his cock seemed more intense than normal, he shot quite a bit more cum than he normally would. This was strange because normally sex would empty his balls and he would barely shoot any cum the second or third time around and this was even more than his normal after several days without cumming.

Brent used several tissues to clean himself up and fell almost immediately to sleep, dreaming of MILFs and Teens.

Donna woke up refreshed a little under two hours after she fell asleep, it was still a little dark outside and she was still nude as she walked into the bathroom and started up the shower. On her way in she peeked her head into Brent’s room and found him naked and asleep on top of his covers. Normally she would have put her housecoat on for the walk from her bedroom to the bathroom, but she didn’t have any urge to do so this particular morning.

After she was done with the shower, she toweled herself dry and hung the wet towel on its hook. She admired her nude body in the mirror as she put on some light makeup.

She headed downstairs to start her coffeemaker and turned on the television to watch the early news report. The fact that she had forgotten a step in her typical morning routine hadn’t dawned on her at all. Coffee in hand, she sat back on the couch to see what was going on in the world this morning.

Donna would normally watch about a half-hour of news to catch up on the world before her day started. She crossed her legs on the couch and sipped her coffee, oblivious to the fact that she was still completely nude.

There was nothing about the Nude Plague on the news, not that she expected there to be any. Once the sun started to flood into the living room, it slowly dawned on her that she had forgotten her clothing.

Was this still the Nude Plague? She had no way to know.

There was the fast rush up to her bedroom to throw an outfit on, she went with a nice blouse and skirt. She thought for a moment about just completely eschewing a bra but she thought better of it. A girl with her rack like hers would get quite a few sideways glances if she were to do that, but it was still a tempting idea.

All of the things she did last night seemed to flood into her mind as she went through the motions of getting dressed, something she had done so many times before.

Touching Brent’s cock, taking every inch of it into her pussy, licking young teenage pussy, every perfect and deviant minute of it.

She mused that perhaps the virus was suppressing the part of her mind that processed feelings of guilt. If that was the case it wasn’t touching the excitement caused by engaging in those same forbidden acts. None of the emotions she expected from her behavior last night seemed to have any hold on her. When she thought about it, there was only the intellectual thought that she should be embarrassed or ashamed but she couldn’t find it in herself to feel that way.

If anything, she was thinking about what would happen next.

Brent woke up without his alarm going off, this was abnormal for him as it usually took several tries to get him up in the mornings. He felt still slightly drunk from earlier this morning, but otherwise quite good.

His cock throbbed at the thought of the previous night’s activities.

He liked MILF porn, that much was true but he never in a million years thought about doing anything with his mother, at least, maybe not consciously. Maybe there was something to the fact that one of his favorite porn-stars bared a resemblance to his mother, but it wasn’t anything he ever willfully contemplated. At least it was nothing he considered before last night.

Now the idea turned him on more than he ever thought could be possible. His mother was a MILF, several of his friends liked mention that to him, frequently. They would come to his house because she would be typically be lounging around the house in her yoga pants or shorts and the teenage boys would drool and then go home to jack off. He had been asked on more than one occasion if he had ever found any dirty pics of her on their computer or in a shoebox somewhere, though he never had.

Brent showered and got dressed, it seemed that the Nude Plague had subsided in him. He came downstairs, made a travel mug of coffee and was out the door.

Deep inside of a mountain in a top-secret laboratory, a single scientist toiled in silence.

A previous presidential administration had commissioned a study of a viral samples found in a crater from a meteorite that had impacted the Earth several thousand years prior. It was only secret because most viral research outside the norm typically was. Little progress on any of the samples was made and the scientists working on the project were reassigned to other projects in other locations. The research base was decommissioned and no further work was sent to it, on paper the project was dead.

In some fluke of bureaucracy, a single researcher remained assigned to a decommissioned lab and continued to receive a governmental paycheck along with an annual cost of living adjustment. No one ever came to examine the work being done because the lab didn’t exist beyond a project code-word. The project file, had anyone ever gone to the vault that contained it, would show that a single individual was still tasked to the project, Dr. Gretchen Mobry.

Dr. Mobry was happy working by herself, she tended to make the most productive progress when she wasn’t bothered. When supervisors or officials stopped coming to ask about her progress, it never even occurred to her to ask why.

Eventually she realized that the project had been forgotten about, which was just as well because she was making little progress. The samples were complex and difficult to make sense of but Gretchen liked puzzles and kept working.

The sample that was particularly vexing to Gretchen was a virus seemed to only be infectious to humans and beyond that, it was impossible to tell. She was unable to infect an animal and have the virus take hold so she could record the symptoms, so all she could do was test her theories in test tubes with human cells, but none ever worked.

One evening while she was taking a shower, she had an epiphany and drove to the lab to investigate it. The first hurdle of why the virus was unable to infect humans became clear after working all night and into the next day on the problem.

Sex hormones were the missing piece, specifically human sexual hormones from sexually mature individuals. When she added the proper mix of hormones to the virus culture, the virus activated and could be observed, and what she saw surprised and shocked her.

It was almost as if the virus were designed to work only on humans, which seemed strange from samples taken from meteorite that ultimately came from somewhere in deep space several thousand years ago.

After a month of exhaustive study after her initial breakthrough, she had a rough idea of how the virus worked.

The virus was beneficial in its function, every test she performed led her to believe that the virus would actually be positive for a human host, rather than negative. It followed none of the typical patterns for a pathogenic virus and for that reason alone it was worthy of far more study.

All she was sure of was that it wouldn’t kill her in any way that she could determine, after considering it for several days, she decided to infect herself.

If she hadn’t been the only one working on the project, had there been other scientists to discuss the problem with, or even a chain of command to stop her from taking wild risks, it might never have happened.

At 11:52PM Pacific Standard Time, almost five weeks since her initial breakthrough, Dr Gretchen Mobry became Nude Plague Patient Zero.

Donna shook twenty-three hands over the course of the day. When she went to lunch, she handed money to the cashier and got her change. The same at the liquor store, where she bought several bottles of wine and a case of beer for Brent.

The virus stayed virulent for several minutes on most surfaces, so each bottle she touched, every door handle, every hand she shook had the possibility to be infected by the Nude Plague. As she did her daily work she was shedding the virus, infecting almost everyone she came into contact with.

Brent’s day went as normal, he went to school, sat in desks and said Hi to people he knew. While he was in class, he checked out several of the girls who were in shorts and skirts, it was warm so they were trying to stay cool.

What Brent didn’t know was this arousal caused a change to the virulence of the virus. During periods of heightened sexual stimulation, the hormone flood caused the virus to be reinforced and able to stay active in the water vapor he was exhaling. This created a cloud of active virus surrounding him, and in the smallish confines of the classroom, his erection was the catalyst for a large number of infections.

Dozens of students per class inhaled the virus and once inside the nose spread throughout the body. The virus was slow at first, but once a critical number had been established, all that was required was the hormone flood to fully activate it.

Without any of their knowledge, everyone in each of the classrooms had become sexual time-bombs waiting to go off. It was no longer a question of whether they would get naked, it was only a question of when.

During a free hour, Brent went to the library to wait for his next class and play on his cell phone. He noticed a girl in very short shorts and a tank top who was wandering around looking for a book. She had tattoos up and down her arms and Brent was enthralled with her, his cock was throbbing hard at seeing her bend over to look for whatever book she was trying to find.

When she glanced at the cluster of chairs, she saw Brent attempting to be inconspicuous as he intently watched her. She grinned at him and gave him a wink.

Perfect body with pink hair, pale with dark eye shadow and her glasses and sneakers matched her hair color perfectly.

It was strange because Brent normally went for tanned girls, not tattooed pale girls but he couldn’t help but stare at this one. Even after she caught him, he would have normally looked back at his cell phone or anything but continue staring, but he couldn’t. All he could do was blush and smile at her.

The virus cloud would have been uncontrollable at this point, he didn’t know he was infecting everyone from the librarian to the students on the desktop computers working on projects. Even if he had known, he probably wouldn’t have cared, he was too turned on.

The girl seemed to eye him up and down as well, his erection was obvious in his own shorts, he thought he looked pretty good today, though his sex drive was insane since last night.

She found the book she was looking for and approached the empty seat neat to Brent’s. As she got closer, he felt the heat and blush throughout his body.

It felt like last night.

The girl seemed to also be flushing red as she sat down and was fanning herself with the book she had picked up.

“I’m Mary,” she said, still fanning herself.

“I’m Brent,” he said, doing the same.

Mary stood up and stepped a few paces away from him, and Brent felt relief as the heat seemed to subside. Then she walked towards him and the heat returned, so she stepped back.

Something was happening and neither of them had any idea what.

“I have to go to class, here’s my number,” Brent said as he wrote down his phone number on a slip of paper and held it up for Mary to see.

“I do too,” Mary said as she pulled out her cell phone and typed the number in. Brent left the library and went into the Men’s bathroom.

He sat in one of the stalls as he tried to catch his breath. It was overwhelming, just like last night. His phone vibrated and he pulled it out.

<Mary> Download this ->

Brent had used Threema before, it was a secure messaging client designed for secure communication. He gave her his user ID and they moved their chat there.

<Mary> What. The. Fuck.

<Brent> I was hoping you could tell me.

<Mary> NP?

<Brent> NP?

<Mary> Nude Plague, you infected?

<Brent> Yeah, last night was the first time for me, you too?

<Mary> Yeah, Nothing is supposed to happen during the day! 

<Brent> I have no idea, makes me nervous I'm gonna strip my clothes off in class.

<Mary> Me too, we should probably keep a pretty good distance.

<Brent> If we can keep our clothes on at the library, it would probably be a good thing.

<Mary> I'm going to ask if anyone has experienced this on /r/NudePlague

<Brent> There's a subreddit? Invite-only?

<Mary> Send your email address and I'll send you an invite, use a disposable email and a VPN if you can.

Brent sent his disposable email address to her and sat in the bathroom for a while before his next class. He connected to his VPN and joined the Nude Plague group. There weren’t very many posts yet, just initial carriers trying to get information, he already knew all the information that had been posted from his surfing the night before. He found it interesting that Mary was paranoid about it being known as a carrier.

[Text] Daytime Nude Plague?

submitted 5 minutes ago by MaryMaryQuiteContrary

I was wondering if anyone has noticed the flush when meeting someone who was also infected but during the day? This happened to me today, and I’ve not read it happening anywhere before.

