Chapter 1

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I didn’t think that alternate realities were a thing until I got dropped into one. That was the belief that I had always had, parallel worlds were just something that people talked about, not something serious.

There I was, minding my own business when the unthinkable happened. I was sitting at work and a light fixture fell, I must have gotten shocked, because there was a brief tingling then everything went black.

When I woke up my co-workers were all standing around me, everything normal, they all seemed concerned, it wasn’t like there were people I didn’t recognize. I shook my head and tried to get my bearings. Everything was a bit hazy.

“You all right, Derek?” my friend Jeff asked as he helped me up.

“I think so, I think I got shocked, how long was I out?” I asked, sitting back in my chair. My vision began to clear up a bit.

“Only a couple of seconds,” Jeff said, “you want Shawna to come up here and check you out?”

“Nah, I think I’m ok, thanks.” I said as I refocused myself on my computer screen. All the windows looked normal except a few of the tabs I didn’t recognize immediately, it looked like a few of the porn sites I check out at home, but not something I would check in a work-setting. That’s strange, Chrome must have opened tabs from my history, I figured.

I checked a few of the tabs and they were videos that I hadn’t viewed before, but they were my style to be sure. Blow-bangs and Glory-holes were common go-to videos for me.

Then I noticed something weird. My cock was fully exposed, and not out my fly but there was no crotch to my pants at all. First I looked around, trying to see if maybe there were burn marks or a tear, but the pants looked like they had been engineered without a crotch, unlike any pants I had ever seen or worn before. There was a reinforcement around the edges of the hole, like you would find around normal edges in a pair a pants.

“The fuck?” I whispered to myself as contemplated what was going on. This was unusual, was I hallucinating?

I stood up and walked over to my friend Jeff’s cubicle which was right in front of mine, I stood against the cubicle wall, as to not expose myself. When I peeked over the wall, I saw Jeff wearing a pair of jeans that were identical to mine, in that they were missing the crotch. He was sporting a nicely sized flaccid cock, a fact that I had never even wondered about before. He didn’t have a trace of public hair at all, now that I thought about it, neither did I.

“That was weird, huh?” I said to him, hoping to get some sort of indication of what was going on.

“Yeah, I messaged maintenance and they’re gonna put the light fixture back up during lunch so that they don’t have to make you wait for them. You sure you don’t want Shawna to come check you out?” Jeff asked with a grin.

“I’ll be ok, doesn’t hurt anymore, I think it was more the shock than anything else,” I said.

Jeff nodded and went back to his work.

I sat back at my desk and contemplated my situation.

Did I get hit in the head harder than I thought I had? Maybe I was hallucinating or somehow the head trauma made me forget that I made it a habit to expose my cock while I was at work?

Neither of these things seemed possible, and my mental comprehension seemed to be ok, I remembered putting my pants on this morning and they had a crotch. I also remember putting boxers on, red if I remember correctly. They were nowhere to be seen.

I held out my arm and pointed my finger upward and moved it across my field of vision, following it with my eyes.

Nothing wrong there. Not that I was a very accurate gauge of that sort of thing.

I took at drink of my coffee and gagged, cold. How was I going to get coffee with my cock exposed? I stood up from behind my cube and surveyed the rows of cubicles to see if this was common.

It took a couple of minute before I saw a couple of guys walking to the coffee machines with their cocks also exposed.

This is so strange.

I decided to wait for the coffee area to empty before making my way to refill my cup, still feeling the situation out.

After watching the two guys leave the coffee area, I stood up from my desk and made my way there. I managed to make my way without arousing any suspicion, filling my cup and heading in the direction of the bathroom. It was empty and completely normal-looking, there were urinals and stalls with toilets. Less steps were involved than normal in using the urinal as I only needed to aim, no zipping required.

On my way back to my desk, I noticed that several of the guys were watching porn on their screen, a few had hard cocks that they were stroking under their desks. None of them were hiding what they were doing, it was surreal. I tried to ignore it, but it was fascinating to see, never seeing another guy stroke his cock in real life, other than my own, it was interesting to compare notes and realize we all did it in roughly the same way.

My cock stirred sympathetically as I watched several guys at cubicles absent-mindedly stroke themselves, surprised at myself, I sat back down and tried to concentrate.

What could possibly be going on? I cycled my memories trying to get a hint, but nothing came to mind.

I didn’t notice when Shawna, the Office Safety Person, came to my cubicle and knocked on the top of it.

“Oh, Hi Shawna,” I said with a surprised start.

Shawna was a mid-forties woman, blonde and MILFy but not the kind of woman that I would normally give second look. She wore a lavender dress and a leather purse she sat on the floor. She had formerly been a Nurse, but decided to change careers in mid-life and go into HR.

“Everything all right? I heard you took a blow to the head, mind if I do a couple of tests?”

“Not at all, what do you need me to do?” I asked, wondering if I should ask about the crotchless pants thing.

“Are you dizzy or do you have a headache?” She asked.

“Nope, not at all, I was when I fell over, but not now,” I replied and she nodded.

She shined a pen light into my each of my eyes and then looked at my scalp, pressing into it, I think trying to figure out where I was hit.

“Well, I don’t see that you actually got hit in the head at all, did you fall backwards in your chair?”

I nodded, “It felt like I hit my head, but it’s hard to tell, everything is a little fuzzy.”

“And you fell backwards?” she asked and continued checking my head.

“I think so?”

“I think you’re going to be all right, I don’t see any impact onto your head, and if you’re not dizzy or sick to your stomach?”

I shook my head.

“Then you’ll be fine, just let me know if any of that changes,” she looked down at my cock and smirked so quickly that if I wasn’t paying attention, I would have completely missed it.

“I’ll do that,” I said as I felt the blood pump into my member, the attention caused an immediate reaction. I didn’t even need to look down, I was starting to sport a half-mast erection. I knew this was as impressive as my cock would get before becoming fully erect and straight upward.

Baseball, Counting down from one hundred, my mind raced trying to think of other things, but I failed. Shawna watched for a moment before giving me a wide grin and walking out the door.

“Fuck,” I whispered to myself, quiet enough that I thought no one else would hear it.

“Shawna the cock-gazer strikes again, huh,” Jeff said from his cubicle without standing at all.

“Yeah, I don’t remember her doing that before,” I said, trying to remember if Shawna had ever done that to me previously.

“You must have hit your head pretty hard, you don’t remember Shawna doing that every time she comes to your desk,” Jeff asked, looking a bit concerned. “She’s a big fan of dick in general and yours in particular.”

“Oh yeah, I must have forgotten, my nerves are shot today apparently,” I covered.

“Yeah, I think Shawna just likes watching us squirm,” Jeff glances and grins at my half-erection, “might have to take care of that.”

“Oh yeah,” I look down at my cock and blush slightly, “maybe later.”

“Save it for later, good idea, you still down for The Backdoor tonight?” Jeff asked.

The Backdoor is a gay club, as far as I could remember.

“I dunno, depends on how I feel at the end of the day,” I said, honestly. Jeff and I had plans to hit the Irish bar down the road from work tonight, we never had plans to go to The Backdoor.

“All right, I’ll ask you closer to quitting time,” Jeff sat back down in his seat and went back about his work.

I opened a browser window and Googled “The Backdoor” to see if my memory was correct.

Instead of returning as “Gay Bar” it was listed as a “Men’s Only Sports Bar,” when I clicked the page, it wasn’t the type of sports I recalled being played at Sports Bars:

Among other things, those were just the highlights. There were also video booths and glory holes advertised as well. This was quite strange, I was familiar with these things but never saw them advertised out in the open.

