XChange Pill

Chapter 2 - My Roommate

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Going back to my apartment was going to be a strange experience, Jennifer and I had spent Saturday morning shopping for outfits. We must have tried on hundreds and got looks from all the boys we passed at the mall. It was strangely empowering to be the object of desire, I had always needed to approach girls but now men were approaching me.

Between Jennifer and I, we gave out our phone number to probably thirty guys. Both of our phones were being constantly texted by horny guys wanting to get in our pants, little did they know what they would be getting.

Thankfully I didn’t see anyone I knew, not that I thought anyone would recognize me, but it would have been strange having the constant thought that they somehow knew.

Jennifer dropped me off at my apartment with several bags of provisions from various stores. I had no idea how I was going to explain to Roger who I was, that was my roommate. I got a reprieve when I noticed his car wasn’t there and quietly let myself into the second floor apartment.

I opened my door and in my pink heels and mini-dress, walked my bags into my bedroom and closed the door behind me. After being female, or at least a close facsimile, for almost twenty-four hours, my room felt wrong. It was obviously a man’s bedroom and seemed out of place with the clothing that I had just brought into it.

This was getting strange, buying women’s clothing, considering redecorating my room, these didn’t feel like my own thoughts. As the XChange Pill worked its magic though, it seemed like they were becoming my thoughts more and more.

The fact that Roger wasn’t home led me to believe that he was probably at a friend’s house after a night of heavy drinking. Roger drank enough for five men and would end up at random friend or acquaintance’s houses, it made for interesting stories when he finally made it back. I checked the clock and I still had several hours until my XChange wore off, there was a possibility that he was going to make a weekend of it, so he might not be back at all until Sunday night.

I decided that I needed to get cleaned up so I found the bath soaps and assorted lotions I had purchased as well as another outfit from one of the bags and gingerly opened the bedroom door and checked that no one was around. The coast was clear, it seemed, so I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I picked a lavender set of soap and lotion at the store, still pretty inexperienced about female products, I just picked the one that smelled best to me. Opening it, I pulled out my existing bath products, generic shampoo and bar soap, stopping for a long time to look at them. Was I giving up my masculinity in favor of femininity?

I told myself that it was only temporary, I could switch back anytime I wanted. Surely I was still in control of this? I have the choice not to take the next pill, don’t I? Instead of throwing the old stuff away, I put them under the sink. Still in control was still the refrain in my head, this is only temporary.

When I undressed, I caught my body in the mirror. I still looked good, even after a night of partying, I twirled around the mirror and checked out my ass.

0011 was on the counter. I felt a certain degree of pride at the number. There was something about your prowess at getting cocks off being advertised on your body that was, it took me a few moments to produce the appropriate word, erotic.

Showering a perfect bimbo body was an experience all of its own. There was a learning curve, but it was sexually charged in and of itself. Soaping up my breasts, rubbing my hands along my hairless legs and cock, each act turned me on more and more. I had to have been in the shower for over an hour, I finally had to stop when the hot water ran out. I wrapped a towel around my torso and another around my hair, the latter taking a significant effort since I was unused to having such long hair and had only seen such things in movies.

When the fog finally cleared from the mirror, I noted that I still seemed to be wearing makeup, though it was muted and non-specific. That was probably the ColorShift that the box of pills was talking about.

I usually let my hair air dry, but that wouldn’t work today, with so much more hair to deal with. I was glad my roommate had a hair dryer under the sink, even though he never used one either. With my hair dry, it seemed to reform perfectly into the straight blonde look that it had been when I first was changed, after only passing a comb through it. It would seem that XChange continues to work, even after a shower.

When I was done drying and applying lotion, I went for the shopping bag I had brought into the bathroom with me. I found what I was looking for, the little black dress. It had a plunging neckline that ended below my breasts and bare back that went down to right before my ass. The dress barely covered my thighs and if my cock wasn’t throbbing hard, it would be poking out the bottom hem. The knot around the back of my neck was all that was holding the dress on and if I held my arms up, you could clearly see the side of my breasts.

I watched as my makeup shifted to match this dress, dark eyeshadow slowly appeared around my eyes and my eyelashes seemed to lengthen. My lips changed in shade to a dark burgundy, almost blood-like in color.