There were no comments yet, but Brent figured he’d up vote and comment.

NudePlagueBrent 1 point right now.

I’m curious as well, since I was the someone who she is talking about. As soon as she got within five feet of me, it was like last night all over again.

He submitted his answer and headed to class. Mary and Brent kept chatting throughout the day between classes, chatting about the Nude Plague and what it had done to them.

Mary had sex with her brother, Brent talked about how he had sex with his mother and the two girls who had come by. They theorized how they were infected, no one seemed to know how it was spread, overall consensus seemed to be that it was very early and more information would be available soon.

<Mary> Check the post

<Brent> Looking

Brent loaded up the post and checked for answers.

DrPatientZero 5 points 10 minutes ago.

My hypothesis is that the two of you would have normally been attracted to one another, even without the Nude Plague. Your pheromone detection and production has been amplified, and the interaction between your body chemistries has caused you to swiftly move into Phase 2 faster than normal.

I suspect it will be difficult for you to keep your distance, as I’m sure you’ve already planned. I’d love for you to keep me informed. Please message me privately.

Brent wasn’t sure to be excited or nervous. Whoever this responder was, they had some detailed information on the Plague.

<Mary> This guy seems to know what's up.

<Brent> Yeah, think they're really Patient Zero?

<Mary> Maybe, you think they intentionally infected people with this?

<Brent> If everyone was infected, it would sure change the world, wouldn't it?

<Mary> Teacher is giving me a dirty look, talk later

<Brent> Yeah

Brent and Mary spoke off and on for the rest of the day, Brent walked into his last class and towards the front of the room, he caught a glimpse of Mary in the front row.

<Brent> Uh oh

<Mary> What?

<Brent> Look behind you

Brent sat in the back of the class, as far as he could place himself away from Mary. When she looked back her eyes widened at the problem that had just walked into her Internet Security class.

<Mary> Let's hope a couple rows of desks is good enough

<Brent> Yeah

Both Brent and Mary felt occasional flashes of warmth as they sat several feet away from each other, trying to listen to the lecture. Towards the end of class they started their conversation again.

<Mary> You leave first, I'll wait five minutes and go.

<Brent> Will do

Once the class was finally over, Brent practically tackled someone to get out the door and headed to outside to his car.

<Mary> Think it will be as bad outside?

<Brent> Maybe not?

<Mary> I'm parked at the East Lot

<Brent> Me too.

Brent sat on the hood of his car, waiting to see Mary when she came out the door. They saw each other and she started walking towards him.

She got within 10 feet of him.

“Hey,” Mary said from a distance.

Brent moved a little closer and both kept moving until an almost palpable wave of heat stopped them in their tracks. They stood about two feet away from one another, they were close enough to touch, but didn’t dare try.

“Wow,” Brent said, dumbfounded by the strength of the attraction, but also the wall of heat that seemed to separate them.

Mary nodded, also surprised at what she was feeling.

“I want to get naked, right now,” he said, fanning himself, trying to dissipate some heat.

“So do I, maybe we should just get naked,” Mary said and surprised herself by the suggestion, it was as if she wasn’t even in control of her own mouth.

“This is crazy,” Brent eyed up Mary as she did the same to him.

“I should go, I’ll talk to you later,” Mary backed away and clicked her remote to unlock her car. Quickly she got inside and closed the door.

Brent did the same, turning on the Air Conditioner as high as it would go and drove, thinking about the strangeness of the situation the entire way home. He turned on the radio, expecting to hear a news report about the Nude Plague and how it seemed to be infecting the world, if the two of them were independently infected, more were probably close behind.

Maybe people were keeping it secret, he surely wasn’t wearing a “Nude Plague” button, so maybe they weren’t the only ones around. He contemplated the message he would send to the claimed Patient Zero doctor when he got home. He had a lot of questions and right now, very few answers.

He must have arrived home at about the same time as Mary because as soon as he pulled into the drive-way, he got a message from her.

<Mary> I bet you'll be busy tonight with mom, huh?

<Brent> And you with your bro too, I assume?

<Mary> Yup, maybe one of these nights we should set them up with each other? ;)

<Brent> That could work

<Mary> Maybe we should take pics of them and see if they're interested tonight?

<Brent> That could work, you respond to the Doctor yet?

<Mary> Not yet, I'm sitting in my drive way

<Brent> LOL, same here, time to go inside. Be interesting to see if it's awkward with mom.

<Mary> I know the feeling.

Brent grabbed his bag and walked into the house, Donna was putting away the liquor she had purchased at the store a little while earlier.

“Hey hon, how was school?” she asked him.

“Strange, very strange,” Brent shook his head as he grabbed a soda, thought better of it and grabbed one of his beers instead.

Donna focused on Brent and was momentarily overwhelmed by the memory of having his cock inside her, it quickly subsided. Brent for his part seemed to have a similar experience, flushing for a moment and then quickly recovering.

“Well, I met a girl…” Brent said and let the words linger for a moment before continuing. “And when she was within a few feet of me, it felt like last night.”

“That is strange,” Donna said nodding, happy he had met someone, but concerned about the Nude Plague.

“Apparently she’s infected too, activated last night, we managed to stay a few feet away and trade phone numbers, but the last class was a little hard to manage,” Brent said.

“You have a class together? You better get there early so you can stake out seats on opposite sides of the room!” Donna said with a grin, wondering how the school would react to two student stripping off all their clothes in front of everyone.

“Yeah, we had to coordinate our exits to make sure we didn’t get too close” Brent explained.

“You should invite her over, I’d love to meet her,” Donna said, and Brent was surprised at how eager she sounded.

“I’ll ask her, she might have to bring her brother, he was also activated last night” Brent said without commentary.

Donna’s eyebrow raised, she understood the implication, she felt a little less self-conscious knowing that the incest seemed to be rampant with the Nude Plague infected. “Tell her to bring him too, if she wants.”

Brent pulled out his laptop at the kitchen table and loaded up his VPN software, pulling up Reddit once he was done connecting. He also opened a OTR client, opening a chat to Mary but receiving a message the moment he connected.

<Mary> I got word back from the doctor

<Brent> That was fast

<Mary> Yeah, he claims to be Patient Zero. Won't really give me any additional details yet, but he is interested in hearing about our progress. He said the likelihood of two people with compatible biochemistries at this stage is quite low.

<Brent> At this stage?

<Mary> Yeah, I didn't get a chance to ask about that yet, will let you know.

<Brent> My mom said she'd like to meet you. And to bring your brother if you want.

<Mary> I'll ask him.

Brent searched his computer for a picture of just his mom, found one of her lounging around the house from a few weeks ago and sent it to her.

<Mary> Your mom is a MILF, you got her genes, I guess ;)

“Mom, Mary said you’re a MILF,” Brent shouted to Donna from across the room.

“Tell her thank you,” Donna couldn’t help but blush slightly at the complement. She finished filling the refrigerator and sat at the dining room across from Brent and tapped on her own screen.

Mary sent a picture of her brother in the chat, he looked good, shorter than him, but a little more athletic. Brent sent it to his mom through chat.

“Nice looking guy,” Donna said as she looked at her chat window. Her son was setting her up with a fuck buddy, it seemed. It turned her on more than she thought it should.

“I’ll pass it along,” Brent said and mentioned in chat.

<Mary> He agrees about your mom, we're gonna grab a bite to eat and maybe we could stop by. Text me your address through the other chat.

<Brent> Will do.

“She’s going to grab a bite with her brother and might stop by,” Brent said, standing up and surveying the kitchen for something to snack on.

Brent looked over at his mother and could have sworn she looked sexier today than she did yesterday. Granted he never really looked at her like that, so it was difficult to tell if it was a new thing or she had always looked like that.

“Check out my laptop, there’s a sub-reddit for the Nude Plague now,” Brent said to Donna as he found something in the freezer and started microwaving it.

Donna moved over to the laptop and scanned the postings on Brent’s computer, seeing if there was anything new that she hadn’t seen in her reading before or from the girls last night.

“Hey honey, what’s a .onion address?” Donna asked as she browsed the posts.

“It’s a dark web hidden service address, like an encrypted internet that runs on top of the existing internet, you need to run Tor to access onion addresses, why?” Brent explained.

“Someone posted this link and said that there would be Nude Plague information posted there, it’s got a lot of up votes,” Donna said as she read the comment thread.

Brent went to the computer and looked at the post over his mother’s shoulder, for a moment he looked down her blouse before he caught himself and focused on the screen.

[Link] Nude Plague Information Site

submitted 25 minutes ago by DrPatientZero

Breaking information and research can be found here: xBu7W9TswRktw6DA.onion

“Interesting, the doctor again, May I?” Brent asked as he slid the computer over to him and loaded up TorBrowser to take a look at this URL.

After a minute of connecting to relays, he entered the address into his browser and waited for it to connect. It took over a minute for the site to connect and display its contents. What Brent and Donna saw was a simple black and white page with text.

Nude Plague News

First Post +168h 17m

I am DrPatientZero and I am the discoverer of Nude Plague. First let me say that the Nude Plague is a good thing and you have nothing to fear from it. In the coming days I will share my research and reasonings for allowing the virus to breech containment.

At this moment the Nude Plague is slowly spreading across the Western States, moving east. Estimate 0.2% of population infected within those areas.


“Interesting, 0.2% seems a little low, but I suppose this town is a small part of the Western US,” Donna said, contemplating the post.

“Want me to set up TorBrowser on your laptop so you can keep an eye on the site too?” Brent asked as he went back into the kitchen and pulled his’s dinner out of the microwave and set it onto a plate.

“Please do,” Donna replied.

Brent brought his dinner to his mother’s laptop and ate as he set up the dark web browser.

“All set, all you have to do is load the TorBrowser and hit connect, once you do, you’ll be on the Dark Web,” Brent explained as he showed her how to connect to it.

“Very cloak and dagger,” Donna said, actually excited about it, Brent never really explained much of his computer work, so it was nice to get a glimpse into what he was going to school for. “Can I browse other sites with it as well?”

Brent thought about it for a moment, “Technically yes, but it’s gonna be painfully slow, if you want to securely browse, you’ll probably want a VPN and to use that phone messenger I installed for you a while ago.”