“Jeff, could you remind me what we were going to The Backdoor for?” I asked from my side of the cubicle.

Jeff stood and had a confused look on his face, “We were going to bet on the BJ races, like we usually do. You sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah, fine.” I steeled myself and headed to the kitchen for some coffee. My eye had caught a poster that I didn’t notice when I came for coffee earlier.

A beautiful nude woman, except when you got to her waist, you see that she actually had a cock instead of a pussy. The text down by her legs said:

Gay Sex! Do Your Part To Help America

Paid for by “People For A Better World” and the Ad Council

I stared for a full minute, trying to decide if what I was seeing was real. I would find out later that the girl in the poster was named Bailey Jay Granger. “What the hell is going on?” I asked out loud to no one in particular.

Once I was back at my desk, I started surfing around the internet to see how much I recognized. I started with the tabs I already had opened. Porn caught my attention first, so I checked those tabs first and what I saw was a surprise. They were blow-bang and gang-bang porn, but at closer inspection they appeared to be only men. Surprised, I reflexively closed the tabs and considered for a moment that the bulk of performers in blow-bang porn are guys already.

There were various work tabs for the job I should have been doing at the moment, nothing out of the ordinary there. All of my tasks were exactly as I would have expected, but slightly different from what they would normally be.

I checked my personal email and didn’t find too much interesting, mostly spam, some things stay very consistent.

Google was where I expected it.

Search: why is everyone wearing crotchless pants?

I searched around the links and found a Wikipedia page linked for something called Taweret Virus.

An airborne virus that infected every single human being on Earth over the course of seven days beginning April 4th 1984. Main symptom is a pox on the inside of the right elbow that leaves a small scar and a one-hundred fold increase in human fertility.

Checking the inside of my elbow revealed no such mark.

This increase in fertility lead to changes in society to combat the rampant birth rate. Chief among these changes was encouragement of same-sex sexual activity, crotchless-pants being the first vanguard into this.

Something was wrong with the world, but I was still at work, so I decided to put it out of my mind and try to get some work done. I thought that keeping my mind occupied on my normal day to day things would help refresh me and make me less freaked out. For several hours until lunch, I did just that, worked with a focus I rarely had at work. I managed to get the bulk of my work for the day done in a few hours and a reminder popped up that it was lunchtime.

“Working out over lunch?” Jeff asked as he stood from his cube.

I thought about this for a moment, there was a gym next-door to our building that I had been going to since I started, stands to reason that I would do the same thing here.

“Yeah, I think so,” I absent-mindedly pulled my wallet out and searched for the RFID card that I had been given when I signed up at the Gym. Right where I left it yesterday.

Jeff eyed the confusion on my face, “You know how to get there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

In the kitchen I found my lunch bag where I remembered leaving it that morning. Lunch in hand, I made my way out of work and to the Gym next door. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I set an alarm for thirty minutes and forty-five minutes to give me the reminder to eat and head back to work.

Upon entering the locker room, I was surprised by what I saw, two nude men, one kneeling and one sitting. Chad was the guy sitting, he had a very large cock, probably eight inches and shaved completely bare, being sucked on by the kneeling man, both men were blond and fit. Joe was the guy who was sucking him, and I didn’t recognize him immediately as I was unused to seeing him with a cock in his mouth. Both were men that I had chatted with while working out, they were lunchtime regulars.

Joe’s mouth went up and down Chad’s throbbing cock, expertly working his member, I couldn’t help but watch the porn I was seeing in front of me. There’s something about that stolen glance that makes something even more erotic. I’m not into gay porn, but when you see something right in front of you, you can’t help but look, even if it’s not your typical brand.

“Hey Derek, you wanna join in today?” Chad noticed me come in and offered a seat.

I was shocked by the casualness of the offer, unable to respond. My cock immediately jumped to attention in response to an unexpected blowjob offer.

“Uhh…” I stumbled.

“Looks like you’re interested,” Chad grinned and let his eyes roll back in pleasure at the work Joe was doing on his cock. I marveled at the precision work, I had watched a lot of blowjob scenes, but few women worked a cock like Joe was doing. His head was bowing deeply into Chad’s lap as his hand worked up his heavily slick and glistening shaft. It was hypnotic.

“Oh, not today… but thanks for the offer,” I weakly replied, trying to think of a justifiable excuse but coming up with none. Another man entered the locker room wearing a pair of crotchless shorts and a sweaty t-shirt, he grinned at the blowjob that was happening, stripped naked and hit the showers.

I changed out of my work clothes and into my workout clothes, set my lunch in the locker and headed out to the equipment. When I left the locker room, throbbing cock in crotchless workout shorts, the new man exited the shower and sat next to Chad. Joe started to make his way to the freshly showered cock as I exited.

My mind, without my permission, inserted what I imagined was happening now. The man would sit next to Chad, very closely and Joe would lean over his cock and deep-throat it as Chad watched him work.

The exercise equipment looked identical, though there seemed to be more people here than I was normally accustomed to. This was even more pronounced as there were no women at all, the extra people were exclusively men. I started on the recumbent bike, since it was a cardio day, at least it had been when I got up this morning. I put my music mix on, and got to peddling. If it wasn’t for the crotchless shorts everywhere, I wouldn’t have guessed that anything was off.

Until I looked closer.

I had my headphones on, but glancing to my side, I saw a redheaded guy kneeling on a weight bench and another man behind him, thrusting. My own straight-ness resisted watching, blowjobs were one thing, but gay sex was quite another. Had I taken my headphones off, I’m sure I’d have heard moaning. When I looked around I saw several guys watching the sex as they worked out on various machines.

My mind wandered about my situation as I pedaled, possibilities of what could have happened flowed through my mind. Was there some sort of brain damage? It seemed unlikely since everything was more or less how I expected it to be, except for the crotchless pants and gay sex everywhere.

After thirty minutes on the cycle, I dismounted and walked to the locker room. The blowjob party must have broken up because the room was now empty, so I stripped and jumped in the shower to clean the sweat off. For some reason I felt far more comfortable in the shower today, maybe it was the constant exposure of my cock, but it felt as if there was nothing to hide. The workout plan that I’d been on hadn’t hurt either, with seeing my abs for the first time in my life, I kinda liked the idea of showing off now.

Another guy that I didn’t recognize came into the showers as I was lathering up, he eyed me up and down, it made me hard. Excited to be the object of attention, even if it was another man, though it seemed to make him hard too. Shaking the thoughts out of my head, I focused on getting clean and getting back to work. The other guy nakedly introduced himself as Kevin, and proceeded to watch me shower and focus a lot on cleaning his cock, at least that’s what I preferred to think he was doing.

“Lather up my back, Derek?” Kevin asked me with soap in his hand. I was more surprised that he knew me and that I didn’t recall ever being asked to lather someone up. It seemed innocent enough. I obliged him, rubbing my hands down his back, carefully not going below his waist, even though he seemed to be angling it upwards for me.

“Can I return the favor?” Kevin asked.

“Uhh, sure?” I said, more as a question.

Kevin lathered up my back pretty well, I don’t remember ever hitting some of those spots, honestly. Though his hands did go a little lower than I did.

“Thanks,” I said.

“My pleasure,” Kevin said as he watched me wash the soap off.

At this point it became obvious that Kevin was stroking his cock as he watched me shower. He worked his six inch cock and obviously stared at me. It felt strange to be someone’s stroke material, but oddly flattering all at the same time. My cock perked up at the attention even as I willed it to stay down.