I grabbed my cellphone and snapped a selfie and sent it to Jennifer for comment. It was making me hard just looking at myself, but the outline of my cock was muted by the black fabric of the dress and barely noticeable.

There was a shoe box with the heels that I had chosen to complement this outfit. A black and strappy number, open-toed with a generous heel and platform.

When I stood back from the mirror and saw the whole package, it was becoming more and more natural to see this different person in the mirror. God help me, I was beginning to enjoy living this life. I shook the thought out of my head, it was the pill talking, without it, I wouldn’t feel this way otherwise.

The fact that I had put several hundred dollars on my credit card to pick up these outfits and look this good, seemed to completely escape me.

I gathered the bags and opened the bathroom door, heading into my bedroom, once again closing the door behind me. For several minutes I inspected myself in the mirror.

“You look good, girl,” I said to myself in the mirror, that same feminine voice that was becoming more and more normal.

My phone buzzed, it was Jennifer.

Jennifer: Looking good! I'll send you a message when I'm done getting ready. Wanna hit to the club tonight?

Gwen: Sure, let me know, you'll have to drive, my car is still at school.

Jennifer: Talk to you later

Gwen: Later

I was feeling kinda hungry so I opened my door and headed into the kitchen to find something to snack on. When I found a microwave pizza in the freezer, I grabbed it and threw it into the microwave.

Then there was a sound at the door, it was the sound of someone unlocking it. My mind raced, what the hell was I going to say?

When it opened and Roger saw me, his eyes widened.

“Who are you?” he asked.

What to say? Maybe let him try to explain it for himself.

“Hi, I’m Gwen,” I replied, seeing if he jumped to any conclusions.

“Uhh, Hi, did Glen let you in?” he asked, closing the door behind him.

I don’t know why I looked, but I checked out his package, I had never done that before. Without even thinking about it, I licked my lips. I nodded to him as I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, watching the microwave. I couldn’t see my face, but I’m sure it was red.

“Ok, umm, I’m Roger, nice to meet you,” he wasn’t stealthy in the least about checking me out. His eyes went up and down my body and focused on the side-boob and cleavage my dress was showing off. All I could think was, Mission Accomplished, I was hoping this dress would turn heads, and it certainly seemed to be. He shifted his jeans as inconspicuously as he could, it might have worked on a biological girl, but I knew what he was doing from a mile away. His cock was getting very hard at the sight of me.

“You going to be all right over there?” I asked him, glancing down as his jeans and where they were tenting right in front of me. It was fascinating how our cocks could reveal exactly what we were thinking without any way of stopping it.

“Yeah, I’m fine, sorry,” he said, continuing to stare at my body.

What happened next was so natural that I never even had the chance to consider it, I turned to face my roommate pressed my feminine body against his, grabbing his cock through his jeans. I was on cock-addict auto-pilot.

“Do you need some help with that, baby?” I asked him, the words were coming out my mouth, but it felt like they were coming from somewhere else, but they weren’t.

I rubbed his cock through his jeans for a moment before unzipping his fly and pulling it out. He had an average sized cock, probably six and half inches by my estimates, but it had some girth as well, as big around as a toilet paper roll. My roommate was packing a nice cock.

Roger couldn’t pull the words together to respond to this, his cock was out in his own kitchen being touched by a woman he met about a minute ago. “Wha…?” was all he could manage.

When I got down on my knees and licked his cock, he moaned in pleasure. I looked up at him locking eyes with him as I slid his member deeply down my throat. He watched as I took every inch of him until my lips were resting against the fabric of his jeans.

“Oh my god,” was all Roger could muster, he was lost in the lust of what he was seeing and feeling.

I began to work his cock like I had learned the night before, bobbing my head up and down, like a machine designed for his pleasure. It didn’t take long before his hands grabbed my head and he muttered that he was going to cum. I pushed my mouth down on his cock as far as I could go and felt his hips buck and his cock twitch, squirting load after load down my throat and into my stomach.

Once his cock stopped spurting, I pulled my head off his cock and milked it, forcing the last of the cum out, which I collected onto my tongue as he watched, eyes locked on mine, I swallowed it down. I got up from my knees and gave him a kiss on the cheek, pulling his jeans back over his cock and re-zipping his fly.

“Thank you?” Roger said, he was like a deer in headlights.