“Is that the Threema app you had me download? I think you’re still the only person I have on it,” Donna said.

“Yeah, Mary and I have been talking through it, actually,” Brent said as he set up his mother with the same VPN he was using for private browsing.

“Really? Is she doing the security classes as well?” Donna asked.

“Yeah, she seems a little paranoid about communicating unencrypted, it’s rubbing off on me a little bit, I think,” Brent said.

“It’s crossed my mind that trying to track down people carrying a virus might be pretty high on the NSA’s to do list,” Donna said, she had read without fully understanding about the NSA leaks that had occurred. She had always had a soft-spot for spy fiction, and this was spy fact so it had been especially fascinating to her.

Brent nodded, it had just crossed his mind too. They might not be right now but pretty soon, depending on the scale of the Nude Plague infected, they might try to track the infected to stop them from spreading the virus. “It would be if I were them,” Brent said.

The two of them contemplated that for a few minutes before speaking again. It hadn’t been expressed anywhere that they remembered reading, but it was a leap of logic that seemed extremely likely. It wasn’t a question of if, it was a question of when.

“So once you have all this stuff set up on my computer, I’ll be able to securely browse the internet and talk with people?” Donna asked.

“Yes,” Brent paused, contemplating whether that was really true, “More or less, for a while, at least. If someone like the NSA really wants your data, they can get it but it will take time,” he decided that was probably the most honest and accurate answer he could give her.

Donna nodded and Brent explained how to use the software he had set up for her. This only took a little while, most of the explanations were just to click a Connect button. He also showed her how to use Mailinator to set up a disposable email address and invited her to the /r/NudePlague sub-reddit with it.

She took over and set up her account, using the name DonnaMommy and signed in.

“So I’m all secure now?” Donna asked, excited by the intrigue she was now a part of.

“I think that’s everything, if you have any questions and I’m not home, just message me on Threema and I can talk you through it,” Brent said as there was a knock on the door. After the discussion of people coming to track them down, they both jumped a little bit at the surprise of the knock before they remembered that they were expecting someone.

“Probably Mary, you might want to be the one to answer it, we should keep a little bit of distance,” Brent said, immediately nervous about this particular visit.

Donna nodded with a grin and went to the door. When she reached it she looked out the peek-hole and saw a sexy guy and girl. The girl had pink hair and glasses, the guy was dressed in a T-shirt and with normal colored blond hair, spiked.

“Does Mary have pink hair?” Donna asked to Brent.

“Yes she does,” Brent replied.

Donna opened the door, “Hello there, I’m Donna, you must be Mary?” She offered her hand to Mary who shook it.

“I am, this is my brother Matt,” Mary said, and Matt held out his hand and shook Donna’s.

“Please come in, I understand you and Brent should probably keep a little bit of distance?” Donna asked, already knowing the answer.

“Probably,” Mary tilted her head around until she saw where Brent was and waved. “Hey Brent, this is my brother Matt.”

Matt followed Donna into the kitchen to where Brent was back onto his own computer, refreshing the Nude Plague News site. Mary followed behind at a safe distance, already feeling flushed, but not overwhelmingly so.

“Nice to meet you Matt,” he waved and glanced at his screen. Brent also felt the flush-wave as Mary approached, but she kept a healthy distance from him, while her brother and Donna came into the dining room.

There was still several hours of daylight left, being only 5pm in the evening by now. When Donna looked at Mary, she saw that her skin was starting to turn a light red up and down her legs and arms, the change was noticeable on her pale skin. When she looked over at Brent, it was less obvious but focusing on his exposed skin, she was sure she also noticed some flushing on him as well.

“Would you like a drink, dear?” Donna asked Mary. “You look like you could use something to cool you down.”

Mary nodded, “Anything cold is fine.”

“Beer, or wine, or soda, anything for you, Matt?” Donna asked the both of them.

“Beer would be great, thank you,” Mary replied and backed as far as she could from the center point of Brent sitting in the dining room, her back hit what she assumed was their garage door. Brent tried to move himself back from the table but found the wall stopping his retreat.

“Soda is fine,” Matt added, checking out Donna’s ass as she bent down to grab the drinks. She handed Mary the beer and she immediately held it against her chest. Matt opened the soda and took a drink.

“If you two need to get more comfortable, don’t mind us,” Matt said as he looked at Donna for a confirmation of the statement, Donna agreed, looking concerned about Mary who seemed to have gotten a shade of red darker within the last minute. By now, Brent was even more obvious too, with an almost identical shade of red.

“You look miserable, dear,” Donna said as she approached Mary to feel her head, going into a mother-mode effortlessly.

Mary shook her head, with a look that said she was anything but uncomfortable. Her eyes were squarely focused on Brent, who was returning the stare. When Donna felt her head, she felt warm, but no warmer than either of them had been last night.

“This is crazy,” Mary said in almost a shout to Brent on the other side of the room.

“No disagreement here,” Brent replied. The line between was so intense that it almost felt like if either Donna or Matt crossed between their gazes, they might be electrocuted.

“You two only met today?” Donna asked.

Both nodded, and without a word, Mary started walking towards Brent as he stood up from the dining room table. Donna followed Mary into the kitchen and stood next to Matt, wondering what was happening.

Mary and Brent both removed their shirts. Mary then took her bra off, leaving them both topless.

As they got even closer, they unbuttoned their shorts and slid them off along with their underwear, oblivious to anyone else in the room.

They were now naked in the Dining Room.

They continued to remove clothing until they were both nude except for Mary’s sneakers and glasses, and Brent’s sneakers. They both were perfectly shaved, no hair on Brent’s cock, nor on Mary’s pussy.

When they reached their hands out to touch each other, there was a visible electrical spark that connected between their fingers when they were about an inch apart, like static electricity when you’re wearing wool socks in a dry room and touch something metal. At the moment of the spark, there was momentary urge to strip naked that both Donna and Matt felt strongly. It faded quickly as they watched the two of them press their bodies together and make out deeply.

Donna and Matt were turned on, but they were more staring at the scene, wondering what would happen next.

“This is new,” Donna whispered to Matt, unable to avert her gaze from the action in front of her.

Matt just nodded to her.

After a few moments, both Brent and Mary seemed to compose themselves, but they didn’t get clothed.

“This is still crazy,” Mary said, she was naked and standing in front of Brent with no attempts to hide her body.

“It’s like there’s some magnetic pull,” Brent said back, naked and erect, his cock was pointing to the ceiling.

Mary leaned forward and pressed her face against Brent’s ear, whispering into it, “Your mother and my brother, they’re still wearing clothes, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are,” Brent said, with a look that made Donna and Matt a little nervous.

“Shall we?” Mary whispered.

“I think we should,” Brent said back, nodding as Mary turned to press her back against Brent’s body and they were both looking at Donna and Matt.

“Uhh, Hi?” Matt said.

“Can you two hear us?” Donna asked.

Brent and Mary, without speaking a word, went into the kitchen where their respective family members were standing and watching them.

Brent and Mary approached Donna and Brent held her hands while Mary attempted to unbutton her blouse. Donna attempted to resist and Matt could only watch in surprise at what was happening. Donna tried to resist, but wasn’t sure why she was, the urge wasn’t there now, and it felt wrong at this moment.

Mary finally got Donna’s blouse open, exposing her matching bra. Once her blouse was fully removed, Mary started removing her bra as well, Donna tried to resist, but the more she was stripped, the less resistance she seemed capable of.

By the time her breasts were exposed, she had stopped trying to resist altogether, allowing Brent and Mary to slip her skirt off, leaving her with nothing but her panties.

Finally, Mary slipped Donna’s panties off, revealing her perfectly bare pussy. Once Donna was naked, the Nude Plague took over her, the shame was gone again.

Matt realized he would be the next one stripped and he tried to get away before both Mary and Brent held him in place, each holding an arm as Donna pulled his shorts and underwear off in one motion.

Without a moment of hesitation, Brent grabbed the base of Matt’s throbbing cock and held it tightly, letting go of Matt’s arm. Held by the cock, Matt didn’t try to move at all, he was frozen as Mary let go of his other arm and along with Donna, took his shirt off, leaving him completely exposed.

Matt’s cock was shaved as well, it matched Brent’s size in length and girth. Holding it in his hands, it almost felt like he was holding onto his own cock. There was no more resistance in him, so Brent let go, allowing him to move freely again.

The kitchen window let sunlight in, but it didn’t seem to help, they were under the sway of the Nude Plague. Something was different this time.

Donna and Matt were overwhelmed with the feelings they had experienced last night, in their minds they were resisting, even more than they had last night, but being naked overwhelmed the shame.

Mary and Brent began to silently realize that the exhibitionism urge to go outside and be seen was not the end of the Nude Plague’s urges, the drive was really a bridge into something far more insidious. They harbored a thought that they couldn’t yet put into words that wasn’t fully realized in their conscious minds:

Infect everyone, strip the whole world naked.

“Maybe we should invite your girlfriend over, Matt,” Mary said in a teasing voice that Donna recognized immediately as a big sister to a younger brother. She grabbed onto his cock and gave it a few strategic strokes, “You think she’s infected yet?”

“I…” Matt hesitated and answered “don’t know”.

“Why don’t you text her?” Mary asked him.

Brent bent down looking through Matt’s shorts, trying to find his cell. Upon finding it, he unlocked the phone and looked through the text message history. There was a message from a girl named Karen that had a lot of back and forth, Brent opened the chat.

<Karen> Nini babe

<Matt> Night

“Is Karen his girlfriend?” Brent asked as Donna helped Mary play with her brother’s cock. If she was being honest, she wanted to feel it, to see if it was a hard and throbbing as her son’s.

“Yeah, can I see his phone?” Mary asked, allowing Donna to work on his cock while she rifled through his cell phone. Matt wanted to resist, but there was nothing he could do, the attention on his cock was freezing him in place.

“Get her here,” Mary said, handing the phone into Matt’s hands as Donna worked his cock.

<Matt> Hey babe, wanna hang out at a friend of mine's house tonight?

<Karen> I thought you had to had homework tonight?

<Matt> Yeah, I thought you might want to hang out, we're almost done with it. Quicker than I thought it would be.

<Karen> I'll get dressed and head over, send me the address.

He sent the address.

<Karen> I can walk over, that's a couple blocks, be like 5 minutes.