“Nice body Derek, love stroking to you,” Kevin groaned as he worked his cock to an even more feverish pace. “Oh fuck Derek, I’m gonna cum…”

Kevin shot a massive load of cum in my direction, some of it hit my chest but thankfully immediately rinsed off.

“Thanks bud, see ya tomorrow,” Kevin said as he headed out of the shower, letting his cum flow down the drain. I felt slightly dirty, but aroused at the same time. That was a first for me.

Once I was done getting the cum off, I toweled off and got dressed back into my work clothes, but not before admiring myself in the full length mirror. The abs were popping so much better than before, I wasn’t overtly muscular, but I was toned for sure.

I’d starting working out seriously when seriously sitting on my ass at work had gotten me way heavier than I ever wanted to be. My girlfriend at the time and I had broken up and I decided that if I ever wanted to pull another girl, I was going to need to work off the chair gut. That was a year ago, and the results were hard to argue with, I had been getting a lot of second looks from girls lately, though I wasn’t sure that was going to continue being the case.

After dressing, I headed back over to work, munching on my lunch as I went. I started to wonder if my bank was at the same place as well, so I loaded up my banking app and took a look at my account.


Way more money than I remembered having in this account. Digging through the account, I noted that I apparently made far more for doing the same job, and I was apparently far better at saving as well. There were also a few deposits that I didn’t recognize as well.

Guess it’s not all bad in this world.

I managed to make my way to my desk without looking too much, as my face was buried in my banking app and I snacked on my lunch.

“How was the workout, Derek? Feeling better?” Jeff asked.

I had barely registered I was at my desk, “Oh yeah, as usual, feels good. I got totally checked out in the showers, I usually like to check out the girls in yoga pants, but there were none today.”

“You sure you’re ok? Most gyms are single sex, didn’t you notice that there was no women’s locker room?” Jeff asked.

Well, that’s good information to have.

“That explains that, though the blowjob and the eye-fucking I got from the dudes in the showers was a little weird,” I said.

Jeff looked at me without a shred of surprise, “Surprised there was only one BJ in progress, must have been a slow day.”

The frankness of the reply was the most surprising to me, “Well, I did get offered to join in and another guy did, I think, once I hit the equipment.”

“You’ve got a pretty rocking bod and a nice cock, so it’s no surprise that you were getting clocked by dudes there,” Jeff again said without any hesitation.

I had no idea how to respond to this complement, “Thanks?”

“You bet,” Jeff said and sat back down to work.

I worked for a couple minutes before a work email popped up in my inbox.

Subject: Very Casual Tuesday Afternoon!

It’s very casual day again!

1st hour -> Everyone 2nd hour -> Pants off 3rd hour -> Nude

Feel free to get naked early if you’re so inclined!

“Huh?” I asked Jeff as I saw him walk towards the door.

“Very Casual Day, didn’t you get the email?” Jeff said as he walked out of the room and I raced behind.

I marveled at how quickly I normalized to seeing all the cocks out for inspection, noticing all the shapes and sizes far more than I was comfortable with.

Jeff and I found ourselves at a table in the kitchen, right by the Gay sex poster with cups of beer set up. We were each given a red solo cup with beer to the top line and the guy who handed it to us put a stamp on the top of our hands that said 1:00.

One beer an hour? This was going to get interesting.

I sat back at my desk and drank my beer, alternating between trying to do my work and trying to avoid doing it. Since I had gotten so much done in the morning, it seemed kinda silly to keep working at the same rate, so I searched for various things to try to get a feel for the world I was living in.

You would think that rape would be sky-high in a world like this but evidently allowing guys to “let the bad out,” so to speak, worked wonders for that particular crime. It also didn’t hurt that the penalty was extremely severe and it was easy to prove. Heterosexuals were around ten percent of the population, which if I remembered correctly was about the same as those who were homosexual, at least as far as my memory was concerned.

It was hard to argue with the success, even though I was apparently one of the ten percent who were straight.

Urban Dictionary: straights noun, vulgar slang, “Guys who won’t do stuff with other guys. It’s more common among older guys who were around before the virus. These guys and girls tend to save cash for sterilization unless they want to have kids.”

I emptied my cup around the time there was a bell for the second round, by this point I was actually feeling a pretty good buzz.

“This is pretty strong, I’m already pretty buzzed,” I noted to Jeff who was still nursing half of his first.

“Oh yeah, it tends to be strong, since they only let you have one an hour. If I don’t pace myself, I get pretty lit up.” Jeff laughed as he focused on some sort of work on his screen.

There was the distinctive thump as the HVAC system kicked in, and I assume, warmed the room. Alcohol always made me a little bit of a showoff, so it didn’t take me much to decide it was time to refill my glass.

“You get bonus points for going nude by hour two?” I asked Jeff as I stood to drop my pants.

“God, ever since you got in shape it’s any excuse to get naked,” Jeff laughed.

The alcohol and the encouraged exhibitionism got the better of me as I dropped my pants and pulled off my shirt.

I proudly walked out of the office completely nude, save my tennis shoes, appearing to be the only man completely nude so far. When I made it into the kitchen, I provided the cup to the guy at the table and was given another stamp, this time “2:00”.

Shawna came into the kitchen, still wearing her dress, carrying a red solo cup. I realized that a dress technically works for “Pants-off,” and Shawna used the opportunity to eye me up and down again, now without needing to leave anything to the imagination.

“Looking good Derek, I could have assumed that you’d be the first one naked. How’s the head?” She said as her eyes lingered over my chest. If I thought I was horny before, this was only adding to my arousal.

“Better, I think I was just a little shook up over it,” I realized I completely forgot to note that the light fixture was back up over my desk. And I did feel better, if still slightly confused about what was going on in the world.

“Glad to hear it, have a good rest of the day!” Shawna exclaimed as she walked out of the kitchen, filled cup in-hand.

I walked back to my desk, and noted with surprise at the number of guys who were clocking me, to use one of Jeff’s word. The attention was stimulating, more than I thought that it should be. It was strange that attention, regardless of gender was causing me to be turned on. It wasn’t like I wanted to fuck these guys, but the fact that they were being turned on by me was a complement, at least.

Back in the office, I sat back in my desk and continued with my work, sipping a little more slowly on my drink this time. Some time passed before a voice from the corner of the room called out.

“BJ anyone?” I recognized the voice, it was Jordan. Jordan was a short guy who was quite quiet, so I jumped at him so casually asking the question. When we spoke in the past, he had casually mentioned a girlfriend, now he was offering blowjobs at work?

One of the other workers, a new guy who’s name I hadn’t learned yet, chimed in “Sure,” with a raised hand. Before I knew it, Jordan was under this guy’s desk as he worked on whatever project he’d been tasked. I slid my chair back in spite of myself and watched Jordan expertly suck this guy’s cock. I throbbed.

Damn it, stop that. What the fuck? Why was every guy in this world a cock-sucking expert? I like girls.

I slid my chair back to my desk and went back to my work, but the sounds from the other side of the room were too distinct to be ignored. I listened as this guy’s cock got some serious love, throbbing without any mental control over it.

My cock leaked.

“Shit,” I whispered, hoping Jeff didn’t hear me. I heard his chair slide over to my cubicle.

“Hard to ignore, huh?” Jeff whispered to me with a grin.

I could only nod and try to go back to my work. I put on my headphones and some dance music to try and get to work again.

The rest of the work-day continued as normal, by the time hour three started there was barely a stitch of clothing in the building.