“You’re welcome,” I said wiping some cum from my chin with a grin and into my mouth. I figured it would be a while before he had any more questions about me being there. I grabbed a napkin and patted my lips dry and pulled the pizza out of the microwave, taking a bite I sat down at the table.

My counter went to 0012 with that load, and it wouldn’t be the last load I would get from my roommate.

Roger sat down at the table across from me, trying to decide what to say. Since I had thought of a story, I figured I would take the lead.

“Glen said I could stay the weekend, he’s at his parent’s house,” I said before munching on the pizza.

Roger nodded.

“He hoped you wouldn’t mind,” I said with a grin, “I hope it’s all right with you?”

Roger nodded his head, “Of course, of course, my god, that’s the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten, you’re amazing.”

I couldn’t help but beam with pride at the complement, if he only knew who I really was, he might not be as vocal about how much he enjoyed himself.

“Thank you! I’ll be out of your hair in a little while, hanging out with a friend” I said and twirled around to show him my body, “How do I look?”

“Great, you’re coming back tonight?” he asked me.

“Possibly, depends on how things are at the club,” I said and with a grin I locked eyes on him, “are you hoping I’ll be back tonight?”

Roger seemed to blush a little, this wasn’t something I was used to seeing at all. “It could be fun.”

My phone buzzed from inside the bedroom, “Excuse me for just a moment,” I said as I went back into the bedroom to retrieve my phone. When I went through the messages, I saw a message from Jennifer, an image of tonight’s outfit.

She had picked the same dress that I had this morning and she was wearing it in the photo. We could have been twins.

Gwen: Very sexy, if I do say so myself. You could be my twin!

Jennifer: I know, right? What time you want me to pick you up? 8ish?

Gwen: Sounds good to me.

Lifting the hem of my new dress to expose my counter tattoo, I snapped a picture of it sending it to Jennifer. Then I rummaged through the bags to find the clutch purse I had purchased and the replacement iPhone case.

I had never seen anyone else with a Harley Quinn cell phone case, and if Roger saw me with it, there would be no explaining it. After rummaging through bags the bags, I finally found the one with my new case. It was hot pink, not particularly unique but different enough to not raise any questions. I ripped open the package and put the new case on, tossing the old case into my closet.

With the new case on, I tossed the phone into my purse along with a credit card, my drivers license and two of the XChange Pills. The ID was probably pointless at the moment since the picture didn’t match me, but better safe than sorry.

When I got back into the living room, Roger was sitting on the couch with a satisfied look on his face. The television was on and he watching the news and drinking a beer.

“Can I get one of those?” I asked him, finding myself a little thirsty.

“Sure,” he said and got up off the couch and ran to the kitchen, coming back with an unopened beer and handing it to me. He retook his spot and continued watching TV. It was odd because anytime I asked him for a beer before, he told me to get it myself. Strange how a change in gender can alter the dynamics of a situation.

“So, Roger, you have a girlfriend?” I asked him, knowing he didn’t.

“No, I’m single, you?” He asked.

I shook my head, “I like to play the field. You must be jerking off constantly, then, huh?”

“All the time, I was actually planning on doing just that when I got home. It was a pretty boring night, ended up drunk at a friend’s house.” Roger said and I had to remind myself that as far as he was concerned, I was a hot girl that he was talking to and not his roommate.

“Just coming home to work one out? Loading up some porn and lubing up that cock?” I asked.

“Yeah, was going to head to the bedroom with a couple beers and stroke myself silly” He said.

“Really? Stroke yourself silly? How about you show me what you were going to do?” I asked him, since I took the XChange, my curiosity about Roger’s masturbation habits seemed to be unearthed. For whatever reason, the fact that he was apparently always stroking his cock in the apartment was news to me and also extremely fascinating. It was probably the cock cravings that the pill had given me.

Roger got up and led me to his bedroom and closed the door behind us. I sat in his chair and he lie on the bed, with his laptop streaming to his bedroom TV. He took off his clothes and pressed a few buttons on his laptop, porn started playing on the screen.

The video he started was a straight scene with couple in the middle of doggy-style fucking, there were close ups of the man’s cock which especially excited me, but I resisted the urge to pull my own cock out and join along with his stroking.