<Matt> See you then.

Matt was shocked that he was willing to do that, it might just cost him as a girlfriend. What if she wasn’t infected, he had no idea what was going to happen now.

Brent and Mary rubbed their bodies against each other while they waited for their next victim to arrive, kissing and petting while Donna stroked Matt and Matt for his part, sucked on Donna’s breasts.

After a few moments, there was a knock on the door.

“Shall we?” Brent asked and Mary nodded as they pulled their bodies apart to approach the front door. They opened the door and saw short blonde girl with a surprised look on her face.

“Hi Karen, come on in, Matt is already here,” Brent invited her in and she hesitated, but entered the door.

Once Brent had closed the door, Mary pulled her close to her and gave her a kiss on her lips. Mary had pulled her lips away and allowed Brent to take a turn.

When Brent pulled his lips away from hers, a few seconds passed as she tried to process what was happening. Suddenly a switch flipped and she began taking her clothes off. They helped her pull her t-shirt and shorts off quickly, and moved onto her bra and panties next. They were surprised by the small blonde bush that she had, evidently she had not been infected previously.

“I take it you’ve never been exposed to the Nude Plague before?” Brent asked her.

“Nude Plague? No, what’s that?” Karen responded, looking down at her own naked body, dumbfounded at how she gotten naked so quickly without an apparent reason.

“You’ll see, let’s get you shaved,” Mary said as she took Karen’s hand. “Is there a razor we can use upstairs?” She asked Brent who nodded and lead them both to the bathroom on the second floor.

Mary grabbed the shaving cream that was on the sink and began lathering up Karen’s pussy. Karen moaned as she saw her nude form in the mirror, being shaved by the sister of her boyfriend. She didn’t know what was happening, nor did she really care at this point, either.

“I think we spread the Nude Plague to everyone who is around us when we’re together.” Brent said as he watched Mary sit Karen on the sink so she shave her perfectly.

“I noticed that, it seems like when we’re together, the Plague gets super charged,” Mary replied as she made short work of Karen’s blonde bush.

“This could get interesting,” Brent thought out loud.

Brent gave Karen’s nipples a firm squeeze and caressed her breasts, she had an impressive set. Soon Mary’s shaving was complete and she was rinsing the extra shaving cream off her bare pussy with a washcloth.

“Why does this feel so perfect?” Karen asked, marveling at her shaved bare and naked body in the mirror.

“You’re infected with the Nude Plague now, it’s going to feel like this every night,” Mary informed her, which seemed to turn her on even more than she was before.

“Every night?” she asked coyly.

“Once it gets dark, you won’t be able to keep your clothes on,” Brent said.

“But it’s not dark now?” Karen asked.

“Something about Brent and I, if we’re too close to each other for too long, we can’t keep our clothes on,” Mary told her.

Karen nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer even though both Mary and Brent were unsure why it would be the case. If they had compatible pheromones, that would be one thing, but how could that cause the virus to infect so much sooner and during the day?

Something about the interaction of their pheromones had weaponized both the virus and themselves.

Mary planted a deep kiss onto Karen’s mouth and slapped her on the ass. “Go see your boyfriend, he’s downstairs with Brent’s mom, don’t be jealous.”

The idea of jealousy was nowhere near Karen’s mind right now, truth be told, nor had it ever been. There had been an unexplored kink streak in her for as long as she could remember, being infected with the Nude Plague only amplified her desire to act on those impulses.

The threesome walked down the stairs, Brent and Mary walked down the stairs closely, unsure of what would happen if they strayed from each other.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, they saw Donna and Matt in a 69 position on the couch, with Donna’s naked body on top of Matt’s as they orally pleasured one another. Karen instinctively touched herself at the sight, wet from the visual of her boyfriend licking another woman’s pussy.

Karen hurriedly sat on the couch on the side where Donna was sucking on Matt’s cock and played with her pussy as she watched her work. When Donna noticed her, she offered the cock for her to share with her, Karen accepted and they both licked the cock from their side, meeting at the top and flicking their tongues together.

Mary leaned over the back of the couch watch them work, playing with her own pussy at the sex in front of her. She stuck out her rear out as an invitation to Brent who was standing beside her. Brent took the hint and got behind her and set his cock against her dripping pussy lips, resting them to build the anticipation.

Both moaned in unison as Brent’s slid his cock slowly in, each inch felt better than the one before until he was fully inside of her. Once every inch of his cock was inside of Mary’s inviting pussy, he held it there, enjoying the pressure on his erection.

“Perfect fit,” Mary purred.

Donna and Karen were making out now, Karen had one hand on her pussy and the other on Matt’s cock. Matt was working intently on Donna’s pussy but he wasn’t as good as Brent or the girls had been last night.

“Karen, I see you’ve met my mom, Donna,” Brent started, “Mom, this is Karen, Matt’s girlfriend.”

Karen rubbed her pussy with even more intention at that information, she was going out of her mind now, “I’m making out with your mom?” she asked.

Brent nodded, “Yeah, you are, does that turn you on?”

It was Karen’s turn to quickly nod in the affirmative.

“So this is kinda incest, huh?” Karen asked, trying hide the excitement in her voice, but failing.

Mary giggled a little bit, “No, this isn’t incest…” she pulled her hips forward to slide Brent’s cock out of her pussy and pushed him forward to where she had been leaning to watch. This put Brent’s cock almost directly in the face of Karen and Donna. “But this is.”

Donna saw the cock and immediately took it down her throat as Karen looked on in stunned silence.

Mary went around the front of the couch and kneeled in front of her brother’s cock and did the same with his cock, taking it fully down her throat.

Karen worked her pussy even harder, she had read taboo stories online, but she had never expected to be a witness to them. This was driving her wild, she loved it.

“It looks like she really likes it, are you into incest, Karen?” Mary asked, knowing that anything other than a yes would be a lie.

She hesitated and nodded.

“I wonder who she wants to fuck in her family,” Brent asked to Mary who pulled her mouth off her brother’s cock to look at Karen for an answer.

Karen would have hesitated, never admitting anything like this, but the Nude Plague had taken over her decency, it felt as though she had never had any to begin with. “My dad… oh god, why did I say that?”

“Maybe we should text him, get him naked, shave his cock and present him to you?” Mary asked.

There were moans and grunts as Karen orgasmed at the idea, she was now fully exposed, not just her body but her mind as well. Within only a few minutes of being here, everything she kept hidden and in the darkest parts of her mind was exposed. She was surprised by how much she loved the feeling.

“Is your daddy a single dad? Would mom need to come too?” Brent asked, he cock was still being worked by his mother, more forcefully as well, perhaps due to the conversation going on.

“Divorced, just him and me,” Karen said, continuing to pleasure herself.

“Have you seen his cock before?” Mary asked, she and Brent were becoming quite good at extracting information from people, they were like a tag-team, it was like they could read one another’s thoughts.

Karen shook her head.

“Can you think of any reason for him to come here that we could use? An excuse, maybe?” Brent asked.

“You could ask him to bring one of my school books, maybe?” Karen said unsure of the right way to approach it.

Brent pulled his cock out of his mother’s mouth and went to get Karen’s cell phone out of the pocket of the shorts she was wearing. He glanced through her text message list and found a Daddy reference and opened the thread.

<Brent> I left one of my school book at home, could you bring it over?

He added his address and hit send. After a few minutes, there was a response.

<Dad> Give me about 10 minutes and I can run it over there.

It was approaching dusk, so it was starting to get darker out, Donna wondered when the girls would be stopping by, like they had last night.

“Ten minutes,” Brent said to Mary, but also so that Karen heard that her incestuous fantasies would soon be coming true.

Mary stopped sucking her brother’s cock to stand by Brent near the door.

“We seem to be the Typhoid Mary of Nude Plague when we’re together,” Mary said quietly.

Brent nodded, “Do you have the urge to strip naked as many people as possible?” Brent asked.

Mary considered, “That sounds right, I wish I knew what was going on, I think we should report to DrPatientZero as soon as we can, maybe we could get some answers.”

“That’s a good idea, after we get daddy situated, we should jump online and try to get an encrypted chat going with the doctor” Brent said.

“I’ll drop a line to them now, try to get Threema or Torchat details,” Mary went to the kitchen and found her cellphone in the shorts she had worn over. Once she had retrieved it, she walked back to the front door where Brent standing, looking out the window.

Brent saw clothed people walking down the quiet suburban streets and had a noticeable urge to go outside and strip their clothes off. He didn’t do it because he wasn’t sure if they would be overcome with the Plague, if Mary wasn’t next to him when he did it.

“It seems as though there’s different types of infection, one where the virus slowly builds up in the body, and another when I’m around you, which immediately activates,” Brent thought out loud, trying to figure how things were working.

Mary glanced over at the living room to see a naked and shaved Karen standing and approaching them, while Donna had gotten on top of Matt and was riding his cock slowly. The look on her face spoke volumes about how she was feeling right now.

Karen met Brent and Mary near the door and silently stood behind them, waiting for the inevitable knock at the door, and whatever was going to happen next.

“I bet you’re so wet right now, aren’t you?” Mary asked Karen in a very teasing tone.

Karen trembled as she nodded, it was obvious she was nervous, not ashamed or guilty, just nervous about the polar shift that was about to happen between her and her father.

“Don’t be scared, I bet he’s been wanting to see you naked for a couple years now,” Brent told her, assuming the fact due to Karen’s young perky body. She had a petite frame with nicely sized breasts that pointed straight out.

Karen jumped a few inches off the floor when there was a knock at the door. Brent looked out the peep hole and opened the door, what the man in front of the door saw was Karen and Mary standing nude in front of him, with Brent holding the door open.

“Come on in, daddy,” Karen said, taking initiative that surprised Brent and Mary, especially with how nervous she had been at the knock.

The man hesitated, stumbling for words as he looked inside the house. “What sort of school project is this?” He asked, stunned and unable to help himself from staring at his daughter’s breasts.

He was wearing a well-tailored suit and it was obvious from Brent’s eye that his cock was rapidly stiffening at what he was seeing.

“Come in and see,” Karen beckoned him, and the man staggered through the door and Brent closed the door behind him.

The man took a deep breath in and inhaled the aura of Nude Plague emanating from Brent and Mary, he didn’t know it, but he just infected himself with that breath. The virus that the two of them were shedding was enhanced as they stayed in proximity to each other.