Even Shawna went to the kitchen nude. To be honest, I had never much thought about her in a sexual way before, but today had changed my opinion. She was a fit and firm, and her blonde hair flared over her bountiful rack effortlessly. It was my turn to eye-bang her now.

We went to the table together and got our refills and our stamps, once we exited the room we chatted a bit outside the kitchen.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I said, returning her complement from last hour.

“Thank you, I like to keep everything where it should be,” she said with a smile.

I eyed her up and down, enjoying the view and the reinforcement of my own straightness.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” She asked.

I smiled, “I could say the same thing to you.”

“Then why don’t we pose for each other?” Shawna said with a laugh.

“I’m game,” I replied.

We both went back to our desks and grabbed our phones and then met back near the kitchen. She posed for me by holding her left breast up with one hand as she held her phone and cup in the other. Click. Then I stood with one hand on my hip and holding my cup and cell in the other. Click.

“See ya later,” Shawna said as she walked back to her office.

“Until next time,” I walked back to our office, but was stopped by Jeff before I could make it in.

“Be careful bro, you don’t wanna be a Pussy Fucker.” Jeff warned me.

“Right, of course, I don’t want to be a Pussy Fucker.” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. Of course I wanted to be a Pussy Fucker, that’s all I used to do!

Pussy Fucker, rang through my mind. Jeff said it in an almost derogatory voice, kinda like how someone would say Fag, This was certainly different from what I was used to.

Urban Dictionary: pussy fucker noun, vulgar slang, “see: straights”

When I looked down the hallway, I saw various co-workers that I didn’t recognize, mostly men and all naked. Seems like a few of the women were circled around a desk in the corner of the office, composed and keeping to themselves.

The men were a different story.

There were blowjobs being performed in multiple places now, one of the meeting rooms seemed to be hosting a circle jerk, and another had a girl with long brown hair being railed from behind.

Wait, what?

I had to check this room out closely, it looked like this girl was getting fucked hard. She was wearing a skirt and no blouse, moaning and pushing her ass back towards the buff guy that was fucking her. A tingle grew in my cock, excited at the show I was spying on.

I stroked my cock as I watched and it wasn’t until a minute of watching the show that the man flipped the girl over to reveal a tiny erect cock where her pussy should be. It had to only be two inches long, almost cute and completely bare, but it seemed to be enjoying the fucking all the same because it was sticking straight up. The girl had what looked to be B-cup breasts and a killer tight body, lean and toned.

What was I seeing? My brain struggled to make sense of it. It was almost as if the cock didn’t register in my mind, I wasn’t able to comprehend it. I had been stroking to this, but it seems I’d be mislead.

I don’t know how long I was staring though the plate glass of the meeting room before Jeff came upon me.

“Enjoying the view?” Jeff asked as he eyed my cock which was nearly pointing at the ceiling.

I startled.

“Uhh… I was just… curious…” I struggled for words as Jeff considered what to say.

“Boy oh boy, Jaime is getting hot, isn’t she?” Jeff asked.

My mind cycled through the people I knew from my job, I did remember a James, but he was a slightly over-weight guy. No way.

“Weird, I don’t remember James being so…” I said.

“Girlish?” Jeff asked.

“Y-yeah, I guess so,” I said as Jeff confirmed my suspicion.

“Though don’t call her James anymore, she’s Jaime now, even HR has it that way.”

“Right.” I said.

By this point, Jaime was watching Jeff and I as we stared through the glass. Jaime’s green eyes were watching us as we watched her, brown hair askew as her ass was fucked. She seemed to like the attention, licking her lips as she looked at our erect cocks. It was almost as if she was trying to will our cocks into the room with her mind.

“Back to work, or you wanna join them?” Jeff asked.

“Uhh… back to work, yeah,” I took a long gaze at James turned Jaime, marveling at how different things were and hurried back to our office.

I took a long drink out of my cup as I tried to calm myself. The buzz from the beer was growing, normally I’d be having a significant urge to get naked, but that was already taken care of. Now I was just horny as hell. Even if the world was upside-down, the fact that I was drunk and naked felt perfect.

I contemplated jerking off at my desk, but it still felt a little weird to consider it. I tried to focus on my work, but that was futile. Eventually my browser started hitting my usual porn sites, the names were the same but things were different.

Sites would normally have a separate gay section and everything else was straight, that’s not how it was here. I searched for blowjob and got nothing but guys sucking cock, when I dug around I found a link to the straight porn.

Even the “straight” porn seemed to have elements of bisexuality, a lot of MFM (Male-Female-Male). I did a search for a few of my favorite scenes, but I couldn’t find any of them. It would seem that porn and who performed in them was different here.

One of the featured videos was titled CouchSucker #314 and it was uploaded by dereks-couch. The thumbnail showed a green couch that looked a lot like the one in my apartment, ugly but very comfortable.

There was a normal looking guy in the thumbnail, it was too much coincidence to not take a peek at, even if it was probably going to be another gay video.

“Hey there,” the voice holding the camera said.

“Hi,” the man responded.

“You happy to have been chosen to be on CouchSucker?” the voice asked.

“Yes, I am, I’ve been a fan of your videos for years” the man said and licked his lips.

“What’s your name” the voice asked. This voice seemed familiar.

“My name is Tim, I’m 25 years old” he responded.

“All right, you know how this works,” the voice prompted and the camera moved backwards so you could see the man’s whole body. He was about six feet tall and not an ounce of fat on his body, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, his head was shaved and he had the look of a man who spent a lot of time at the gym.

Tim preceded to strip naked, he took of his shorts last and exposed a huge cock, he had to have a nine inch cock, by my guess. The camera zoomed at his large throbbing cock as he got on his knees.

Another cock entered the lower frame of the video, a decently sized seven inches. In fact I made a note that it looked a lot like mine.

The naked Tim began sucking on the anonymous cock, sucking like a pro. I started scrolling through the video, the video continued from the camera man’s view for nearly twenty uninterrupted minutes of cock-sucking. Finally the cameraman pulled his cock out of Tim’s mouth and painted his face with a huge load.

“Thank you for making me a CouchSucker, Derek!” Tim exclaimed as the camera moved back. He gave a thumbs up and the picture faded out.

For some reason I didn’t stop playing the video, something about it was interesting, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Before I knew it, it was quitting time. I heard people putting clothes on.

“So you gonna come to the club or be a Pussy Fucker?” Jeff asked me. That same tone and emphasis in his voice.

“Oh, I don’t know, I’m still a little off from the thing this morning…” I weaseled.

“Don’t be lame,” Jeff taunted.

“I’m not feeling all that great, can I take a rain check?” I asked.

“All right, but if you get in the mood, you know where we’ll be.”

It was true that I wasn’t a hundred percent, but I wasn’t really sure what I would find at a Gay Club, at least as far as I remember the place to be. I put my clothes on and packed up my things, the walk home was uneventful. It was always great to live only 4 blocks away from work, especially tonight with the buzz I currently had. I doubted I would have been able to drive a car to get home, not that I considered it.

Three flights of stairs and I was at my apartment’s front door. Silently I hoped that my key opened the door with how things have been so different today. Click.

When I opened the door I realized that things were decorated differently than I remembered. The first thing I notices was that my place seemed to be far cleaner than I remembered. There was a receipt taped to the back of the door that I noticed when I closed it:

Two hours of cleaning service: $60

Thank you for your business.

That explains the cleanliness of the place, I’d thought about getting a maid to make the place more livable, but never got around to it. It seems that I should have, it looked great in here. The pile of clothes outside the bathroom was gone, the bed was made, no dishes in the kitchen and the hardwood floor smelled vaguely of orange.