Roger went into his night stand and pulled out a bottle of lube which he generously applied to his cock as he stroked. I watched him work, more rapt by the display than I had any right to be, he had the porn on mute and he was alternating between the sex scene and watching me watch him.

“Can I see your laptop and pick a video for you?” I asked him, curious about what other sorts of porn he might have on there.

He looked hesitant, but his throbbing erection seemed to be doing his thinking for him at the moment, so he gestured to the laptop on the night stand for me to take a look at.

I sat back down on the chair with his laptop and perused the titles. I scrolled through most of the straight sounding titles, things like Teens Get Fucked 56 and Mommy Is A MILF, I only stopped myself when I saw something interesting. It only took a few moments to find a treasure trove of the sort of thing I was looking for: Chicks With Big Dicks - Scene 1

As soon as I pressed play, Roger seemed to stroke himself faster, no action was happening yet, but it seemed like he recognized the scene already.

“Do you already recognize this scene?” I asked him.

Roger nodded as a beautiful woman appeared on the screen, she was talking but the screen was muted. It didn’t take long until she was lifting up her skirt and showing off her huge shaved cock. He started stroking even faster.

It turned out that Roger wasn’t the prude that I thought he was, though in all honesty, apparently neither was I. Somehow I was able to reveal more about my roommate in twenty minutes as a woman, than I had from more than a year of living with him and knowing him even longer than that.

“You like chicks with dicks, do you?” I asked, pretty sure I already knew the answer.

“Yes, Bailey Jay, Kylie Maria, Sarina Valentina, I love them all.” Roger gushed names that I didn’t recognize, there would have to be research later, I was getting into an area I had no knowledge in.

“Interesting, so you like cocks?” I asked.

“Well,” Roger paused and contemplated the question, it seemed as though he was genuinely unsure of the answer. “Sorta, I started learning about gooning over the last few months, and it’s changed my tastes a little.”

“Gooning?” I asked with no idea what the hell he was talking about.

“It’s stroking your cock for hours at a time, bringing yourself to the edge but holding back, over and over again. It tends to fuck with your mind, you start…” Roger paused for a few moments. “Craving different things, you start noticing stuff you never paid attention to before.”

“Like?” I asked.

“Cocks, you start really focusing on the cocks, I’m straight as an arrow, but god help me, when I goon, it all changes. You get into this crazy tranced state where nothing matters but your own cock” Roger explained, his eyes focusing as he watched the girl on the screen play with herself, her cock.

“Mind if I take a picture and send it to my friend?” I asked him, figuring Jennifer would be a little interested in this particular view.

“It’s a girl?” he asked.

I hesitated for a moment before replying, “Yeah, she’s got a rack just like mine,” I wasn’t lying.

Roger nodded in approval and I snapped a photo of my roommate lying back on his bed with a throbbing erection. His cock was glistening with lube in the picture, I stared at it for a little while before shaking the thought from my head and opening the message to Jennifer. There was a message in response to my tattoo pic I sent her earlier, hadn’t noticed it until then.

Jennifer: You're a busy little girl, aren't you? *wink*

Gwen: Yup! Speaking of...

I then sent Jennifer the pic of Roger gooning himself.

Jennifer: Oh my! Is that your roommate?

Gwen: Yeah, he has no idea who I really am, he's stroking to "Chicks with Big Dicks"

Jennifer: OMG, perfect, does he know about your cock?

Gwen: Nope

Jennifer: After the club, maybe we should come back to your place and show him a good time? *wink*

Gwen: I could see that, picking me up in a bit?

Jennifer: I'll text you when I get there.

I redirected my gaze to Roger. “How long do you normally goon?”

“Usually a few hours, sometimes less, it depends on how horny I am, and whether Glen is home,” Roger said.

“So, since Glen is going to be gone this weekend, I assume you’re going to be going hard and heavy?” I asked.

Roger nodded, “Yeah, thinking about it, I was pretty satisfied after that BJ, but now that I started working it, I might have to go pretty late. Especially since I have the place to myself.”

I grinned at him, that was exactly what I wanted to hear. “Hold that thought,” I said as I stood up and went into the kitchen, grabbing another beer and bringing it into the bedroom for Roger.

“My friend Jennifer and I are going to the club, tell you what, this gooning messes with your head, right?” I asked him, handing him the new beer.