“I… I’m David… hello…” David introduced himself, and now saw the sex going on in the living room and was surprised that no one was dressed at all. He removed his suit jacket and threw it onto the floor.

Everyone introduced themselves at once, David didn’t catch the the names, but nodded anyways as removed his shoes and unbuttoned his dress pants, allowing them to drop to the floor.

Karen watched every movement as her father was stripping right in front of everyone and it made her play with herself at the sight.

David pulled down his boxers, revealing his cock, average length but quite thick. His cock was shaved, though with a bit of a shadow that lead Brent to believe he probably normally shaved it, it wasn’t due to the Nude Plague. He pulled off his socks and started to unbutton his shirt, eventually pulling it off and removing his undershirt as well.

He was finally nude and he looked down at his nude body, surprised and unsure how it happened, in a daze as he stripped himself naked. David was in good shape, muscular with a cock that stood straight up at a 90 degree angle.

“What happened?” David asked.

“You’re infected now,” Mary said.

“Infected?” David asked.

“The Nude Plague has control of you now, we can explain it more, but your daughter was hoping you would stop by,” Mary said as she pushed Karen towards her father.

Karen grabbed her father’s cock and lead him to the couch where Matt and Donna were fucking and had him sit down next to them. Karen mounted her father just like Donna was to her boyfriend and slid his cock into her. She moaned wildly at the forbidden flesh that was sliding into her.

Mary and Brent watched the action with fascination, they hadn’t even needed to strip David, he just stripped himself, that was interesting.

After checking her phone, Mary asked, “You have Torchat running on your computer?”

“Think so, let’s make sure,” Brent walked into the kitchen and grabbed himself another beer, and offered one to Mary who accepted. He sat down in front of his computer and checked his Application folders. “Yeah, I got it.”

“Write this down, NGsWiKbmj3Vzap8C” Mary spelled the address out slowly, noting capitalization versus lower case. Once she was done, she sat on Brent’s lap, making sure to have his cock slide into her as she did so. They both tilted their bodies so they could see the screen.

<NudePlagueBrent> Hello?

<DrPatientZero> Hello there, you're both here?

<NudePlagueBrent> Yeah, this is MaryMary, I'm on his lap so it's hard for him to type.

<DrPatientZero> Hehe, right, so what's been happening since you discovered the draw to one another?

<NudePlagueBrent> Well, we seem to instantly infect anyone who is around us when we're close together. We've already newly infected two people, a Father and Daughter who were uninfected previously.

<DrPatientZero> This is unexpected, It sounds like you're infecting at Stage 2 levels, I wasn't expecting that for quite some time.

<NudePlagueBrent> Stage 2?

<DrPatientZero> The initial symptoms of the Plague are only the beginning, there are many more that will be coming.

<NudePlagueBrent> What sort of symptoms?

<DrPatientZero> Nothing bad.

Neither of them were sure why the doctor was being so cagey about the symptoms, but as long as they weren’t bad things, he was content to discover them as time went on.

<NudePlagueBrent> It's strange, but we have an urge to strip people naked and infect them.

<DrPatientZero> I would expect so, the two of you are especially contagious.

<DrPatientZero> The plague is empowered by the amount of sex hormone in the body. Normal levels and Nude Plague is touch transmissible only, heightened levels and it is airborne. 

<DrPatientZero> Normally the incubation period is several days, but the interaction of pheromones between you is causing the Plague to be especially virulent, infecting instantly and strongly.

<NudePlagueBrent> So we really are a Nude Plague Typhoid Mary when we're together.

<DrPatientZero> It would seem so. You two are near Howell, I assume?

<NudePlagueBrent> Yeah?

<DrPatientZero> Once it gets dark, I would love if you would come over so that I can run some tests.

“What do you think?” Brent asked Mary.

Mary thought about it for barely a second, “We totally should, I’d love to meet the guy who decided to spread this to the world!”

“Yeah, agreed.” Brent replied, looking out the window, he saw that it had already just gotten dark.

<NudePlagueBrent> We're in, I guess we'll need to drive carefully ;)

<DrPatientZero> Yes, very carefully. See you in a little while.

DrPatientZero gave them directions on how to reach their place and logged off a few minutes later. Brent keyed the information into his cell phone.

“This will be an interesting drive,” Brent said as he pumped his hips a little bit to bounce Mary on his cock. Mary ground her hips down onto his cock in response, enjoying the feeling of his cock filling her up.

“Yes it will, better stay at the speed limit, going to be hard to explain to any cops who might pull us over” Mary said as she collected her cell and checked on the party going on in the living room.

Donna and Karen were both kneeling and facing each other, making out in the middle as Matt and David, respectively, used their cocks to push them closer together.

“Oh daddy, I love the feeling of your cock inside me,” Karen moaned, a very dirty girl, Mary thought as she watched the festivities.

Brent came up behind her and pressed his body against her back, causing her to sigh in pleasure at the touch.

“I got to find my messenger bag,” Brent said as he patted his thighs where his pants would have been, “no pockets.”

“I’m going to have to start carrying a purse or a bag of some kind,” Mary said, unaccustomed to having a need for one.

Brent ran up the stairs and into his bedroom, Mary following closely behind. He threw open his closet and found a messenger bag that he used before he needed to carry a laptop with him. It was olive drab and looked well worn.

He threw it over his shoulder and modeled it for Mary.

“How does it look?” Brent asked.

“Nice, I’m jealous, I’m just going to need to carry my phone, keys and wallet,” Mary said as she held them all up. “I wonder if I can bribe one of my friends to run to the store and pick up a bag for me… or…” Mary unlocked her cell and typed out a message.

“Shall we?” Brent asked.

“Yeah, we’ll need to make a quick stop on the way, my friend Jane might have a bag I can use” Mary said, as she tried to hold onto all her stuff.

“In the meantime would you like to use a pocket of my bag for some of your stuff?” Brent asked.

Mary nodded and threw her keys and wallet into one of the pockets of Brent’s bag, and Brent stowed his cell and wallet into another.

The two of them went down the stairs and saw the sex was still going on.

“Hey mom, Mary and I are going to run a few errands, don’t let us leaving stop you from having fun though,” Brent said on his way out.

“Give your mother a kiss before you go!” Donna said, she wasn’t the type to have her children kiss her before they left, but Brent obliged. She gave him a deep and wet kiss which made his cock throb. “Have fun baby.”

Mary waved goodbye to her brother and they headed to the garage. They hopped into Brent’s car and started it up. Mary surfed her phone to find out how she would reach her friend’s house from where they were.

Driving nude was something that neither of them had done before, they had both changed in cars before, the act of driving completely nude was something else.

“Probably a good thing that you’ve got tinted windows, probably save a few trucks from having accidents,” Mary noted as they drove.

“Never really cared for the tinted windows until today, happy I picked this car instead of the other one.” Brent said.

They drove for about five minutes until they reached another suburban area, Mary directed him to pull into the driveway of the house with the white picket fence. She had to point at it, since most of the houses in this subdivision matched that description.

It was fully dark now, no doubt there were a number of newly infected Nude Plague carriers tonight who would be discovering that fact in the coming hours.

Mary and Brent got out of the car, both only wearing sneakers, Brent with a messenger bag and that was it. Mary lead Brent to the front door and they knocked on it.

A young red-head opened the door, she was fully dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, she had a stunned look on her face. She couldn’t help but check out both of the naked people on her front porch.

“What the hell, Mary? Why are you,” Jane said, and then whispered, looking over her shoulder, “naked?”

“Can we come in?” Mary asked.

Jane was so surprised by what she was seeing that she opened the door and allowed them to enter, closing the door behind them. She didn’t even notice it when she took off her shirt.

Inside the house, there was a family watching television, from the look of it a Mother, Father and another sister that looked a lot like Jane, but slightly older. Jane was probably 20 which would make sense as she was one of Mary’s friends.

“You have a shoulder bag I could borrow?” Mary asked in a whisper.

Jane nodded and lead them to the second floor of the house, during the walk up the stairs, she unbuttoned her shorts and once she was at the top of the stairs, they slid down her legs and now Jane had only a bra and panties on. Jane kicked up her shorts into her hands and toss them into the hamper in her bedroom as they entered her room.

Inside her room, she pointed Mary towards her closet, and proceeded to unhook and remove her bra, then slide her panties off as well, throwing both into the hamper. Jane was now completely nude, she wasn’t even wearing shoes.

Brent was fascinated by how fast and unconsciously she stripped down.

“Why am I naked?” Jane asked Brent, as Mary was rifling through her closet.

“You’re infected with the Nude Plague now, every night from now on, you’ll be unable to wear clothes at all.” Brent explained, thinking that he might need to have business cards made that explained what was going on when people got naked around them.

Mary pulled a pink bag out of her closet and held it against her sneakers, it matched her hot pink color scheme quite well.

“Can I borrow this?” Mary asked Jane who was still dumbfounded by what had just happened.

Jane nodded to her, and pinched herself, just to make sure that she hadn’t just nodded off in front of the television. It would have been a very bizarre dream, had it been the case.

“Thanks Janie, you’re the best!” Mary said and gave her a hug, pressing their nude bodies together, Jane was overcome with conflicted feelings. One of her best friends was pressing her naked body against her and it made her horny as hell. It wasn’t very straight of her.

“Maybe we should say Hi to the family? You know, as long as we’re here?” Brent asked, figuring that it would be better to have the whole family infected than just Jane, it would be an awkward night for her, otherwise.

“Good idea, Brent!” Mary said, having had the same idea only a split second after he had. “Jane, meet Brent, Brent, meet Jane.”

The two shook hands, and Mary pushed them together into a hug, which, while it reaffirmed her heterosexuality, it was strange for her to have a guy’s cock against her stomach only two minutes after meeting them.

The three-some walked down the stairs and looked into the living room, no one had even looked up when they arrived, they were all too engrossed by whatever show they were watching.

Mary and Brent stood behind the chairs that the other three members of the family were watching TV on. They pressed their bodies together and waited to see if the pheromone powered Nude Plague took them over.

After a minute, while Jane watched in stunned shock, every member of her family started to take their clothes off, tossing them onto the floor. Mom and Dad were the first, but not by much, Jane’s sister followed suit only a few seconds later.