The apartment was a loft style, a refurbished factory so the only walls were around the bathroom. Everything else was open concept, so you could see the whole apartment at a glance. I had put up a Japanese screen in front of the bed, just so there was a little separation. It was exactly where I expected it.

I noticed a camera and strange mount next to the door. Where did that come from? Next to it there were three large light-boxes on stands, the kind of thing you’d see in a photography studio or a movie set. Why would I have one of these?

It dawned on me as I looked at the way the furniture was laid out that it was familiar, but not because it was where I lived.

Shit. That video I watched earlier.

Was it shot in my living room?

My drunken mind reeled at the implications. Why would people come to my apartment explicitly to suck my cock on camera?

I threw my stuff into a pile next to the door and walked to the kitchen. The fridge seemed to have what I would have expected, though there seemed to be way less junk food and more healthy foods. Thankfully the beer was still there, so I grabbed one and walked to the computer in the living room.

The desk had an iPhone charging on it, which was confusing, since my phone was still in my pocket. I tried my usual unlock code.

Invalid attempt.

I racked my brain for what I would use as a passcode, finally getting it right when I guessed the last four digits of my childhood phone number.

You have 1 new messages.

“Derek, Bill from GG Videos, wondering if you’re available for a Top shoot next week, thousand bucks, three hours, you know my number.”

What the hell is a “Top shoot”? I wondered. Thousand bucks for three hours? That was what I made for a week at my job, damn.

Once I used my password to unlock my screen, there was a porn video right on the desktop. Looked to be another CouchSucker video in an edit window. I scrolled around it and saw another good looking guy sucking a cock that looked a lot like mine. My cock responded to seeing what looked exactly like me getting his dick worked. I cursed my cock for reacting to what I was seeing and closed the window out.

My cock was throbbing now.

Time to see if I could find one of my favorite porn stars, Brooklyn Chase. I Googled around looking for anything of her on various porn sites that I remembered, but found nothing. I searched for a while, finding nothing but gay videos and cursing all along the way.

“So Brooklyn isn’t a porn star here either?” I asked to no one.

A message popped up on my screen, a notification from a site called TrpprKpr.

[Belle] Hey sexy

This was promising.

[Derek] Hey you
[Belle] Love your videos
[Derek] Thanks

I guess there were benefits to being a gay porn star.

[Belle] TK says that we’re really close, I just moved to the area and I don’t really know anyone here.
[Derek] I kinda feel the same way.

Which was partially true, it was kinda like Derek moved to a new place, everything was different. Jeff’s voice rang in his mind. “Don’t be a Pussy Fucker.”

Get out of my head.

I dug through Belle’s profile, she was hot. Looked to be short and blonde, C-cup breasts and a tight body.

I’m hallucinating, I hit my head and entered a fucked up world where I’m a gay porn star and women want me. I physically tried waking myself up to no avail.

[Belle] Did you just move?
[Derek] I guess you could say that, it’s not important. So what are you up to this evening?
[Belle] Nothing at all, just hanging around my apartment.
[Derek] I’m just drinking some beer trying to find something decent to stroke to.

I must have hit a special drunk-level because my honesty seemed to be increasing.

[Belle] Sounds like fun, feel like company? I’ve got a 1.5 of vodka if you’ve got mixers ;)

The fridge had orange juice, I remembered from checking for beer.

[Derek] I do, hope you don’t mind naked guys.
[Belle] lol, why would I?

Something was off, but my mind couldn’t place what it was. I gave her my address and waited for a response.

[Belle] You’re kidding right?
[Derek] No? Why?

I wasn’t joking, I gave her my actual address. There was no reply in the messenger.

Knock knock.

No way.

I looked through the peephole and saw the girl I’d been chatting with at my door holding up a bottle of vodka.

My cock throbbed even harder.

I opened the door and welcomed her.

“Small world,” I said, shocked at what had just happened.

Belle was wearing a white blouse and short plaid skirt, stiletto heels and a pair of glasses. She looked like a school girl, it made my cock leak. There was a drop of pre-cum that hit the hardwood floor that I tried to ignore.

“Kitchen is over there, I was actually about to get more comfortable,” I said.

“Oh wow, is that where the CouchSucker videos get made?” Belle asked.

“I guess so,” I said in a daze.

Belle looked around the apartment and made her way to the kitchen to mix a drink.

“Would you like a screwdriver?” she asked.

I pondered my beer and swallowed the rest, “Sure.” Then I sat down on the ugly green couch. I officially had no idea what was happening, but I wasn’t about to argue.

After a minute Belle walked to the couch, sat a few feet from me and handed me the drink. I took a swig, my brain was now swimming in alcohol, it was quite pleasant.

“I thought you were getting comfortable?” Belle asked.

“Oh yeah, fuck, I completely forgot,” I stood up and stripped my clothes off quickly, the temperature in the room was perfect for it anyway, it was a nice a toasty temperature.

Belle watched me get naked and unbuttoned her blouse, slowly checking to see if I was watching her.

“Wow, never thought I’d be on The Couch,” Belle mused in a very fan-girl way. “I figured I’d be sucking your cock if I ever was!”

My cock throbbed at her words and leaked a drop of pre-cum, Belle saw it clearly and didn’t ignore it this time. She leaned over my lap and licked up the drop from my cock-shaft. My whole body shivered.

“I hope you don’t mind?” She asked coyly as she eyed my cock hungrily.

I couldn’t even speak, I shook my head. She kneeled up and planted a deep kiss on my lips.

“Too bad you don’t have the camera set up, maybe next time?” Belle’s words were entering my mind and going right to my cock, I dripped out another drop which she quickly collected with her tongue. The feeling of her tongue on my cock was electric, it felt so good.

She gripped my cock in her hand and began slowly stroking it, her hands were soft and moisturized. Then she licked my cock-head sending waves of pleasure through it, before I could even moan her mouth was over my head, shaft, and her lips were resting on my balls.

“Holy fuck,” I moaned.

Her head swiveled in circles as she worked her mouth up and down my cock. I watched in awe as I received the best blowjob of my life. Her hand worked my shaft whenever she came up for air, she was expertly wetting my cock to make her hand glide over it flawlessly.

“You… are… amazing…” I managed to eek out as I threw my head back in pleasure, amazed that I still had the stamina to avoid just immediately blowing my load into her mouth, right through her perfect lips.

“I know that this is the couch, but you feel like putting it in me?” Belle asked as she came up for air and looked into my eyes. Everything about not being a Pussy Fucker and the fertility issues went away.

“I’d love to,” I said as she stood up.

“Where’s your lube?” Belle asked.

I wasn’t sure why she was asking for it, but I looked over to the bed and noticed a bottle of Astroglide on the night-stand. She followed my eye-line and walked over to the bed and put some in her hand, coming back to me and slowly working it over my cock.

Maybe she was unusually dry? I thought as she bent over the couch and lifted her skirt and presented her asshole to me.



One hole.


My brain screamed as I tried to figure out a way out of this. What would I say? “I didn’t know you had a cock?”

My eyes looked lower and saw a cock poking down between her legs.

I was ready to shove my cock into her before, why should it be different now?


Oh no, what was I thinking.

I don’t know what the final straw was, I think it was that the only thing that was different between Belle and any other girl I’d been with was she had a cock.

My cock slid slowly into her asshole and she moaned loudly.

“Oh fuck Derek that cock is nice,” she cooed as I grabbed her hips and steadied myself.

The weird part was that she felt even better than I thought she would. I’d given girls anal before, but I wasn’t a huge fan. Belle’s ass seemed to be gripping on my cock like nothing else.