“Thank you. Oh yeah, completely fucks with it,” he said, continuing to stroke as he spoke.

“How about you text me about the crazy desires you’re having while we’re at the club, and after we finish at the club, we might come over and play?”

“You are awesome! Give me your number,” Roger said as he reached to his pants on the floor.

Shit. It was at that moment I realized my mistake, I couldn’t give him my phone number. I had to think fast, I remembered that I downloaded a burner cell-phone number app. I found it on my phone called appropriately, Burner.

“Are you ready for the number?” I asked him as I bought some credits in the app.

“Just give me a second to make a new contact,” Roger tapped on his phone as I created a new burner number for my phone and labelled it Gwen’s Phone. “Ready,” he said finally.

“529-2101,” I said with relief, happy that I downloaded so many apps to play around with.

As I locked my phone, I noticed a small mark that looked like a tattoo. It was a pink pill icon with “3m23s” next to it and it appeared to be counting down. It was quite small, you would never notice it unless you were really examining my hands, after a few moments of recollection, I realized that it was around the time that I needed to take my next XChange dose.

“Excuse me for just a moment,” I excused myself and went into the bathroom, closing the toilet seat and opening my purse. I pulled the pink pill out from its blister pack and examined it closely in the light. The medicine inside looked to be composed of hundreds of tiny little balls inside the gelcap, it seemed so unassuming for the changes it facilitated.

My cell phone went off at the same moment as I examined the pill.

Jennifer: Outside

Gwen: One minute, have to take my medicine ;)

Jennifer: kk

This was the moment of truth, I was slipped the pill last night but taking it this time was a choice. No trickery or coercion, if I took this pill I was willing becoming a woman. I told myself it was the only way to keep Roger in the dark, that I already made plans and it would be rude to cancel. The real truth was that I wanted this, I liked how this pill made me feel and I wanted it to continue.

I took a deep breath and swallowed the pill. A few moments later the tattoo on my hand disappeared. I flushed the toilet and came out of the bathroom.

“Remember to keep me updated! See you tonight, maybe,” I said to Roger as I waved at him through his door as he stroked his cock on his bed.

“See you,” Roger yelled as I strode out of the apartment and down the stairs to Jennifer’s car.

I recognized Jennifer’s convertible immediately, she waved to me and I opened the passenger seat and hopped in.

“Looking great!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“You too babe,” I replied.

“Want to make any stops before we hit the club?” she asked.

“Hmm, I kinda wanna hit the porn shop, those poppers were good, and I have a few other things I’d like to pick up, if you don’t mind,” I said. There were quite a few things I wanted to pick up and I was happy that my credit card had a high limit after all the purchases that I’d made recently.

“Good idea,” Jennifer said as she put her car in reverse and we headed for the nearest porn shop.

On the way, Roger sent a message with a picture. The picture showed two empty beer bottles and an unopened one next to a bottle of Gun Oil lube.

Roger: Starting to get into the goon-state ;)

Gwen: Awesome, let me know when you start having those weird urges.

Roger: I will.

“Looks like Roger is getting gooned up, you know what that’s all about? I only know what he told me,” I said.

“Oh yeah, totally, you’ve never done it?” Jennifer asked.


“When you work your cock for hours at a time, edging over and over, you’ll start to go a little crazy. Gooners call this stroke stupid or cock dumb but the result is the same, your inhibitions go away and you start to trance on the feelings. I’m surprised you’ve never done it but I suppose it makes sense if your Professor slipped you the pill instead of persuaded you to take it,” Jennifer explained.

“So it really fucks with your mind?” I asked, becoming a bit aroused by the idea.

“Oh yeah, I mean, have you ever been so horny that you would consider doing absolutely anything?”

I nodded, positive I’d felt that way once or twice before.

“It’s exactly like that, except more intense because you’re purposely doing it to yourself. I was gooned out of my skull when I finally decided to take my first XChange.” Jennifer said as she pulled into the porn shop parking lot.

Rarely did I find the need to go to a porn shop, internet porn had almost completely removed that need from most guys. Why bother going someplace with other people who were also buying porn to get off when you can look at free porn on your computer and get off in the privacy of your own room?

Jennifer and I entered the seedy looking shop to find it mostly deserted with a man and a woman behind the counter.