“Hey Mister and Misses M, just stopped by to pick up a bag from Jane, wanted to say Hi.” Mary said and everyone looked back and saw the three nude forms behind them.

“Hi Mary, who’s your friend?” Jane’s Mother asked, unhooking and removing her bra, revealing her bountiful breasts.

“This is Brent,” Mary said and Brent waved to everyone as Jane’s Father took his boxers off and was the first naked.

“Nice to meet you all, we need to be going, but have a lovely night!” Brent said, by this time the whole family was naked.

“Text me if you have any questions, or just go to this address if you want to find others with the Nude Plague,” Mary said as she wrote down Brent’s address on a scrap of paper in the bag she had swiped from Jane’s closet.

The two instigators made their exit, closing the door behind them.

“I gave them your address, hope your mom doesn’t mind” Mary said as they hopped back into the car and pulled out of the driveway.

“I think she’s probably beyond caring if there are mobs of naked people at the house,” Brent said as he pulled his cell and got directions to DrPatientZero’s place.

Late night in a nondescript hotel, a business man is surfing the Internet on his laptop at the small desk in the room. There was a cord coming out of his laptop into the room television which was displaying blow-bang porn.

Tom loved to stroke with other guys, but he rarely had the chance except on business trips. Tom’s wife wasn’t very kinky, so he never even brought it up as a suggestion. In almost every city he normally travelled to he probably had a buddy who would be able to come out and play. It was always a benefit having a place to host people at, so he never usually had a problem finding playmates.

Tonight he responded to an ad by a guy who wanted to jack off to blow-bang porn, this was fine by Tom since it was one of his favorite genres of porn. Tom’s external drive plugged into his laptop had several Terabytes worth of porn, anything you could think of, he probably had.

There was a knock at the door and Tom looked through the peep hole to see a completely naked guy with a hard cock standing at his door. He opened the door quickly, he liked being discreet, so having a naked guy at his door would look a little suspicious to hotel staff.

“Hey bud,” Tom said.

“Hey, I’m Kurt, we talked in email?” Kurt said and Tom closed the hotel door.

“Yeah,” Tom said as he pointed to the television, “Blow-bang porn, that’s what you like?”

Kurt nodded his head and started undressing Tom, pulling off every article of clothing he was wearing. In short order, Tom was completely nude and they were both sitting on the bed, stroking their cocks.

Tom watched as the girl in the video was surrounded by six cocks, and she attempted to service every single one of them. Kurt grabbed onto his cock and took over stroking duty for him, as Tom did the same for him.

They continued stroking each other’s cocks for quite some time, Tom was ecstatic, this was his favorite part of his business trips.

Kurt stood up and angled his cock to be parallel with Tom’s, “A frot fan, awesome,” Tom thought and Kurt pressed his cut and shaved cock against his. Tom groaned as Kurt’s cock throbbed against his, Kurt stroked their cocks together like one massive cock, neither of them was even paying any attention to the video anymore.

“Fuck your cock feels good, bud,” Kurt said as she ground their meats together.

“Oh yeah,” Tom groaned, he was focusing because frot made him nut quickly and he didn’t want to prematurely cum.

“I can feel you’re getting close,” Kurt moaned, feeling Tom’s cock pulse through his own.

“Fuck yeah, your cock feels like magic,” Tom loved frot, the feeling of two cocks grinding together was better than straight sex as far as he was concerned.

“Let’s cum together, 10 seconds?” Kurt asked, and Tom nodded approvingly. Kurt then began to count down from 10 until finally reaching zero, “Cum!”

Simultaneously both of their cocks started spewing cum. Both men groaned and grunted in pleasure as they came by using each other’s cock flesh as stimulation. Tom especially enjoyed the feeling of their synchronized cum spurts, both cocks tensing and squirting at the same moment.

They both calmed and Kurt went to the bathroom and grabbed a few kleenex and cleaned himself up. He brought a couple to Tom who cleaned his cock off as well.

“That was awesome, bud, look me up against next time you’re in town,” Kurt said and made his way to the exit, still completely nude. Tom didn’t bother getting dressed, he said goodbye to Kurt and turned off the porn. He set his alarm for the 8am flight and fell asleep.

Mary and Brent approached a house out in the middle of nowhere, it took almost an hour to find it, even with GPS. They pulled into the gravel drive-way and parked. This far away from civilization, the stars were incredibly clear, they lit up the sky.

Getting out of the car, the fresh air against their nude bodies felt great, and they waited a few moments, taking it in.

Finally they approached the front door and knocked on it.

The door opened and a short middle aged woman opened the door, she was wearing nothing but a watch. She seemed completely non-plussed that there were two naked people on her front porch.

“Hello there, how can I help you?” the woman asked.

“I’m Mary and this is Brent, we’re here to see Doctor Patient Zero?” Mary asked.

“That would be me, Gretchen, nice to meet you, come on in,” she lead them into the house, which was quite spartan. Looking at the house, it was obvious that this doctor spent most of her mental energies thinking about other things that household decoration.

Mary, as a woman in a male-dominated field, was pleasantly surprised that the doctor who originally exposed the world to the Nude Plague would be a woman.

“So how many people have you exposed to the Nude Plague so far today?” Gretchen asked.

“Let me see,” Brent started counting on his hands, “seven, I think, who knows how many at school.”

“Seven sounds right,” Mary said nodding, “We stopped at my friend Jane’s place so I could get a bag, and accidentally on purpose infected the whole family.”

Gretchen giggled at that, “I see, so you’ve been a little busy, I take it?”

They both nodded, “I think we could probably just invite ourselves in to everyone houses, infect them and leave them to go at each other,” Brent said.

Gretchen nodded, “That would probably work, but it would take a while to get everyone in the world.”

“Is that what you want to do, infect everyone with the Nude Plague?” Mary asked.

“The world will be a much better place if we can manage it,” Gretchen said without expanding upon the statement.

“How will it make things better,” Mary asked, dying to know what was going to happen.

“How old would you say I am?” Gretchen asked.

“I would say no older than 40?” Mary replied.

“56,” Both Mary and Brent were silently stunned by that number for a few moments.

“You kinda have a Julianne Moore kinda thing going on,” Brent said.

Gretchen shook her head. “No, I used to look a lot older, I’ve been infected for about three weeks, and I’m easily in the best shape of my life. Body fat is lower and Muscle mass is higher. My wrinkles have been vanishing and I feel great.”

They processed this for a moment, “It’s a fountain of youth? Why not tell anyone?” Mary finally asked.

“I’m slowly releasing the information, people won’t believe it fully until they start to experience it themselves. I expect the government to try to track me down, so I’m not giving enough information for them to find me and try to stop the Plague,” Gretchen explained.

“We’ve been a little paranoid about communication, though if it’s as beneficial as you say it is, why would they have any problem with it?” Brent asked.

“Governments don’t like the normal social order being upset, non-infected church-going people are going to see the Nude Plague as a threat to their way of life. How many things have you done in the last 24 hours that you would have never considered before?” Gretchen asked.

She was making the sense of someone who had been thinking about the repercussions about their actions for a while now. They hadn’t considered it before, but there were going to be a lot of people that weren’t going to be happy about this, even with any positive beneficial effects.

“This could get bad, couldn’t it?” Mary asked rhetorically.

“But once the growing pains are over with, I think a much better and open world is going to spring forth,” Gretchen said. “Now, what do you say we run this blood test and see what’s going on with you two?”

Gretchen went into her study and brought two blood collection kits out into the living room and prepared to draw some blood from them.

Tom was sitting on his flight back home, he was a little drowsy and slightly drunk from drinking the night before. The frot he had been a part of last night was front and center in his mind. As the plane taxied and started to take off, he noticed his cock was throbbing with the memory of it.

In a couple hours he would be back home and would go back to bed, since it was Saturday, he could just lounge around the house. He got a screwdriver from the flight attendant and sat back to think about how Kurt had been completely naked at his door.

For some reason that fact that he was fully nude walking through the hotel halls turned him on. He thought about what it would be like to do something like that, not caring if someone unintended saw him like that. He wasn’t sure why, but it really made him hard, he kept on thinking about it the whole flight home.

Once home, he saw that his wife was working on Saturday again, so he just stripped naked and went to bed, at 2pm in the afternoon. Had he checked his temperature, he would have found he had a slight one, 98.8 degrees.

Gretchen peered into the microscope in her basement lab while Brent and Mary watched.

“The Nude Plague inside your bodies is much higher than it should be for infection for the amount of time you’ve been exposed, you’re both at an enhanced level of infection,” Gretchen explained.

“Is that a bad thing?” Mary asked.

“Not at all, you’re just going to experience benefits faster than others,” Gretchen continued. “The most noticeable side-effect for you two, because you’re young and won’t revert in age, is that you’ll stop growing hair below your neck.”

“We’ve had the urge to shave it off,” Brent said as he looked at his own lack of hair and Mary’s. He also noticed that Gretchen’s pussy was totally bare, as well.

“That’s part of the Nude Plague as well, but you probably won’t need to shave it again” Gretchen noted as she pointed to her bare pussy, “I haven’t shaved since I was initially infected, and I’m still perfectly smooth.”

“That’s awesome, I guess a lot of razor blade manufacturers are going to go out of business, huh?” Mary asked.

“And a bunch of other segments of the economy too, it’s going to change things” Gretchen noted.

“Do you need to do anymore tests on us?” Brent asked.

“Nope, I’m all set with the tests, you two are the perfect spreaders of the Nude Plague, if you’re going to infect others, I’d love to come along and observe?” Gretchen asked.

Brent and Mary looked at each other with a knowing smile, most of the infection they’d spread so far had been unintentional, just collateral. They hadn’t really thought about actively going out to spread the infection. They idea excited them, Brent’s cock throbbed obviously and Mary gently caressed her pussy.

“Where would be the best place to infect people, you think?” Mary asked.

“Let me think here, since you two can instantly infect, a hotel might the most efficient route for spreading. People visiting and then going elsewhere would spread a massive amount of Nude Plague.” Gretchen decided, contemplating it and caressing her own pussy as she thought.

“Shall we go, then?” Brent asked, sporting a rock hard erection. The idea of spreading the Nude Plague made him extremely excited.

Gretchen nodded and grabbed a voice recorder and a notebook with some pens and threw them into a messenger bag. She also collected some testing equipment and a small netbook.