“Oh fuck Belle you feel good,” I moaned in spite of myself.

I began thrusting myself back and forth, she pushed herself towards my cock on every thrust, pushing me deeper into her rear-end.

Am I having gay sex?

I didn’t know and at the moment, I didn’t much care. My cock was in control. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

We rode on the couch for several minutes before Belle groaned loudly and shot a load of cum onto the couch upholstery that started running down it.

“Oh my god Derek, cum in my ass!” she groaned as she squirted cum all over the couch.


One last thrust into Belle’s asshole and I felt myself begin to orgasm, her muscles began to contract as she felt it was time for me and the moment the cum began shooting we both moaned in pleasure at once.

I emptied what felt like a gallon of cum into her ass, we stayed locked together for a few moments while the aftershocks subsided and I then pulled myself out of her.

“Sorry about the cum on the couch, normally everyone swallows on the videos I’ve seen” she grinned and stood up and walked to the bathroom.

I grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen and made a mental note to tell the cleaning people to clean the couch, who knows it might already be on the To Do list.

Belle exited the bathroom and sat back down on the couch, picking up her drink. “It’s so cool that you live just upstairs,” Belle said.

“Yeah, crazy small world,” I said, almost dumb-founded. I was expecting to feel weird, guilty or ashamed about what happened, but for some reason I didn’t.

I mean, I felt great from getting off, and even though I used an asshole to do it, it didn’t seem to matter. My cock felt the same.

My cock doesn’t care how I get off, apparently.

“Maybe next time you can use the camera?” Belle asked with a grin on her face.

“Maybe,” I returned the grin.

“Well, I oughta be going, I’m still getting my new place situated, but I saw you on TK and just had to say hi,” Belle said. “Feel free to drop by anytime, I’m literally right down stairs.”

I nodded as Belle finished her drink and walked to the counter and collected her vodka bottle. “Later,” she said as she exited.

“Later,” I replied.

I must have sat on the couch thinking about what had just happened for an hour, running it through my mind.

The more I thought about it, the more the same fact kept coming up in my mind. That was probably better sex than I had in years, and she wasn’t even a biological girl.

What the hell site had she messaged me that she would come over, suck my cock and then let me fuck her and go. I mean, she even brought booze. I don’t think I’d ever had a better “date” in my life. I remember hearing in passing that guys suck cock better than girls, just because they know what it feels like. Never paid that any thought until now.

Back on my computer I dug through my open tabs…

TrpprKpr -> Trapper Keeper

A site for traps, sissies, trans-girls and the boys that love them.

I’m not sure how I missed that, but I suppose I was only focusing on the chat window. Apparently I was signed up for the site under the nickname dereks-couch, I was guessing I was signed up for a lot of sites with that nickname that I wasn’t aware of.

While I pondered what had just happened, I walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Standing in the shower with a buzz always helped me think and felt amazing.

I lathered up and was reminded of Kevin stroking his cock to me at the gym, the memory was vivid. He looked at me how I imagine I looked at the girls when I watched porn, it was a different way to be seen. I think I actually kind of liked it. If I was being honest with myself, I’d always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, but never much had the opportunity to do anything about it. Here, wherever here was, I apparently was free to enjoy it.

Then I remembered the mental image of Belle’s mouth around my cock and I couldn’t help but smile. I don’t know what I expected, that if I got a blowjob from someone who owned a cock, that the world would explode?

It didn’t.

I don’t know what happened to the world, but it certainly started changing me.

I toweled myself off and once I was dry, hung the towel on a hanger. It was actually pretty comfortable to walk around my apartment nude, I rarely ever did it and now I wondered why not.

When I got back to the couch I sat down and flipped on the television.

Local News. Local News. Local Weather. Movie I didn’t recognize. What looked to be a sitcom.

Porn? I saw a man on his knees in front of what looked like a glory hole. There was a timer on the screen that was counting up. Currently the timer was at 2:31.

There was an antenna connected to the TV, there’s no reason I should be getting porn on my television.

Close up of what looked to be a six inch long cock sticking through a hole in the wall, the Chiron said, “Lucky Larry” and the man seemed to be sucking the cock like his life depended on it.

“Larry certainly seems to be working that cock as hard as he can.” One announcer said.

“He certainly does, you can see why he’s made it this far, he sucks cock like a man-possessed.” Another announcer said.

Larry was slim and bald, probably in his 30s and bottomless, which revealed that his cock was hard, shaved, and his ass had something inserted into it. He sported a t-shirt that read:

Lucky Larry

Normally I would have shut something like this off, but finding it on broadcast TV, I couldn’t help but watch.

Right around minute five, there was a knock on the wall and Larry pulled his mouth off the cock and jerked it until his tongue was covered in cum. The timer stopped at 5:03.

“An excellent showing from Lucky Larry, stay tuned for more Blowjob races after a word from our sponsors!” the announcer said.

Fade to black, and commercials faded in. There were usual commercials for cars and beer, like any other sporting event, but the way things were advertised was just different. Instead of the normal trope of using women and tits to sell beer, it seemed they were using men and cock instead. A lot of camera shots of guys sitting around together, cocks out, clinking beer bottles together.

“Hard Light Beer, with our refreshing taste and patented bottom of the can lube, you’ll be ready for wherever the night takes you.”

The commercial depicts a glamour shot of a cases of Hard Light Beer turned upside down with small silver pouches on the bottom of every can. Cut to a twenty-something guy with brown hair draining one of the cans, the camera pulls out as he pulls the pouch from the can. It reveals that there is another guy on his lap, sucking his cock. He handles the pouch with a grin at the camera as it fades out.

Sex sells, I immediately checked the fridge and discovered that I had pulled the last of my beer when I came home. Thankfully there was an Open Pantry only a block away, so I was able to get dressed and walk down my stairs.

I noticed that Belle was coming out of her apartment at the same time.

“Heya neighbor!” Belle said as she walked down the stairs.

“Long time no see,” I smiled at her in spite of myself, I was flirting with someone who owned a cock. Though it felt completely normal.

“Right? I’m just bringing the last load of my stuff up to my apartment,” Belle said as she walked down the stairs.

“Need any help?” I asked.

“Nah, it’s literally one more box and I’m done,” she said.

“All right, I realized that I’m out of beer, saw a beer commercial. Apparently ads really do work,” I laughed.

Belle laughed, “It was something you were going to buy anyway, right?”

I was struck by Belle’s body now, tiny waist, big chest, she had to have had work done. Her skirt was short, upper-mid thigh and it framed her bare legs perfectly. My cock throbbed as I remembered to respond, “Oh, yeah.”

She seemed to enjoy the attention and started down the hallway to the stairs, sashaying as she went. Her ass was perky, I couldn’t help but watch as she swung it from side to side.

I quickly followed behind her as we both exited down the stairs and outside. She went to a small city car parked in the front of the building and pulled out a small gray container that she lifted easily and started back in.

“Have a good night, Derek!” she said and she walked inside.

“You too, Belle!” I shouted after her.

Walking to the Open Pantry I noticed a lot of graffiti on walls that didn’t seem to be there before.

There seemed to be several numbers like that listed on various walls along with the usual fair, like what you would find in bathroom stalls.

Johnny is a Pussy Fucker

I wanna suck your cock

38 180 5’10” 7in cut/shaved 555-1204

It was like Craigslist meets a bathroom stall all over a lot of these walls.

Open Pantry looked to be about the same as ever, chips, soda, beer, hot dogs rotating on that rolling thing for god knows how long. I made my way to the beer section to see what I could find.