“Hi there,” the woman behind the counter welcomed us. She gave us a look that said that we looked a bit out of place, I guess busty blondes in club wear didn’t come to the shop very often.

We waved and started looking around the store, leisurely checking out what the store had to offer. The first thing I picked up off the shelf was a pack of several identical anal plugs.

“Party pack?” I asked Jennifer.

“More like family Pack,” Jennifer said with a laugh as we continued to look around.

Next we came upon a table of various lube and poppers.

“I’m new to this, any specific brands?” I asked, using Jennifer as my guide.

“Jungle Juice, Gun Oil,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I first found the Gun Oil in a bullet-shaped bottle and grabbed it up. After that found Jungle Juice in a small grey bottle that looked a lot like the bottle we had shared the night before.

“Excellent choices, madam,” Jennifer said with an exaggerated accent and a lifted pinky.

We continued browsing the store for other things that caught our eyes, Jennifer picked up a few bottles of various poppers and a clear dildo. I found a package of several cock-rings that I grabbed as well. Once we had examined the whole store, we collected our purchases and made our way to the checkout.

“I’ll get your stuff,” I told Jennifer, “you’re driving.”

Jennifer smiled and handed me her purchases which we loaded up onto the counter. Once the purchase was totaled, I swiped my card and entered my pin. I was happy I didn’t have to hand over my card so they would see my name, since the name didn’t really match my current gender. They bagged our stuff up and we were on our way.

“Too bad that shop doesn’t have video booths,” Jennifer said as I threw the bags into the back seat and got in.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Video booths means Glory Holes, though that place was pretty quiet,” Jennifer said as she started the car and we headed towards the club.

“Are there any video booths around here?” I asked.

“Not really close, have to drive about twenty miles, there’s a porn shop on the highway that’s popular for its booths,” she said.

“Sounds like a field trip,” I grinned.

Our porn shop run had killed enough time that it was quite dark now, I checked my messages to see that apparently the shop had quite poor cellular service. Jennifer and I both had our phones start beeping from the messages we had missed.

Several guys were asking us where we were going to be tonight, I just replied saying that I had plans, there were going to be plenty of cocks at the club. Roger sent a picture of his cock, which was getting quite red and hard.

“Looks like Roger is getting pretty hard,” I showed Jennifer the picture.

“Too bad he doesn’t have a poppers and an anal plug, that would get him super stupid. Ask him if he’s talking to other gooners yet,” Jennifer said.

Gwen: Are you talking with other gooners yet? Jennifer wants to know.

Roger: Yes

“He said yes,” I told Jennifer.

“Good boy! He’s getting good and stupid,” Jennifer said.

Gwen: Jennifer says you're a good boy! Keep at it

Roger: I will, I will

“I told him there was a chance that we might stop by after the club, if he manages to keep gooning,” I said.

“Oh god, he’ll be out of his mind if he manages to keep at it.”

“That’s what I figured from how he explained it,” I said, assuming that he might be more open to a girl with a cock by that point.

We finally made our way to the residential area that Club Tiresias was located, Jennifer parked and we decided what to bring in with us.

“Poppers and cock-rings?” I asked.

“At least,” Jennifer said as she opened one of the popper containers, sniffed deeply and then passed it to me. I followed her lead and took a sniff off the bottle as well.

I felt the now familiar buzz throughout my body.

Jennifer grabbed the package of anal plugs and the bottle of Gun Oil that I had purchased. She opened the package and pulled one of the plugs out.

“We should each probably bring one of these,” she said with a smile. Gingerly she applied lube to the plug and lifted her dress to insert it. She moaned as the plug slid into her ass, finally reaching the bottom she pulled her hand out and reached into the glove box for a package of wet wipes.

“Good idea,” the poppers caused me to feel how unfilled my asshole was. I immediately followed Jennifer’s example, sliding the plug into my ass, the feeling was divine. “Very good idea,” I moaned as the plug settled.

“Shall we?” Jennifer asked as she placed one of the cock-rings and the bottle of Jungle Juice she had just opened into her clutch. I once again did as Jennifer did and we headed out.

We got to the door and she entered her code.

“Is it the same code for everyone?” I asked.

“You can get your own code downstairs at the desk,” she replied.