They left the house and piled into Brent’s car, Mary taking the front seat next to Brent and Gretchen sitting behind Mary in the back.

“We should probably sneak into the hotel instead of coming in the front. If we infect the front desk person, it’s going to be obvious to anyone who comes in.” Brent said, trying to decide the best course of action.

The nearest hotel was about two miles from Gretchen’s house, a Holiday Inn Express that was frequented by Business travelers due to its proximity to a local airport. They pulled up into an empty spot near the rear of the hotel.

A window near the door had a light on, and the three-some peered into the room and saw a middle aged man naked stroking his cock to what they assumed was porn on the television, the window was open and they heard light moaning coming from the screen.

“Do you have the Nude Plague?” Gretchen whispered at the man as she stood next to the window, allowing the man to see her breasts.

“Yes,” the man responded, now looking out the window, continuing to pleasure himself.

“Can you open the door for us?” Gretchen asked in a voice that was flirtatious.

The man nodded and got up off the bed, he came outside his room, still completely nude and opened the back hotel room door.

“Hello, I’m Gretchen, and this is Brent and Mary” she introduced all of them.

“I’m Mark,” the man introduced, his cock was cleanly shaved and he had a decently-sized tool.

“We’re infecting the hotel, Mark” Gretchen said as she went to the room directly across from Mark’s and knocked on the door. Mark nodded and followed the group.

It was 10pm and business travelers were getting ready for bed, another man about 30 answered the door with boxers and a t-shirt on. The man looked stunned by the four nude people at his door.

Mary and Brent kissed each other for a moment and their pheromones took over and the man in the doorway took his clothing off almost immediately. His cock stiffened almost immediately, he had a lot of cock hair.

“Go shave your cock” Gretchen instructed the man who nodded and closed the door, most likely to use his travel kit to shave his cock bare.

There were a few empty rooms who didn’t respond, but within twenty minutes they had infected at least ten rooms with Nude Plague. Most of the men who answered the door stripped naked within thirty-seconds of exposure to the Nude Plague. Almost all of them needed to shave their cocks. Gretchen informed them that they needed to shave and moved onto the next door.

“Mark, can a bunch of naked men come into your room and watch porn with you?” Mary asked Mark.

Mark nodded, “Yeah, I’ll direct them into my room as they finish shaving.”

Mark went back to his open door and stood at the opening, waiting for doors to open. When the first guy came out of his room, his cock was shaved and he was completely nude. The newly shaved man walked over to Mark and went into the room.

Gretchen unashamedly touched herself as they walked from room to room teasing herself and getting more turned on as they infected each person.

She knocked on the next door and there was some shuffling and a woman in pajamas opened the door. Her eyes widened as she looked at the naked group in front of her. The woman was in her late 30s, pale and freckled redhead.

“What the…?” she asked with a dumbfounded look.

“You are being infected with the Nude Plague,” Gretchen said.

“What is the Nude Plague?” the woman asked.

“Once you are infected,” Gretchen explained as the woman took off her top and she was wearing a lacy bra underneath, “ you will not be able to wear clothes anymore at night.” The woman took her pants off and revealed a tiny thong, she nodded at Gretchen’s explanation.

Standing in her underwear she tilted her head, “Who are you?” The woman unhooked and removed her bra, exposing her breasts and her fully freckled frame.

“My name is Gretchen, and you?”

“I’m Fiona” Fiona slipped her thong off, leaving herself completely nude, her pussy was already bare and Gretchen slipped her finger between her legs and massaged her clit.

Fiona ground her hips against Gretchen’s finger as she tilted her head back in pleasure.

Several doors in the hallway opened and naked men exited their rooms, most with a keycard for their room in hand. Mark shooed them all into his room, which was beginning to fill up with naked men.

Once the bulk of men who were infected filed into Mark’s room, Gretchen led Fiona in the same direction, Mary and Brent followed from behind.

When they looked into the room, they saw the men already rubbing their cocks together in groups of three or more. There was a gang bang porn on the television, but it was mostly ignored.

“I think our work here is done,” Gretchen said with a nod, pleased and rubbing her pussy in pleasure at the visual.

“I think so too, where to now?” Mary asked.

“We could infect the front desk person and have them call the whole hotel in the lobby?” Brent suggested with a grin.

“That might attract a bit too much attention, though I’m sure the front-desk will be infected by tomorrow night,” Gretchen said as they closed the door and headed out the rear exit.

“Maybe a bar to get a drink, stripping every patron there?” Brent asked.

“There is a bar that’s frequented by travelers down the block, they keep it dark too, so we might be able to sneak our way in and strip the place” Gretchen said.

“Mind if I come with?” Fiona asked.

“I don’t mind,” Gretchen said with a grin and a finger rubbing against her clit.

Mary and Brent didn’t disagree, so they all got into Brent’s car and drove around the block to the bar. Mary gave Brent’s cock a few licks while he drove, not for every long because by the time she got his cock in her mouth, they had already arrived.

The bar was single levels standalone structure, it had no windows, and it looked like it might have previously been a strip club from the aesthetics outside. There was a dimly lit sign naming the place “The Hideout.” Brent parked the car and the group exited the car and headed to the door.

“I should feel nervous about this, but I don’t” Brent said, surprised that he was about to walk into a bar nude without a drop of hesitation.

“It’s so crazy,” Mary nodded, “like every inhibition I have is gone.”

“That’s the gift of the Nude Plague, let’s go” Gretchen said as she pulled Fiona along with her. Fiona seemed a little more hesitant than the rest of the group, but she had only been infected by the Nude Plague for a short time now.

When they opened the door, there were a decent number of people for a weeknight, people sitting at tables and around the bar watching random sports on the television. There were two busty blondes serving drinks behind the bar who were the first to notice the nude customers entering.

Both bartenders had a look on their face as if they were unable to process what they were seeing, they were dumbfounded that four nude people would enter the bar at the same time. They had seen some things while they worked here, but this was a new one.

Mary and Brent walked to the bar.

“Four beers?” Mary asked to their party of nudists. Everyone seemed to nod in agreement.

Several customers were watching with fascination at the naked patrons, not really saying anything, just checking them out.

One of the girls behind the bar nodded and started pouring them, the other came up to the group.

“Why are you all naked?” the bartender asked.

“It’s a dare,” Gretchen explained, “we’re here to see if we can get everyone in here naked.”

The girl pulled her dress off, to the surprise of several patrons who had wanted to see what this girl had under her dress all night. Once she had taken her dress off, she removed her bra and panties as quick as she could.

“What the hell, Trish?” the bartender asked. Her coworker was now totally nude.

“I don’t know, Cindy, I just needed to take my clothes off” Trish responded and headed to the other side of the bar to fill someone’s order. There were several guys who made their way to her side, taking this opportunity to get another drink, whether they needed it or not.

Cindy served the drinks to the nude patrons, stepping over Trish’s clothes that she had just left behind the bar.

“Why is she naked?” Cindy asked Mary, confused as to what was going on as she took her t-shirt off, exposing her bra-less breasts.

“You’re both infected with the Nude Plague now, isn’t it fun?” Brent said as he took a drink of his beer.

Cindy proceeded to remove the jeans she was wearing and put her sneakers back on. She left her clothes in a pile along with Trish’s clothing. “It’s actually rather freeing” Cindy said with some surprise at how calm she was about being nude at work.

As the pheromone powered Nude Plague wafted through the bar, other patrons began to strip themselves nude as well, leaving their clothes wherever they happened to drop them. It was an interesting experience to watch as everyone in the bar started to take their clothes off without a drop of modesty.

“A drink was a good idea,” Gretchen decided as she took a gulp of her beer and grinned at the mayhem that was being brought by them.

“I agree, I wonder how your mom and my brother are doing at your place,” Mary asked Brent.

“Yeah, I wonder how his girlfriend and her dad are doing,” Brent replied to Mary.

“When we finish these drinks, maybe we should head over and check on them,” Gretchen suggested as she took another healthy gulp on her cup.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Brent said as he swallowed more of his drink. They stood around and watched the chaos unfold around them as people stripped their clothes off, one by one. After a few more minutes the bar was completely naked, anyone who entered immediately stripped nude before even going to the bar. Several of the men were jacking their cocks to the two bartenders while the girls brought them their drinks.

When they all finally finished their drinks and started to head out, there were tables of men stroking their cocks as they watched the girls in the bar. A couple of the guys were touching other men’s cocks as well. Moaning could be heard from throughout the bar.

The group got into the car and started back to Brent’s. It was an uneventful drive for the most part, they did see one man shaved and nude hiking down a trail towards the end of their drive. Brent gave the horn a beep and waved at the man looked towards them and waved.

Once they pulled into the driveway and parked in the garage, everyone got out of the car and followed Mary into the house. Inside they heard the sounds of porn coming from the living room.

Brent took the lead and walked towards the living room, with the other three following him. When he got into the living room he saw six people in various positions. Donna and David were making out while Karen sucked her father’s cock. Olivia and Jane were playing with Matt’s cock, apparently they stopped by like they promised to the night before. The television was playing orgy porn, which seemed appropriate as far as Brent was concerned.

“Hey everyone, I’d like you to meet Gretchen and Fiona,” Mary said as she introduced everyone except Olivia and Jane, who she hadn’t met yet.

“I’m Jane, and this is my sister Olivia, we live down the road,” Jane explained as she introduced herself.

The introductions continued until everyone knew each other’s names. Fiona and Gretchen sat on opposite sides of Olivia and Jane, Brent and Mary sat next to Donna and David.

“Perhaps all the family members should fuck while the rest of us get to watch?” Gretchen suggested to the room.

Brent and Mary looked at each other with a grin and a silent nod. “Fine by us,” Brent said.

Donna grinned as she eyed her son’s hard cock up, and Matt practically drooled as he eyed his sister’s breasts. David and Karen nodded emphatically. Olivia and Jane grinned at each other from opposite sides of Matt’s cock and started making out immediately.

The four couples migrated to the main couch, Mary on top of Matt, Donna on top of Brent, Karen on top of David and Jane on top of Olivia.

“Slide those cocks in,” Gretchen encouraged the couples, “and rub those pussies together girls.” Gretchen and Fiona played with each other’s as they watched the incest.