A lot of the beer seemed to have a gimmick, like the lube on the bottom from Hard Light Beer.

One claimed to have a “Peel and Sniff Popper Strip,” whatever that was.

Another had a silicone cock atop one of the long neck bottles, apparently one of the six bottles was a winner.

I decided I would just get some of the Hard Light Beer and head back home. Strangely there was no employee working at the front. There was only a self-checkout kiosk, I scanned the beer, swiped my debit card, and grabbed my receipt. It was actually rather convenient.

The walk home was uneventful, I did glance at Belle’s apartment door on my way up the stairs. It was closed, not sure what I was expecting, that is how apartment doors normally are after all.

The beer got tossed into my fridge and I grabbed one, checking under the can, sure enough the lube pouch was there.

It was then that I realized how questionable this idea was. The lube was freezing, no one was ever going to want to put ice-cold lube on their cock. I tossed the packet on the coffee table and took a drink, not bad at all.

I flipped through the channels to see if anything else was going on, the Blow Job show seemed to be done, there was currently a PSA for getting vaccinated, though they didn’t mention what for. Flu vaccines, I would assume.

The next show’s title card displayed, “Pants Off Dance Off Live”. Not a show I was familiar with. The camera panned around a dance club, significant in that there were only men with flaccid cocks swaying around as they danced to what sounded like Disco House music.

I guess it was assumed that anyone who was watching knew the score, but I had no idea what was happening, there were no instructions, except text on the lower third of the screen.

Text your vote to 01010

And a rolling bunch of text.

#10: 0, #11: 0, #12: 0

And so on, after watching for a few minute I noticed that the numbers on the bottom of the screen were increasing.

#10: 5, #11: 29, #12: 3

The camera kept panning over the crowd of guys, and I realized that each of the men on the screen had a numbered armband. Currently the camera was zoomed in on #11, an attractive man who couldn’t be any older than twenty, blond with a tank top on that showed off a lot of work on his upper body. When it panned down to his pants, his cock, also shaved like everyone else I’d seen, was hanging down low, it had to be nine inches flaccid. I couldn’t help but be impressed.

My phone buzzed.

[Jeff] Dude! Are you watching PODOL? Vote for #11 NOW!

I played along, unsure of what was happening.

[Derek] On it.

And I sent my message in to the number on the screen. When I did the screen flashed.

Get Naked!

My phone buzzed again.

[01010] You were the 50th person to vote for #11! Congrats!

The armband the man was wearing started to glow and he stripped himself naked, waving his cock around to the other guys in the club.

Once he was naked, the camera started moving around, flashing to various other guys in the club. It was hard to keep all the action straight, the camera work was quick and constantly moving.

The screen once again flashed.

Get Naked!

Cut to #32, this guy was black and built. Shaved head, large hanging cock. He immediately stripped himself and tossed his clothes off camera, he turned away from the camera, looking for someone. The camera view changed back to #11, who was dancing and #32 entered the frame with him. They began to dance together, grinding on each other and then whipping their flaccid cocks around each other. They started stiffening on camera.

My cock perked up immediately.

Dammit cock, stop that!

Black and white cocks, slapping together, there was something insanely erotic about the view. I don’t know if I was opening up or what, but I didn’t turn it off.

The camera lingered on the two men for a minute before flashing again, and causing another number to strip naked.

My phone vibrated once again, but not a text message, it seemed to be a Tpprkppr message.

[Belle] Are you watching Pants-off? I think I can hear it through the ceiling! ;)

I guess I turned up the volume as I was watching to see if there was any discussion about what was happening and I failed to turn it down again.

[Derek] Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize the volume, I’ll turn it down.

[Belle] Don’t worry about it, I’m watching it too, I was just curious if you felt like company. You’ve got a bigger TV than me ;)

[Derek] I’m gonna be heading to bed in an hour or so, if you don’t mind that, feel free.

[Belle] Be there in a minute! :)

[Derek] Key is under the floor mat, you can let yourself in

It was odd that I told her about the key, but I actually kinda liked having some human contact after my relatively isolated day trying to figure out what was happening in the world.

In a few minutes, Belle was unlocking the door and dropping the key back under the mat. She was wearing what looked like, in the dim lighting, a pink bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. My cock immediately responded, I had totally forgotten for the moment that she had a cock and was just admiring her look, quite different from earlier this evening.

She sat next to me on the couch and looked me up and down in the flashing TV screen.

“You wanna beer?” I asked.

“Thank you, sure,” she responded and I got up to the fridge and pulled two of them out of the case and walked them back to the couch.

“Thank you, oh, these are the new ones that have the lube packet,” she said, pulling it off the bottom.

“Yeah, critical flaw though, who wants to put ice cold lube on their cock?” I said and she laughed.

“I don’t know, maybe some would find it refreshing? Like those people who jump into ice cold water?” Belle said as she shook her head, stood and shed her bathrobe, revealing her naked body.

Now I was able to see that she had a tiny flaccid dick, it was very cute, probably three inches long and waxed considering the smoothness and complete lack of stubble.

I thought someone’s cock was cute, what the hell is wrong with me?

Her breasts were stunning, perfectly perky with nipples that poked out like a 70s porn star.

She sat back on the couch and tilted the beer back, grabbing the lube off the bottom and throwing it on the coffee table next to the other two.

“Oh my god, did you see the cock on #11?” Belle asked.

“Yeah, I was actually #50 in the voting, whatever that means,” I said, unsure what this show was really all about.

“This can’t be the first time you’ve watched Pants-off?” Belle asked with an incredulous look.

“Umm, let’s just say that things have been weird today, I’m a little off,” I said, not really feeling like explaining the day I’d had.

The Hard Light Beer was apparently a bit stronger than what I was used to, it was sustaining my buzz significantly.

“That’s cool, check it out number eleven again!” Belle noted as #11 was being blown by one of the other numbered men. The entire club appeared to be naked now, the phone code and counter at the bottom of the screen was gone now. Occasionally an ad would pop on screen, but there was no audio, it seemed as though this was designed to be played on a television while something else was going on.

The shaved bald man, #13, who was sucking his cock was built, which should go without saying at this point, everyone here seemed to spend a LOT of time in the gym. It was hard to tell his height on his knees, but he was sucking #11 like an expert. I think that should probably go without saying as well, at this point I don’t think I’d seen a bad blowjob today, and I’d seen my fair share.

“He sure is working that cock, even though he can’t get all of it down his throat, he’s certainly trying hard,” I mused, surprised at my vocalization of my thoughts. For some reason I felt like I could just say whatever was on my mind, I don’t know if it was Belle or this world, but something was making me more confident in my words, even if I was totally unsure about the world I was living in.

“Oh yeah, look at his swirling technique, great stuff,” Belle marveled as she gulped her beer.

It was remarkably relaxing to be sitting on my couch naked with a beer, next to a sexy girl.

She has a cock.

I really didn’t care that she had a cock, her sexiness seemed to completely offset that to me. It felt so strange but comfortable at the same time.

My mind fluctuated through various reasonings why I wouldn’t feel totally weird about being incredibly attracted to Belle. The short and sexy blonde seemed to have my number, physically, her body was intoxicating.

Oh, intoxication could be an explanation as well, maybe.

I didn’t even notice that Belle had quietly and slowly slid closer to me on the couch, I was so lost in thought. Before I knew it the side of her body was pressed against mine, I was momentarily disoriented by the warmth I felt next to me.