Once again, you couldn’t tell that there was a party going on until you were through the airlock of the building, once the second door opened, the party was in full swing. There seemed to be more people here this evening, the dance floor was packed with people.

Most of the people were on the dance floor, once again, several older men with younger busty women, almost all of which were probably on XChange of one type or another. I noticed a cabal of single men drinking in the corner. There was a corner of younger straight men, who were watching a few of the televisions, they seemed to be focused on the bathroom glory hole feed. Waiting for cocksuckers to arrive to get their loads off, if I had to guess.

Jennifer and I grabbed a Sex Juice for each of us at the bar and wandered around the club. I approached one of the men watching the glory hole feed.

“Waiting for someone to start manning the glory hole?” I asked the first man, athletically built with a shaved head.

“Yes, I am,” the man replied, eyeing me up hungrily. It was a strange feeling to be examined in such an extremely sexual way, strange and arousing.

“You might get lucky soon,” I said and gave him a wink, continuing walking around the club to see what was going on. Apparently overt sex was frowned upon on the dance floor, because, while most of the women were almost naked in what they were wearing, none were completely naked.

My phone vibrated in my clutch and I examined it.

Roger: Still gooning

Roger also included a picture of himself with his tongue hanging out and his cock glistening with lube.

I passed the phone to Jennifer who looked at the picture, licking her perfectly colored lips.

“He seems to be having fun, I bet his ass feels so empty,” she said, she smiled as she wiggled her ass, reminding me of the plug in mine. I groaned in agreement with her.

“We should have dropped a plug off for him,” I said.

“Damn it, you’re right!” Jennifer said as she sipped on her drink.

Gwen: You should have a plug in your ass, do you have one there?

“I asked him if he has a plug,” I said, also sipping on my Sex Juice.

“Good idea, I bet you he doesn’t have one,” Jennifer said.

Roger: No

Gwen: Too bad, next time.

“You called it, he doesn’t have one,” I said, eyeing up the action in the room.

“It was a pretty safe bet, what do you feel like doing?” Jennifer asked.

“I’ve been thinking about working the Glory Holes all day, but I almost feel like we should bring a plug to Roger,” I mused.

“It wouldn’t take us very long at all, if you can hold off your cock lust for a little while,” Jennifer grinned as she opened her clutch and took a sniff of her popper bottle, offering it to me as well. I took a sniff as well as I contemplated it.

“I don’t know, you think corrupting him is worth the cock-sucking time we’ll lose?” I asked Jennifer with a grin on my face that said it all.

“Babe,” Jennifer said as she swigged a swallow of her drink, “we ride!”

It took us less than ten minutes to get back to the apartment, I pulled an anal plug out of the bag, as well as a bottle of poppers. We walked up the stairs and I looked for my apartment key in my purse.

I quietly opened the door, having used the door for a year, I knew exactly how to open it without disturbing anyone. Jennifer tiptoed into the kitchen and held her finger up in a “shush” motion.

We could hear groaning happening from Roger’s room, it sounded like multiple people, so it was most likely the porn that he was watching. I snuck down the hallway with Jennifer in tow behind me. I pulled out my phone and opened my text message window with Roger while Jennifer watched.

Gwen: If Jennifer and I bring an anal plug to you right now, will you put it in?

Jennifer mouthed, “Good girl” to me.

Roger: Totally!

Gwen: Ok, we’re in the hallway now...

And just as quickly as I sent the message, I walked right into Roger’s bedroom. He startled, but was too lost in his goon to care that two women were walking in on him. Jennifer checked the porn out to see a trans-girl fucking a guy in the ass, she eyed me with a look that said, “Appropriate.”

“Roger this is Jennifer, Jennifer this is Roger,” I introduced and Jennifer held her hand out to shake Roger’s. He hesitated but held his over-lubed hand out to her.

“First, Roger, you’re gonna need to take a hit of this,” Jennifer said as she grabbed the Jungle Juice bottle she had in her purse. Roger was dazed and didn’t resist at all, his tongue was hanging out which was the only difference from when I left him before.

Roger complied and sniffed the poppers without a moment of hesitation, apparently he had seen these used before. His eyes grew wide from the hit and I went to his bottle of lube and while he was watching me, pumped some out onto the anal plug.