Brent was sure now that she looked even hotter than she did the night before, since he knew that there was a youth enhancing effect to look for. Donna was even more toned and evidently even more horny because the moment Gretchen encouraged them to fuck the cocks, she immediately mounted his cock and let it fill her up. They fucked with even more intensity than last night, Donna sliding her hot naked body up and down his, moaning and groaning in pleasure as they worked.

The taboo was even stronger when looking at Karen riding her father David’s cock. “Oh fuck daddy, your cock feels so good” she moaned with her head thrown back.

Olivia and Jane were rubbing their pussies together, enjoying the feeling of their clits rubbing against the other.

Mary rode her brother hard, Matt was drooling in pleasure as his sister rode his cock flawlessly.

“I think we only need two brothers, a father and a son, and a mother and daughter to have a full set,” Gretchen cooed with a grin as she rubbed Fiona even faster.

Mary groaned and touched Brent’s shoulder, “Tag.” Donna and Mary began to make out from on top of their respective relatives. Mary then pulled Donna off Brent and pushed her brother on top of him, so that their cocks were pressed together. Both men were surprised at how good it felt to feel their cock on another guy’s cock. Matt reached down and pressed their members together, groaning in pleasure at the feeling.

Donna and Mary watched the two of them play with fascination. “Holy fuck that’s hot,” Donna said as she pressed her bare pussy against her son’s girlfriend.

“Never thought about doing this before, but it feels amazing,” Brent said with some surprise as he intently watched Matt rub their thick cocks together.

Their cocks were leaking against each other, the pressure was milking the pre-cum out of their cocks. Mary and Donna seemed to be leaking pretty well on each other as well, as they watched their brother and son, respectively rubbing their cocks as one. Brent took the lead for a while, running his fingers along their cocks, feeling every stiff inch of their cock-flesh.

“It doesn’t quite seem like we have enough cocks here, does it?” Gretchen asked to the group. “Especially with the two guys going at it over there” pointing to Matt and Brent. She was right, there were three guys for seven girls, good ratio for the boys.

“I like the mix,” Matt said with a grin.

“Gretchen is right, maybe we should text a few more boys, or we should take turns?” Fiona asked.

“Maybe tomorrow night we should invite more people, until then, I’m fine with taking turns” Gretchen said as she stood up and next to Brent and Matt. “But if you’re going to cum, warn us so you can fill your sibling or parent up,” she said with a wicked grin that let on that she was really getting off on the taboo.

Everyone around the room seemed to agree.

“Should the men just line up on the couch and someone control a timer?” Mary asked.

“That sounds good,” Donna replied and walked into the kitchen, returning with a kitchen timer. “Five minutes?” she asked.

The three men, Brent, Matt and David sat next to each other on the couch, with cocks that were straight up in the air. All of the men were well-endowed, so it was hard to lose as far as Gretchen was concerned.

“We’ll put our names in a hat and the boys will each draw one, they’ll fuck for 5 minutes and then draw the next. When it’s empty we’ll put our names back in and keep going,” Gretchen explained, “Donna, do you have some paper and pens?”

Donna ran back to the kitchen and produced a notebook, a couple pens and a hat from the closet.

“All girls want to participate?” Gretchen asked.

They all nodded, getting cock hungry seeing the boys on display. The boys were excited at the suspense of whose pussy they might be using, but all of the girls looked amazing.

Brent drew first and got Olivia, Jane’s younger sister. Brent had been eyeing Jane’s tight young body, remembering the taste of her pussy from the previous night and wondering if it was as tight as it looked.

David pulled Fiona’s name, the father of Karen pulled the redhead that the doctor had grabbed from the hotel that they had spread the plague.

Matt pulled his girlfriend Karen’s name. Oddly they had been playing for several hours while the others were gone, but not with each other.

“On your mark, get set, fuck,” Gretchen put five minutes on the kitchen timer and the couples started having sex.

Brent was shocked at the tightness of Olivia’s pussy, it was like she was squeezing his cock to death in a very good way. “You are so fucking tight” he whispered to her.

“Your cock is better than your tongue” she replied in a whisper.

Fiona and David quietly fucked ravenously, saying barely a word to one another.

It seemed quite natural for Matt and Karen, they immediately started in a rhythm that seemed like a couple who had fucked many times before.

Brent was positive he was going to be the first to cum, but he managed to hold it back, even with the onslaught from Olivia’s tight pussy. He was a little surprised because he wouldn’t normally have been able to hold back with this attention, but his stamina seemed to be enhanced, perhaps due to the Nude Plague.

Five minutes was up before they knew it. The cycling continued for hours as each of the girls got a ride on each of the boys at least once. During a turn when Matt was fucking Jane, Gretchen came up to Karen.

“Does it make you jealous when your boyfriend fucks another girl?” Gretchen asked Karen quietly.

“No, I think I might have been before, but I feel no jealousy at all,” Karen responded.

“Interesting, very interesting,” Gretchen went to her bag and pulled out her notebook to record this particular finding.

Finally the first to cum was Matt. Gretchen was riding him hard for probably the third time, he’d lost count by this point, and he felt himself about to give up his load. He remember that he was supposed to cum into his sister.

“Gonna cum,” he managed to eek out.

Gretchen got up off his cock and traded with Mary who was riding Brent that turn. Mary climbed up on Matt who managed to hold out for a couple minutes more before erupting into his sister’s waiting pussy. The feel of the cum shot and her brother’s tensing cock made her orgasm, and not for the first time during the evening.

“And then there were two,” Gretchen noted as Mary climbed off her brother with a massive amount of cum covering his cock.

A few cycles after that, David was the next to succumb to orgasm, his daughter Karen was already riding his cock when it happened.

“Gonna cum, honey,” David said as Karen bobbed up and down his cock.

“Fill me up, daddy,” Karen moaned as David burst and pumped shot after shot into her young bare pussy. David groaned as he used his daughter’s pussy to catch his load, Karen licked her lips and rubbed her breasts, squeezing her nipples as she felt each squirt of her father’s cock.

Several of the girls played with themselves as they watched the display, Brent and Mary were fucking on the couch next to them. They both had their heads turned to watch David shoot a load into his daughter. Mary rode Brent’s cock even harder after being turned on by the rampant incest.

“I bet you want to shoot a big fucking load into your mommy, don’t you?” Mary whispered into Brent’s ear as her hips rode up and down his cock.

“You know I do, and I bet you would get off on it as well” Brent whispered in reply.

“I guess you know me pretty well, that didn’t take long” Mary said.

“We’re both deviant perverts thanks to the Nude Plague, so I just had to remember how I felt when Matt shot a load into you,” Brent said.

Mary grinned and planted a deep kiss onto his mouth, “Donna, you should probably bend over on the couch next to us.”

“Is he going to cum?” Donna asked.

“He will, just give me a minute” Mary looked at Brent with an evil grin, she began riding his cock even harder than before. She moaned deeply and loud, it was obvious she was getting herself off with Brent’s as the facilitator.

Donna leaned over the couch with her ass aimed toward the sky at a perfect angle, whispering into Brent’s ear as Mary had her way with him, “I want your cum, baby. Do you want to shoot a big load into mommy’s pussy?”

This was too much for Brent, he could only groan and nod as she gave Mary the signal that he was going to cum. Mary threw herself off Brent, which allowed him to stand behind Donna and slide his cock into her pussy. Donna moaned in response to the entry, her son was using her again, and she loved it.

It didn’t take long until Brent couldn’t hold back anymore, he groaned with his eyes closed as he prepared to unload.

“Fill me upppppp, Fill me upppppp,” Donna said as her eyes rolled back in her head. The only thought that ran through her head was that nothing would ever be the same, nothing was forbidden anymore, anything was possible. They were all slaves to pleasure now, and it felt better than she could have ever imagined.

Brent orgasmed harder than he would have ever thought possible, his cock continuing to pulse even after he had emptied. It felt as though it would never end, his mother squirmed in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her, feeling her son’s large penis twitch inside her, even after it had filled her up.

Once the last of the guys emptied their balls, everyone decided that it would be good to get some sleep as it had already gotten quite late. Several couples emerged as bed-time approached, Matt and Donna went to her bedroom, Gretchen and Fiona were put up in the spare bedroom, while David and Karen and Olivia and Jane went home.

Mary and Brent headed to his bedroom. They spoke in whispers as they crawled into bed.

“You think Matt and Karen are still dating, or have they both switched up?” Brent asked, remembering that Matt was Mary’s brother and sleeping with his mother a few feet away from them.

“Maybe your mom and my brother have the same sort of similar pheromone chemistry as we do, just not a strong?” Mary mused.

“I didn’t even think of that, that would make sense,” Brent said.

“And even if it’s only half as strong as the draw we have, I would imagine that Karen’s going to have to start fucking her dad way more,” Mary giggled at the absolute insanity of the words that she just uttered.

“Wow, last week, I would never had thought I would have heard a sentence like that!” Brent laughed.

Mary turned her body to face Brent and with a grin kissed him. “It’s so strange to be so close to you, you realize we’ve only known each other for twenty-four hours?”

“I know exactly what you mean, it feels like we’ve known each other for at least twice that,” Brent said with a grin of his own and returned her kiss.

“You must think you are pretty fucking charming, huh?” Mary asked with a large smile and a tone that was dripping with flirt.

“I have my moments,” Brent said in the same tone and Mary kissed him deeply this time, running her hands along his body and feeling his cock which was stiffening quickly.

She cradled his balls in her hands and said, “Mommy doesn’t get this load, it’s all mine.” Mary straddled his hips, and guided his cock into her dripping pussy.

The two of them rode each other for nearly an hour, the sound of Mary orgasming off of his cock made it nearly impossible to hold out, but he did his best.

As Brent’s orgasm approached, they both could tell that something was different.

“Oh my god Mary, you feel amazing,” Brent gasped out as he felt the orgasm build and become unstoppable.

“Brent, it feels like your cock was custom made for me, god you feel good,” Mary was able to gasp between hip movements.

When Brent finally could hold out no more, he grabbed Mary’s hips and tightly held her down on his cock.

They orgasmed in unison and the feeling was indescribable and earth-shattering. The best orgasm either of them had ever experienced, the last two days included. The force of the feeling nearly knocked both of them out. Mary collapsed next to Brent on the bed and they both fell asleep almost immediately.

To be continued…