Without a word, Belle’s hands began to explore my body, she started caressing my thigh, causing my cock to immediately rise to the occasion. The voices in my head telling me that this shouldn’t happen were quiet. She leaned into my neck, nibbling and kissing it as her hand worked its way to my cock, lightly grazing over it. My chest was her destination and her hands caressed the muscles, as she tilted my head towards her and planted a deep kiss on my lips.

I wasn’t thinking, I was only feeling now.

That completely blank and mindless state you get into when you’re having sex, nothing else matters. Feeling is everything. I leaned my body towards Belle and fondled her breasts. They were so round and soft, the nipple poking outward was the epitome of a perfect breast, I couldn’t help but lean over her chest and suck on them gently.

Her hand went to my cock and firmly held it as I licked and explored her chest, lost in the pleasure of the moment. My own hand found its way to her pussy…


The cock was growing in size, I noticed how her cock, about four inches, still had a perfect mushroom head that was well-defined from the shaft. I didn’t see it, my eyes were closed, locked in a kiss with her, but my hand did, and I could feel it respond to my touch.

I could feel it throb in my hands.

It felt so soft, but hard all at the same time.

I completely forgot about any of my hangups and just let myself enjoy the ride.

“Mmm, could you give my cock a kiss, pretty please?” Belle asked me as she bit her lower lip in expectation.

I nodded and kneeled in front of her on the couch and pulled her cock forward to give the head of her cock a kiss.

It felt soft and left something behind on my lips, reflexively I licked it and discovered that it was pre-cum. I had pre-cum on my lips and I wasn’t even bothered by it. It was actually quite sweet, god help me it tasted good.

I gave her cock another kiss, longer this time.

“Tease!” Belle sighed playfully as she continued to bite her lower lip and watch me kiss her cock. Her eyes stared at me with a ravenous hunger that I was surprised by. I wondered if I had ever had that look before when a girl was going down on me.

That lower lip bite of hers was going to make me do all sorts of things I didn’t think I was capable of, I was very aware of this fact now.

With a moment of hesitation, I poised my lips against her cock-head and licked the head gently.

The taste of cock and pre-cum was pleasant, I did it again and then did what I remembered from her blowjob earlier. I licked her cock up and down, mirroring how you might work on a melting popsicle.

You’re sucking cock.

Didn’t care, she tasted perfect and her eyes were begging me to keep going. I couldn’t say no to that lower lip of hers.

I let her cock slowly slide into my mouth, feeling every inch of it. It was remarkably easy to do, because of her length, I could take the whole thing into my mouth without an issue, even if this was my first ever blowjob.

Her response was all the inspiration I needed to continue, she moaned and bucked in pleasure as I held her cock in my mouth and tasted it. I had always liked giving head to girls I dated, this seemed like almost the same thing. Even if I was justifying it my mind, somewhat.

I started working her shaft like I had seen done in porn hundreds of times, how I liked it done. She responded exactly how I was hoping, moaning and groaning in pleasure, biting her lip, eyes lost in pleasure.

My mouth fucking of her cock started to sync up with the beat of the music coming from the television, the throbbing bass seemed to be the perfect pace for cock-sucking.

It was then I realized what Pants Off Dance Off Live was for, it was designed for this! Nothing to interrupt the flow, commercials on screen and things to get you turned on. Like it was scientifically designed to make you want to get off. I don’t know how I missed it.

Belle pulled me off her cock and laid me on the couch, lying atop me as she wetted and slid my cock into her mouth. Her ass and cock were right over my face. The sixty-nine position, one of my favorites, and no reason why it wouldn’t be in this case as well. The moment her cock slid into my mouth and mine slid into hers, my cock immediately responded to the strange information it was being fed.

There was a mouth sucking my cock, but my cock was being sucked at the same time. It short-circuited my perceptions, it almost felt as though I was sucking my own cock. It excited me even more. I mirrored Belle’s movements on my cock as closely as I could.

She was better than me, to be sure, having I would assume far more practice. I figured I was keeping my own, at least from her reactions.

It must have dawned on her that I was mirroring her movements because she started varying her style and moaned each time I switched my own to match her.

Each time we would sync back up and it would tweak my brain, making my cock swell even more in pleasure. It must have been doing the same to her because I would feel her throb even harder when we were synced up.

We kept working each other for what seemed like days, my technique improving from imitating hers, I hoped.

Suddenly I felt her cock throb even more strongly, amplified by a loud moan that I felt more on my cock than with my ears. I could tell she was about to cum, which made my cock do the same thing. Within seconds both of us had the other’s cock deeply planted down our throats. I felt as Belle’s cock erupted down my throat, preceded by a tense and followed by the feeling of something warm being sprayed onto the back of my throat. The strangeness of the feeling seemed to only amplify my orgasm as I seemed to be triggered by it. I did the same thing to Belle within seconds.

Neither of us could speak, we could only groan, barely audibly over the sound of the Disco House music being played on the television. We didn’t move for several minutes, recovering from the intensity of the climax, not wanting to let the other’s cock go.

You’re a cocksucker now, aren’t you?

It just didn’t seem like a big deal, much like the initial fucking we had done earlier in the night, I was enjoying myself and seemingly letting my cock decide what it liked.

When Belle finally pulled herself off my cock, she slid her body atop mine and looked at me, “That was amazing,” she began. “After seeing some of your videos, it almost seemed too gentle to be you, I guess you have a porn persona.” Belle grinned.

“I guess so,” I said, thinking that I was going to have to find some time to watch some of my videos. It was like I had been drunk for my entire life and I was only just now finding out about all the crazy shit I had been doing.

“I dunno if it’s the fact that I’ve gotten myself off so many times to the CouchSucker videos or what, but that was so fucking good.” Belle said.

“Agreed,” I said as I raised my glass in a toast to that.

Belle did the same and we both drank from our cans.

“I should be heading back downstairs, I’m going to be getting so much shit from my brother about finding a friend within fifteen minutes of living here,” Belle giggled as she put the accent on “friend”.

“You live with your brother?” I asked.

“Yup, it’s nice to only have to pay half the rent, though it’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. First time my brother and I have lived in the same house for almost five years, I’m not the same boy I used to be, might make things a little… awkward?” Belle laughed.

“I suppose so, have you two…?” I trailed off.

Belle laughed loudly, “I take it you didn’t have a brother?”

“Nope, only a sister,” I said.

“Well, like most families with two boys, one of you will always be the one to teach the other how to get off,” she explained.

“Gotcha,” I didn’t really, but I figured it would look less suspicious if I just made like I knew what I was talking about.

“So who knows what happens when one of us gets drunk and horny one of these nights.”

“Weren’t you drunk and horny tonight?” I asked.

“He’s out at a club tonight, I wanted to finish moving all my stuff in, so I stayed in. I’m really glad I did,” she said with a wide grin.

“I am too,” I said honestly.

Belle stood and drained the last of her beer, set the empty can on the coffee table and grabbed for her bathrobe. I memorized her body as much as I could right before it was covered by the robe.

“You want my number so we don’t have to screw around with messaging on TK, it tends to be a little flakey sometimes,” Belle said.

“Sure, lemme grab my phone,” I went to my phone, unsure if my number was the same as I thought it would be, wanting to confirm. Sure enough it was the same, so I told it to her and waited for her to give me her number.

“See ya later, sugar,” Belle said in a way that made me weak in my knees.

“Later,” I replied and she was out the door again. I locked the door behind her and shut the television off.

It was actually getting late so I finished my beer and tossed the cans in the recycling bin and threw myself into bed.

Before I knew it, I was asleep and dreaming about the strange world that I seemed to enter today.

Chapter 2