His computer screen seemed to be filled with text, looked like some sort of chat room. I made a mental note to ask about that later, I worked the anal plug slick with lube before I presented it to Roger. Jennifer and I sat on the edge of his bed, while we watched as Roger slid the plug into his ass and he moaned in pleasure.

“You like that Roger?” Jennifer asked as we cuddled together watching the performance.

Roger nodded.

“Cat got your tongue?” I asked.

Roger shook his head, “Fully gooned out now, holy shit,” he groaned.

“I bet you’d suck a cock right now, if it was presented to you, wouldn’t you?” Jennifer asked, it surprised me that she asked so directly. Roger could only hesitate and nod.

“Bet it feels so good to have your asshole filled up, huh?” she continued.

Roger once again hesitated for a moment and embarrassedly nodded, blushing slightly.

“Would it feel even better if it was a little bigger?” Jennifer asked, as she leaned forward and held the popper bottle under Roger’s nostril.

Roger reflexively sniffed and groaned as he continued to stroke his slick glistening cock and nodded with a glazed look over his face.

“He’s super goon stupid right now,” Jennifer told me and gave me a shove which said to go over to him. I followed her direction and the two of us lied on either side of him. Being careful not to press our cocks against him.

“You keep stroking, no touching Roger, understand?” Jennifer asked.

Roger groaned even louder and nodded.

“What would you give to suck a cock like hers,” Jennifer asked, referencing the trans-girl’s cock on the screen.

“… Anything…” Roger managed to eek out.

“Anything?” Jennifer asked.

Roger just nodded.

Jennifer gave me a look that said, “Your court now.”

I knelt up so that my crotch was face level with Roger and lifted my dress to reveal my cock across Roger’s face. His mouth opened even wider than it was before and a little drool dripped down his chin.

“You like that Roger? How bad do you want it?” Jennifer asked as she held the poppers against his nostril again.

“So bad… so bad… oh my fucking god…” it dawned on Roger that I had sucked his cock before and had one of my own. He must have realized why my blowjob was so good, and the implications were intense.

“Kiss the head,” Jennifer demanded as I held my cock in front of his gooned-out face. Roger did as he was instructed and kissed my cock-head gently, rubbing his cock even harder as he did so.

“It tastes good, doesn’t it?” Jennifer asked, grabbing his cock for herself and stroking it slowly.

“Guh… holy shit… oh my god…” Jennifer rubbed Roger’s cock-head and noted the large amount of pre-cum on her finger.

“I gave you a blowjob earlier, Roger, it seems only fair that you return the favor…” I said, surprised by my own words.

Roger nodded and slid my cock-head into his mouth. I was watching my cock disappear into my roommate’s mouth, it was a strange visual.

Jennifer leaned Roger up so that he was bent over the bed in a doggy-style position. This lead me to stand at one end of the bed so that he could continue sucking on my cock-head.

“I think I should stimulate his prostate, what do you think Gwen?” Jennifer asked me as I watch Roger slide more and more of my cock into his mouth.

“What do you think Roger, want Jennifer to stimulate your prostate?” I asked him.

Roger looked up at my eyes with hunger in his. I nodded to Jennifer who grabbed the Gun Oil lube from Roger’s bedstead and lifted her dress to reveal her cock, grinning at me.

Jennifer tossed me the popper bottle and had me make Roger sniff it again. Once he had, she pulled the plug out of Roger’s ass, this made him whimper.

“Oh, did you like that Roger?” Jennifer asked.

Roger pulled his mouth off of my cock and said, “Holy fuck, yes.”

“Then you might like this a little better,” Jennifer grinned at me and pressed her cock-head against Roger’s quivering asshole, he moaned at the feeling. She gave me a signal to make him take another popper hit, which he did, and then started to slide her cock into him. He groaned and started taking my cock into his mouth even more forcefully. Before I knew it, my whole cock was shoved into Roger’s mouth.

My roommate was sucking my cock like a pro, while he was getting fucked.

“Gooning makes you a slut, doesn’t it Roger?” Jennifer asked and Roger tried to nod, but couldn’t stop sucking my cock.

“I think that’s a yes, Jen,” I said, “how’s his asshole?”

“Very good, you think we should ass to mouth him?” she asked.

“Totes, girlfriend,” I said.

To be continued.